Flying Cloud Airport (FCM)

Minneapolis, United States

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Latitude: 44.8272
Longitude -93.4571
Elevation: 906 ft
Local Code: FCM

Last updated flights departing from FCM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 208NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport4:39 PM(ICT) Wichita
1I 795NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport12:06 PM(FLG) Flagstaff
LXJ 521Flexjet(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport7:30 AM(HDN) Hayden
1I 515NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport4:00 PM(DVT) Phoenix
1I 572NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport11:00 AM(DVT) Phoenix
1I 662NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport5:28 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 689NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport5:13 PM(UGN) Waukegan
1I 337NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport3:54 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 332NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport9:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 978NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport1:27 PM(SCF) Phoenix
OPT 358Flight Options(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport4:39 PM(COS) Colorado Springs
ERY 55Sky Quest(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport4:30 PM(CLE) Cleveland
CH 93Bemidji Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport8:00 AM(DLH) Duluth
XOJ 706XOJET(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport10:00 AM(APF) Naples
1I 996NetJets Aviation(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport9:00 AM(MSP) Minneapolis

Last added routes from FCM

Route Origin Destination
FCM-FLG(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(FLG) Flagstaff Pulliam AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Flagstaff, US (FLG)
FCM-SHV(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(SHV) Shreveport Regional AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Shreveport, US (SHV)
FCM-TVF(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(TVF) Thief River Falls Regional AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Thief River Falls, US (TVF)
FCM-DCU(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(DCU) Pryor Field Regional AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Decatur, US (DCU)
FCM-MEM(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(MEM) Memphis International AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Memphis, US (MEM)
FCM-IMT(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(IMT) Ford AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Iron Mountain / Kingsford, US (IMT)
FCM-FET(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(FET) Fremont Municipal AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Fremont, US (FET)
FCM-TBN(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(TBN) Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney fieldMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Fort Leonard Wood, US (TBN)
FCM-MLI(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(MLI) Quad City International AirportMinneapolis, US (FCM) to Moline, US (MLI)
FCM-KTVR(FCM) Flying Cloud Airport(KTVR) Minneapolis, US (FCM) to KTVR

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