Lien Khuong Airport (DLI)

Dalat, Vietnam

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Latitude: 11.75
Longitude 108.367
Elevation: 3156 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DLI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
VJC 365VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport11:20 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VN 8381Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport9:35 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VN 1383Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport6:30 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VJC 404VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport6:25 PM(HAN) Hanoi
VN 8926Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport5:30 PM(DAD) Da Nang
VJC 363VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport5:10 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VN 4187Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport4:20 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
BL 359Jetstar Pacific(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport4:20 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VN 1576Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport1:25 PM(HAN) Hanoi
VN 4180Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport12:45 PM(HAN) Hanoi
BL 212Jetstar Pacific(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport12:45 PM(HAN) Hanoi
VN 1385Vietnam Airlines(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport12:40 PM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City
VJC 402VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport11:30 AM(HAN) Hanoi
VJC 712VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport10:35 AM(VII) Vinh City
VJC 361VietJet Air(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport8:40 AM(SGN) Ho Chi Minh City

Last added routes from DLI

Route Origin Destination
DLI-BKK(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(BKK) Suvarnabhumi AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)
DLI-SIN(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(SIN) Singapore Changi AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Singapore, SG (SIN)
DLI-VII(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(VII) Vinh AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Vinh, VN (VII)
DLI-SGN(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(SGN) Tan Son Nhat International AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Ho Chi Minh City, VN (SGN)
DLI-HUI(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(HUI) Phu Bai AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Hue, VN (HUI)
DLI-HPH(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(HPH) Cat Bi International AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Haiphong, VN (HPH)
DLI-HAN(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(HAN) Noi Bai International AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Hanoi, VN (HAN)
DLI-DAD(DLI) Lien Khuong Airport(DAD) Da Nang International AirportDalat, VN (DLI) to Da Nang, VN (DAD)

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