Elkhart Municipal Airport (EKI)

Elkhart, United States

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Latitude: 41.7194
Longitude -86.0032
Elevation: 778 ft
Local Code: EKM

Last updated flights departing from EKI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 301NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport1:00 PM(APF) Naples
1I 609NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport11:00 AM(BKL) Cleveland
1I 642NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport4:00 PM(TPA) Tampa
RAX 555Royal Air Charter(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport7:00 PM(PTK) Pontiac
RAX 555Royal Air Charter(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport12:30 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 313NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport5:30 PM(YKF) Kitchener
1I 365NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport4:54 PM(BOS) Boston
1I 574NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport11:00 AM(APF) Naples
1I 315NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport10:00 AM(SDF) Louisville
1I 305NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport10:00 AM(APF) Naples
LXJ 524Flexjet(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport3:00 PM(PDX) Portland
1I 323NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport9:00 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
1I 606NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport12:00 PM(APF) Naples
1I 607NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport2:24 PM(TEB) Teterboro
EJM 54Executive Jet Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport4:00 PM(TCL) Tuscaloosa

Last added routes from EKI

Route Origin Destination
EKI-TPA(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(TPA) Tampa International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Tampa, US (TPA)
EKI-LAS(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(LAS) McCarran International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Las Vegas, US (LAS)
EKI-YKF(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(YKF) Waterloo AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Kitchener, CA (YKF)
EKI-PDX(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(PDX) Portland International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Portland, US (PDX)
EKI-LBF(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(LBF) North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird FieldElkhart, US (EKI) to North Platte, US (LBF)
EKI-MFD(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(MFD) Mansfield Lahm Regional AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Mansfield, US (MFD)
EKI-CVG(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Cincinnati, US (CVG)
EKI-BKL(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(BKL) Burke Lakefront AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Cleveland, US (BKL)
EKI-ONT(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(ONT) Ontario International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Ontario, US (ONT)
EKI-BOS(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(BOS) General Edward Lawrence Logan International AirporElkhart, US (EKI) to Boston, US (BOS)

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