Saïss Airport (FEZ)

Fes, Morocco

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Latitude: 33.9273
Longitude -4.97796
Elevation: 1900 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from FEZ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
3O 319Air Arabia Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport5:45 PM(SXB) Strasbourg
TP 1427TAP Portugal(FEZ) Saïss Airport4:35 PM(LIS) Lisbon
3O 701Air Arabia Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport4:20 PM(RAK) Marrakech
AT 652Royal Air Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport4:00 PM(ORY) Paris
FR 8082Ryanair(FEZ) Saïss Airport3:00 PM(CRL) Brussels
FR 5163Ryanair(FEZ) Saïss Airport2:25 PM(MRS) Marseille
3O 371Air Arabia Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport12:15 PM(BCN) Barcelona
3O 337Air Arabia Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport12:05 PM(MPL) Montpellier
FR 8238Ryanair(FEZ) Saïss Airport8:05 AM(FNI) Nimes
FR 5703Ryanair(FEZ) Saïss Airport7:00 AM(HHN) Hahn
3O 301Air Arabia Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport6:30 AM(BOD) Bordeaux
TK 8315Turkish Airlines(FEZ) Saïss Airport6:05 AM(CMN) Casablanca
QR 4521Qatar Airways(FEZ) Saïss Airport6:05 AM(CMN) Casablanca
AT 441Royal Air Maroc(FEZ) Saïss Airport6:05 AM(CMN) Casablanca
FR 9017Ryanair(FEZ) Saïss Airport9:35 PM(BCN) Barcelona

Last added routes from FEZ

Route Origin Destination
FEZ-ERH(FEZ) Saïss Airport(ERH) Moulay Ali Cherif AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Errachidia, MA (ERH)
FEZ-HPN(FEZ) Saïss Airport(HPN) Westchester County AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to White Plains, US (HPN)
FEZ-BRE(FEZ) Saïss Airport(BRE) Bremen AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Bremen, DE (BRE)
FEZ-LIS(FEZ) Saïss Airport(LIS) Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon Portela Airport)Fes, MA (FEZ) to Lisbon, PT (LIS)
FEZ-AGA(FEZ) Saïss Airport(AGA) Al Massira AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Agadir, MA (AGA)
FEZ-FMM(FEZ) Saïss Airport(FMM) Memmingen Allgau AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Memmingen, DE (FMM)
FEZ-BQH(FEZ) Saïss Airport(BQH) London Biggin Hill AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to London, GB (BQH)
FEZ-LGW(FEZ) Saïss Airport(LGW) London Gatwick AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to London, GB (LGW)
FEZ-TNG(FEZ) Saïss Airport(TNG) Ibn Batouta AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Tangier, MA (TNG)
FEZ-SXB(FEZ) Saïss Airport(SXB) Strasbourg AirportFes, MA (FEZ) to Strasbourg, FR (SXB)

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