East Midlands Airport (EMA)

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 52.8311
Longitude -1.32806
Elevation: 306 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from EMA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
BE 368Flybe(EMA) East Midlands Airport8:10 PM(BHD) Belfast
VS 8259Virgin Atlantic(EMA) East Midlands Airport7:40 PM(GLA) Glasgow
BE 558Flybe(EMA) East Midlands Airport7:40 PM(GLA) Glasgow
GR 697Aurigny Air Services(EMA) East Midlands Airport7:15 PM(GCI) Guernsey
LS 685Jet2(EMA) East Midlands Airport2:45 PM(FAO) Faro
TOM 7728Thomson(EMA) East Midlands Airport2:45 PM(TFS) Tenerife
LS 605Jet2(EMA) East Midlands Airport2:25 PM(AGP) Malaga
BE 266Flybe(EMA) East Midlands Airport2:00 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
FR 3152Ryanair(EMA) East Midlands Airport1:35 PM(TFS) Tenerife
FR 1742Ryanair(EMA) East Midlands Airport12:45 PM(NOC) Knock
AZ 4769Alitalia(EMA) East Midlands Airport12:15 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
EY 6132Etihad Airways(EMA) East Midlands Airport12:15 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
BE 1093Flybe(EMA) East Midlands Airport12:15 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
LS 633Jet2(EMA) East Midlands Airport11:00 AM(TFS) Tenerife
BE 1544Flybe(EMA) East Midlands Airport10:30 AM(JER) Jersey

Last added routes from EMA

Route Origin Destination
EMA-TLL(EMA) East Midlands Airport(TLL) Lennart Meri Tallinn AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Tallinn, EE (TLL)
EMA-NQY(EMA) East Midlands Airport(NQY) Newquay Cornwall AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Newquay, GB (NQY)
EMA-RMU(EMA) East Midlands Airport(RMU) Región de Murcia International AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Corvera, ES (RMU)
EMA-RVN(EMA) East Midlands Airport(RVN) Rovaniemi AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Rovaniemi, FI (RVN)
EMA-IVL(EMA) East Midlands Airport(IVL) Ivalo AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Ivalo, FI (IVL)
EMA-KTT(EMA) East Midlands Airport(KTT) Kittilä AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Kittilä, FI (KTT)
EMA-BEG(EMA) East Midlands Airport(BEG) Belgrade Nikola Tesla AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Belgrade, RS (BEG)
EMA-MBJ(EMA) East Midlands Airport(MBJ) Sangster International AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Montego Bay, JM (MBJ)
EMA-HRG(EMA) East Midlands Airport(HRG) Hurghada International AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to Hurghada, EG (HRG)
EMA-LGW(EMA) East Midlands Airport(LGW) London Gatwick AirportNottingham, GB (EMA) to London, GB (LGW)

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