Dresden Airport (DRS)

Dresden, Germany

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Latitude: 51.1328
Longitude 13.7672
Elevation: 755 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DRS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 9262Air Canada(DRS) Dresden Airport10:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
CA 6044Air China(DRS) Dresden Airport10:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
TP 7823TAP Portugal(DRS) Dresden Airport10:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
UA 9001United Airlines(DRS) Dresden Airport10:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 211Lufthansa(DRS) Dresden Airport10:50 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 5138Lufthansa(DRS) Dresden Airport9:25 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
EW 9025Eurowings(DRS) Dresden Airport9:25 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
A3 1521Aegean Airlines(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
AC 9130Air Canada(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
CA 6186Air China(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
KM 2873Air Malta(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
TP 7831TAP Portugal(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
UA 9416United Airlines(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
LH 2123Lufthansa(DRS) Dresden Airport9:10 AM(MUC) Munich
AM 6654Aeromexico(DRS) Dresden Airport2:20 PM(AMS) Amsterdam

Last added routes from DRS

Route Origin Destination
DRS-DBV(DRS) Dresden Airport(DBV) Dubrovnik AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Dubrovnik, HR (DBV)
DRS-SOB(DRS) Dresden Airport(SOB) Sármellék International AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Sármellék, HU (SOB)
DRS-DWC(DRS) Dresden Airport(DWC) Al Maktoum International AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Jebel Ali, AE (DWC)
DRS-BOJ(DRS) Dresden Airport(BOJ) Burgas AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Burgas, BG (BOJ)
DRS-BIA(DRS) Dresden Airport(BIA) Bastia-Poretta AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Bastia/Poretta, FR (BIA)
DRS-LED(DRS) Dresden Airport(LED) Pulkovo AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to St. Petersburg, RU (LED)
DRS-DEB(DRS) Dresden Airport(DEB) Debrecen International AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Debrecen, HU (DEB)
DRS-MIR(DRS) Dresden Airport(MIR) Monastir Habib Bourguiba International AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Monastir, TN (MIR)
DRS-SKG(DRS) Dresden Airport(SKG) Thessaloniki Macedonia International AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Thessaloniki, GR (SKG)
DRS-SUF(DRS) Dresden Airport(SUF) Lamezia Terme AirportDresden, DE (DRS) to Lamezia Terme (CZ), IT (SUF)

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