Dublin Airport (DUB)

Dublin, Ireland

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Latitude: 53.4213
Longitude -6.27007
Elevation: 242 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DUB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FR 2272Ryanair(DUB) Dublin Airport11:55 AM(STN) London
LX 411SWISS(DUB) Dublin Airport11:50 AM(GVA) Geneva
LA 8682LATAM Airlines(DUB) Dublin Airport11:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
NH 5457ANA(DUB) Dublin Airport11:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
OS 7474Austrian(DUB) Dublin Airport11:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 979Lufthansa(DUB) Dublin Airport11:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
BA 8946British Airways(DUB) Dublin Airport11:40 AM(LYS) Lyon
EI 552Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin Airport11:40 AM(LYS) Lyon
9W 6808Jet Airways (India)(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
DL 8354Delta Air Lines(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
SU 3144Aeroflot(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
G3 5197Gol(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
KK 7444Atlasglobal(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
AF 1717Air France(DUB) Dublin Airport11:35 AM(CDG) Paris
EI 284Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin Airport11:30 AM(LCY) London

Last added routes from DUB

Route Origin Destination
DUB-RMU(DUB) Dublin Airport(RMU) Región de Murcia International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Corvera, ES (RMU)
DUB-AAR(DUB) Dublin Airport(AAR) Aarhus AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Aarhus, DK (AAR)
DUB-SVO(DUB) Dublin Airport(SVO) Sheremetyevo International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Moscow, RU (SVO)
DUB-LJU(DUB) Dublin Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
DUB-LDE(DUB) Dublin Airport(LDE) Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées, FR (LDE)
DUB-CFR(DUB) Dublin Airport(CFR) Caen-Carpiquet AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Caen/Carpiquet, FR (CFR)
DUB-DLM(DUB) Dublin Airport(DLM) Dalaman International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Dalaman, TR (DLM)
DUB-PEK(DUB) Dublin Airport(PEK) Beijing Capital International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
DUB-HKG(DUB) Dublin Airport(HKG) Hong Kong International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Hong Kong, HK (HKG)
DUB-SEA(DUB) Dublin Airport(SEA) Seattle Tacoma International AirportDublin, IE (DUB) to Seattle, US (SEA)

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