Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM)

Marigot, Dominica

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Latitude: 15.547
Longitude -61.3
Elevation: 73 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DOM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
MTN 8105Mountain Air Cargo(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport1:16 PM(ANU) Antigua
JY 621interCaribbean Airways(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(SLU) Saint Lucia
WM 7104Winair(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(PTP) Abymes
TX 3104Air Caraibes(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(PTP) Pointe-a-Pitre
SS 4104Corsair(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(PTP) Abymes
AF 4565Air France(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(PTP) Abymes
3S 104Air Antilles Express(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport6:15 PM(PTP) Abymes
LI 324LIAT(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport5:45 PM(ANU) Antigua
LI 364LIAT(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport3:10 PM(ANU) Antigua
YI 1709Air Sunshine(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport2:00 PM(STT) Saint Thomas
LI 303LIAT(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport11:05 AM(BGI) Bridgetown
WM 7103Winair(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport10:30 AM(SXM) Sint Maarten
SS 4103Corsair(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport10:30 AM(SXM) Sint Maarten
AF 4560Air France(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport10:30 AM(SXM) Sint Maarten
3S 103Air Antilles Express(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport10:30 AM(SXM) Sint Maarten

Last added routes from DOM

Route Origin Destination
DOM-STI(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(STI) Cibao International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Santiago, DO (STI)
DOM-POS(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(POS) Piarco International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Port of Spain, TT (POS)
DOM-JBQ(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(JBQ) La Isabela International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to La Isabela, DO (JBQ)
DOM-CCS(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(CCS) Simón Bolívar International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Caracas, VE (CCS)
DOM-PLS(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(PLS) Providenciales AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Providenciales Island, TC (PLS)
DOM-KIN(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(KIN) Norman Manley International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Kingston, JM (KIN)
DOM-SDQ(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(SDQ) Las Américas International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Santo Domingo, DO (SDQ)
DOM-SLU(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(SLU) George F. L. Charles AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Castries, LC (SLU)
DOM-SKB(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(SKB) Robert L. Bradshaw International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Basseterre, KN (SKB)
DOM-FDF(DOM) Douglas-Charles Airport(FDF) Martinique Aimé Césaire International AirportMarigot, DM (DOM) to Fort-de-France, MQ (FDF)

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