Danbury Municipal Airport (DXR)

Danbury, United States

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Latitude: 41.3715
Longitude -73.4822
Elevation: 458 ft
Local Code: DXR

Last updated flights departing from DXR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TJ 515Tradewind Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:00 PM(MTP) Montauk Point
TJ 224Tradewind Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport3:10 PM(HPN) Westchester County
VTE 604Contour Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:00 AM(MQY) Smyrna
1I 337NetJets Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport1:24 PM(ABE) Allentown
1I 345NetJets Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport1:03 PM(GAI) Gaithersburg
TJ 95Tradewind Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:30 PM(MTP) Montauk Point
VTE 604Contour Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport9:15 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 617NetJets Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport10:00 AM(HHH) Hilton Head
TJ 55Tradewind Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport6:30 PM(MTP) Montauk Point
VTE 604Contour Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport4:00 PM(ILM) Wilmington
1I 594NetJets Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport12:00 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
TJ 224Tradewind Aviation(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport6:30 PM(OXC) Oxford
O2* 2399Linear Air(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:00 PM(HTO) East Hampton
O2* 2389Linear Air(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:00 PM(ASH) Nashua
O2* 2409Linear Air(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport8:00 PM(RKD) Rockland

Last added routes from DXR

Route Origin Destination
DXR-ABE(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(ABE) Lehigh Valley International AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Allentown, US (ABE)
DXR-HHH(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(HHH) Hilton Head AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Hilton Head Island, US (HHH)
DXR-PBI(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(PBI) Palm Beach International AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to West Palm Beach, US (PBI)
DXR-RKD(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(RKD) Knox County Regional AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Rockland, US (RKD)
DXR-ASH(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(ASH) Boire FieldDanbury, US (DXR) to Nashua, US (ASH)
DXR-SJS(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(SJS) San José De Chiquitos AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to San José de Chiquitos, BO (SJS)
DXR-BFD(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(BFD) Bradford Regional AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Bradford, US (BFD)
DXR-N14(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(N14) Danbury, US (DXR) to N14
DXR-BHB(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(BHB) Hancock County-Bar Harbor AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Bar Harbor, US (BHB)
DXR-MBS(DXR) Danbury Municipal Airport(MBS) MBS International AirportDanbury, US (DXR) to Saginaw, US (MBS)

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