Dupage Airport (DPA)

Chicago/West Chicago, United States

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Latitude: 41.9078
Longitude -88.2486
Elevation: 759 ft
Local Code: DPA

Last updated flights departing from DPA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
GAJ 823Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(DPA) Dupage Airport8:30 AM(LEX) Lexington
1I 563NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport1:30 PM(SYR) Syracuse
XOJ 764XOJET(DPA) Dupage Airport12:30 PM(ACA) Acapulco
RAX 131Royal Air Charter(DPA) Dupage Airport5:30 PM(MGM) Montgomery
LXJ 584Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport4:30 PM(MKC) Kansas City
OPT 360Flight Options(DPA) Dupage Airport6:49 AM(SBN) South Bend
LXJ 542Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport6:30 AM(FTY) Atlanta
PWA 611Priester Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport7:15 AM(RSW) Fort Myers
1I 511NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport5:12 PM(ENW) Kenosha
1I 610NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport3:10 PM(MLI) Moline
LXJ 592Flexjet(DPA) Dupage Airport9:34 AM(PWK) Chicago
1I 337NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport5:00 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 349NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport2:06 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 390NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport1:30 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 661NetJets Aviation(DPA) Dupage Airport4:06 PM(SLC) Salt Lake City

Last added routes from DPA

Route Origin Destination
DPA-SYR(DPA) Dupage Airport(SYR) Syracuse Hancock International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Syracuse, US (SYR)
DPA-ACA(DPA) Dupage Airport(ACA) General Juan N Alvarez International AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Acapulco, MX (ACA)
DPA-MGM(DPA) Dupage Airport(MGM) Montgomery Regional (Dannelly Field) AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Montgomery, US (MGM)
DPA-FTY(DPA) Dupage Airport(FTY) Fulton County Airport Brown FieldChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Atlanta, US (FTY)
DPA-CWA(DPA) Dupage Airport(CWA) Central Wisconsin AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Mosinee, US (CWA)
DPA-JEF(DPA) Dupage Airport(JEF) Jefferson City Memorial AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Jefferson City, US (JEF)
DPA-FXE(DPA) Dupage Airport(FXE) Fort Lauderdale Executive AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FXE)
DPA-KMGY(DPA) Dupage Airport(KMGY) Chicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to KMGY
DPA-ERI(DPA) Dupage Airport(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge FieldChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Erie, US (ERI)
DPA-MSL(DPA) Dupage Airport(MSL) Northwest Alabama Regional AirportChicago/West Chicago, US (DPA) to Muscle Shoals, US (MSL)

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