Zhoushuizi Airport (DLC)

Dalian, China

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Latitude: 38.9657
Longitude 121.539
Elevation: 107 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DLC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
GJ* 8766Zhejiang Loong Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:55 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
9C 8844Spring Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:30 AM(PVG) Shanghai
QF 4028Qantas(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:25 AM(PVG) Shanghai
DL 6440Delta Air Lines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:25 AM(PVG) Shanghai
CZ 9672China Southern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:25 AM(PVG) Shanghai
MU 5624China Eastern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:25 AM(PVG) Shanghai
NH 5734ANA(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:20 AM(FUK) Fukuoka
CA 953Air China(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:20 AM(FUK) Fukuoka
RY* 8928Jiangxi Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:10 AM(KHN) Nanchang
CZ 6427China Southern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:00 AM(CSX) Changsha
GS 6431Tianjin Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport11:00 AM(DOY) Dongying
NH 5720ANA(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport10:55 AM(KIX) Osaka
CA 151Air China(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport10:55 AM(KIX) Osaka
GS 7670Tianjin Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport10:50 AM(XIY) Xian
GS 7973Tianjin Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport10:50 AM(KKJ) Kitakyushu

Last added routes from DLC

Route Origin Destination
DLC-HNY(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(HNY) Hengyang Nanyue AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Hengyang, CN (HNY)
DLC-CDE(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(CDE) Chengde Puning AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Chengde, CN (CDE)
DLC-LLV(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(LLV) Lüliang AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Lüliang, CN (LLV)
DLC-GUM(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(GUM) Antonio B. Won Pat International AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Hagåtña, Guam International Airport, GU (GUM)
DLC-REP(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(REP) Siem Reap International AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Siem Reap, KH (REP)
DLC-XFN(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(XFN) Xiangyang Liuji AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Xiangfan, CN (XFN)
DLC-DAD(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(DAD) Da Nang International AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Da Nang, VN (DAD)
DLC-YIH(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(YIH) Yichang Sanxia AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Yichang, CN (YIH)
DLC-YSQ(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(YSQ) Songyuan Chaganhu AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Qian Gorlos Mongol Autonomous County, CN (YSQ)
DLC-ENH(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(ENH) Enshi AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Enshi, CN (ENH)

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