Kadena Air Base (DNA)


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Latitude: 26.3556
Longitude 127.768
Elevation: 143 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DNA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 358NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base5:30 AM(KDLL) Baraboo
1I 409NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base1:00 AM(SAN) San Diego
DL 8956Delta Air Lines(DNA) Kadena Air Base1:45 PM(NRT) Tokyo
1I 392NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base10:26 AM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 617NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base6:30 AM(DFW) Dallas
1I 387NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base1:30 AM(GJT) Grand Junction
1I 387NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base9:36 PM(ASE) Aspen
K4 415Kalitta Air(DNA) Kadena Air Base5:00 PM(HNL) Honolulu
N8 461National Airlines(DNA) Kadena Air Base3:00 PM(POB) Fayetteville
1I 725NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base2:00 AM(RIL) Rifle
K4 415Kalitta Air(DNA) Kadena Air Base5:00 PM(HNL) Honolulu
1I 763NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base1:24 AM(BFI) Seattle
1I 560NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base9:04 AM(SCF) Phoenix
1I 737NetJets Aviation(DNA) Kadena Air Base1:00 AM(HOU) Houston
5Y 8902Atlas Air(DNA) Kadena Air Base11:15 AM(HNL) Honolulu

Last added routes from DNA

Route Origin Destination
DNA-POB(DNA) Kadena Air Base(POB) Pope FieldDNA to Fayetteville, US (POB)
DNA-RIL(DNA) Kadena Air Base(RIL) Garfield County Regional AirportDNA to Rifle, US (RIL)
DNA-BFI(DNA) Kadena Air Base(BFI) Boeing Field King County International AirportDNA to Seattle, US (BFI)
DNA-TPA(DNA) Kadena Air Base(TPA) Tampa International AirportDNA to Tampa, US (TPA)
DNA-GJT(DNA) Kadena Air Base(GJT) Grand Junction Regional AirportDNA to Grand Junction, US (GJT)
DNA-ACT(DNA) Kadena Air Base(ACT) Waco Regional AirportDNA to Waco, US (ACT)
DNA-ICT(DNA) Kadena Air Base(ICT) Wichita Eisenhower National AirportDNA to Wichita, US (ICT)
DNA-DRO(DNA) Kadena Air Base(DRO) Durango La Plata County AirportDNA to Durango, US (DRO)
DNA-BAM(DNA) Kadena Air Base(BAM) Battle Mountain AirportDNA to Battle Mountain, US (BAM)

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