Zhoushuizi Airport (DLC)

Dalian, China

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Latitude: 38.9657
Longitude 121.539
Elevation: 107 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DLC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
KL 4426KLM(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:40 PM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 6127China Southern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:40 PM(PEK) Beijing
HX 1106Hong Kong Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:35 PM(PEK) Beijing
HU 7106Hainan Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:35 PM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 6200China Southern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:25 PM(DQA) Daqing
HU 7516Hainan Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:20 PM(XIY) Xian
ZH 8276Shenzhen Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:15 PM(NGB) Ningbo
HU 8123Hainan Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:05 PM(TPE) Taipei
B7 105UNI Air(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:05 PM(TPE) Taipei
AQ* 10469 Air Co(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:05 PM(WUX) Wuxi
GJ* 8908Loong Air(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:00 PM(HDG) Handan
MU 5650China Eastern Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport8:00 PM(NGB) Ningbo
MF 8096Xiamen Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport7:55 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
NZ 3934Air New Zealand(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport7:55 PM(PEK) Beijing
ZH 4619Shenzhen Airlines(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport7:55 PM(PEK) Beijing

Last added routes from DLC

Route Origin Destination
DLC-HSN(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(HSN) Zhoushan AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Zhoushan, CN (HSN)
DLC-WUT(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(WUT) Xinzhou Wutaishan AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Xinzhou, CN (WUT)
DLC-SWA(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(SWA) Jieyang Chaoshan International AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Shantou, CN (SWA)
DLC-KWE(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(KWE) Longdongbao AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Guiyang, CN (KWE)
DLC-MIG(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(MIG) Mianyang AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Mianyang, CN (MIG)
DLC-DLU(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(DLU) Dali AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Xiaguan, CN (DLU)
DLC-JSJ(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(JSJ) Jiansanjiang AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Jiansanjiang, CN (JSJ)
DLC-HNY(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(HNY) Hengyang Nanyue AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Hengyang, CN (HNY)
DLC-CDE(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(CDE) Chengde Puning AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Chengde, CN (CDE)
DLC-LLV(DLC) Zhoushuizi Airport(LLV) Lüliang AirportDalian, CN (DLC) to Lüliang, CN (LLV)

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