Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Latitude: 42.5614
Longitude 18.2682
Elevation: 527 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from DBV

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
OU 665Croatia Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport9:50 PM(ZAG) Zagreb
OU 663Croatia Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport7:25 PM(ZAG) Zagreb
AI 7510Air India(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 5991Lufthansa(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LO 4291LOT - Polish Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
SK 9312SAS(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
SQ 2414Singapore Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
OZ 9378Asiana Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
OU 418Croatia Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport4:30 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
IB 5464Iberia(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport2:50 PM(BCN) Barcelona
VY 7724Vueling(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport2:50 PM(BCN) Barcelona
LO 4286LOT - Polish Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport1:20 PM(ZAG) Zagreb
LH 5973Lufthansa(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport1:20 PM(ZAG) Zagreb
OS 8404Austrian(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport1:20 PM(ZAG) Zagreb
OU 669Croatia Airlines(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport1:20 PM(ZAG) Zagreb

Last added routes from DBV

Route Origin Destination
DBV-ERF(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(ERF) Erfurt AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Erfurt, DE (ERF)
DBV-DRS(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(DRS) Dresden AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Dresden, DE (DRS)
DBV-WRO(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(WRO) Copernicus Wrocław AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Wrocław, PL (WRO)
DBV-BEY(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(BEY) Beirut Rafic Hariri International AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Beirut, LB (BEY)
DBV-TBS(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(TBS) Tbilisi International AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Tbilisi, GE (TBS)
DBV-FUK(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(FUK) Fukuoka AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Fukuoka, JP (FUK)
DBV-BRI(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(BRI) Bari Karol Wojtyła AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Bari, IT (BRI)
DBV-HHN(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (HHN)
DBV-FMO(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(FMO) Münster Osnabrück AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Münster, DE (FMO)
DBV-BGY(DBV) Dubrovnik Airport(BGY) Il Caravaggio International AirportDubrovnik, HR (DBV) to Bergamo, IT (BGY)

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