Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH)

Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Latitude: 47.6713
Longitude 9.51149
Elevation: 1367 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from FDH

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NH 6034ANA(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport6:20 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
SA 7529South African Airways(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport6:20 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 377Lufthansa(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport6:20 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
BA 8243British Airways(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport5:30 PM(DUS) Dusseldorf
UA 9575United Airlines(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport2:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
CA 6284Air China(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport2:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 375Lufthansa(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport2:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
CA 6224Air China(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport10:45 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
UA 9523United Airlines(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport10:45 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 373Lufthansa(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport10:45 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
BA 8241British Airways(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport7:15 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
T7 32Twin Jet(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport7:00 AM(TLS) Toulouse
NH 6222ANA(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport7:00 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
UA 9521United Airlines(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport7:00 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 371Lufthansa(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport7:00 AM(FRA) Frankfurt

Last added routes from FDH

Route Origin Destination
FDH-KUO(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(KUO) Kuopio AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Kuopio / Siilinjärvi, FI (KUO)
FDH-DUS(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(DUS) Düsseldorf AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Düsseldorf, DE (DUS)
FDH-LJU(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
FDH-FAO(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(FAO) Faro AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Faro, PT (FAO)
FDH-GRO(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(GRO) Girona AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Girona, ES (GRO)
FDH-HAM(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(HAM) Hamburg AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Hamburg, DE (HAM)
FDH-PAD(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(PAD) Paderborn Lippstadt AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Paderborn, DE (PAD)
FDH-BEG(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(BEG) Belgrade Nikola Tesla AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Belgrade, RS (BEG)
FDH-HAJ(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(HAJ) Hannover AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Hannover, DE (HAJ)
FDH-JER(FDH) Friedrichshafen Airport(JER) Jersey AirportFriedrichshafen, DE (FDH) to Saint Helier, JE (JER)

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