Dupage Airport (DPA)

Chicago/West Chicago, United States

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Latitude: 41.9078
Longitude -88.2486
Elevation: 759 ft
Local Code: DPA

Last updated flights departing from DPA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 581Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport10:30 AM(TRM) Thermal
1I 791NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport6:26 PM(MDW) Chicago
LXJ 588Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport9:28 AM(PWK) Chicago
PWA 611Priester Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport7:00 AM(RSW) Fort Myers
1I 382NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport10:00 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
RAX 1073Royal Air Charter(DPA) Dupage Airport10:15 PM(CHS) Charleston
1I 686NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport2:57 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City
OPT 354Flight Options(DPA) Dupage Airport1:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 660NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport8:00 AM(AUS) Austin
1I 774NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport7:27 AM(AUS) Austin
RAX 131Royal Air Charter(DPA) Dupage Airport7:20 AM(ELP) El Paso
1I 424NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport4:36 PM(MKE) Milwaukee
1I 906NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport2:24 PM(UES) Waukesha
1I 369NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport12:18 PM(BJI) Bemidji
LXJ 572Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport4:28 PM(MWA) Marion

Last added routes from DPA

Route Origin Destination
DPA-CHS(DPA) Dupage Airport(CHS) Charleston Air Force Base-International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Charleston, US (CHS)
DPA-SLC(DPA) Dupage Airport(SLC) Salt Lake City International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Salt Lake City, US (SLC)
DPA-ELP(DPA) Dupage Airport(ELP) El Paso International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to El Paso, US (ELP)
DPA-BJI(DPA) Dupage Airport(BJI) Bemidji Regional AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Bemidji, US (BJI)
DPA-MWA(DPA) Dupage Airport(MWA) Williamson County Regional AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Marion, US (MWA)
DPA-LNK(DPA) Dupage Airport(LNK) Lincoln AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Lincoln, US (LNK)
DPA-KUDG(DPA) Dupage Airport(KUDG) Chicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to KUDG
DPA-LAX(DPA) Dupage Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
DPA-2IS(DPA) Dupage Airport(2IS) Chicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to 2IS
DPA-MMU(DPA) Dupage Airport(MMU) Morristown Municipal AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Morristown, US (MMU)

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