Elkhart Municipal Airport (EKI)

Elkhart, United States

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Latitude: 41.7194
Longitude -86.0032
Elevation: 778 ft
Local Code: EKM

Last updated flights departing from EKI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TMC 520Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport3:30 PM(TUL) Tulsa
1I 774NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport8:04 PM(MDW) Chicago
TMC 482Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport12:45 PM(SDF) Louisville
TMC 440Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport3:00 PM(SCE) State College
TMC 482Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport2:00 PM(SCE) State College
TMC 482Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport10:30 AM(KDLZ) Delaware
1I 543NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport2:45 PM(BVX) Batesville
TMC 465Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport8:30 AM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 572NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport6:36 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 530NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport11:00 AM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
1I 514NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport11:00 AM(ISM) Kissimmee
TMC 449Travel Management(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport8:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 365NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport6:23 AM(BTL) Battle Creek
1I 365NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport7:38 PM(BTL) Battle Creek
1I 390NetJets Aviation(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport5:00 PM(DTW) Detroit

Last added routes from EKI

Route Origin Destination
EKI-TUL(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(TUL) Tulsa International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Tulsa, US (TUL)
EKI-SCE(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(SCE) University Park AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to State College, US (SCE)
EKI-BVX(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(BVX) Batesville Regional AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Batesville, US (BVX)
EKI-PIE(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(PIE) St Petersburg Clearwater International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to St Petersburg-Clearwater, US (PIE)
EKI-PKB(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(PKB) Mid Ohio Valley Regional AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Parkersburg, US (PKB)
EKI-YQG(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(YQG) Windsor AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Windsor, CA (YQG)
EKI-DLH(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(DLH) Duluth International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Duluth, US (DLH)
EKI-BMG(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(BMG) Monroe County AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Bloomington, US (BMG)
EKI-ALE(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(ALE) Alpine Casparis Municipal AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Alpine, US (ALE)
EKI-TPA(EKI) Elkhart Municipal Airport(TPA) Tampa International AirportElkhart, US (EKI) to Tampa, US (TPA)

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