Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Dallas, United States

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Latitude: 32.8471
Longitude -96.8518
Elevation: 487 ft
Local Code: DAL

Last updated flights departing from DAL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WN 1458Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:55 PM(MCO) Orlando
WN 28Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:50 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
WN 2191Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:50 PM(ELP) El Paso
WN 6004Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:50 PM(ATL) Atlanta
WN 1387Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:40 PM(AMA) Amarillo
WN 1275Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:35 PM(AUS) Austin
WN 711Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:30 PM(DEN) Denver
1I 564NetJets Aviation(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:30 PM(MDW) Chicago
SQ 1383Singapore Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:25 PM(SFO) San Francisco
LY 9372El Al(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:25 PM(SFO) San Francisco
AS 3395Alaska Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:25 PM(SFO) San Francisco
AS 148Alaska Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:15 PM(SEA) Seattle
1I 331NetJets Aviation(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:15 PM(STL) Saint Louis
1I 569NetJets Aviation(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:12 PM(SAF) Santa Fe
WN 31Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:00 PM(HOU) Houston

Last added routes from DAL

Route Origin Destination
DAL-LJN(DAL) Dallas Love Field(LJN) Texas Gulf Coast Regional AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Angleton/Lake Jackson, US (LJN)
DAL-KRMN(DAL) Dallas Love Field(KRMN) Dallas, US (DAL) to KRMN
DAL-4O4(DAL) Dallas Love Field(4O4) Dallas, US (DAL) to 4O4
DAL-HMO(DAL) Dallas Love Field(HMO) General Ignacio P. Garcia International AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Hermosillo, MX (HMO)
DAL-BDA(DAL) Dallas Love Field(BDA) L.F. Wade International International AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Hamilton, BM (BDA)
DAL-DDC(DAL) Dallas Love Field(DDC) Dodge City Regional AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Dodge City, US (DDC)
DAL-SIK(DAL) Dallas Love Field(SIK) Sikeston Memorial Municipal AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Sikeston, US (SIK)
DAL-YQR(DAL) Dallas Love Field(YQR) Regina International AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Regina, CA (YQR)
DAL-AWM(DAL) Dallas Love Field(AWM) West Memphis Municipal AirportDallas, US (DAL) to West Memphis, US (AWM)
DAL-BGR(DAL) Dallas Love Field(BGR) Bangor International AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Bangor, US (BGR)

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