Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Dallas, United States

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Latitude: 32.8471
Longitude -96.8518
Elevation: 487 ft
Local Code: DAL

Last updated flights departing from DAL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WN 1404Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:55 PM(AUS) Austin
WN 264Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:55 PM(LGA) New York
WN 28Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:55 PM(LBB) Lubbock
WN 270Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:55 PM(SDF) Louisville
WN 474Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:50 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
WN 382Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:40 PM(STL) Saint Louis
WN 2358Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:40 PM(DTW) Detroit
WN 1878Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:35 PM(ATL) Atlanta
WN 2515Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:30 PM(MAF) Midland
AS 3323Alaska Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:30 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
WN 2249Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:25 PM(MDW) Chicago
WN 1189Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:15 PM(PHX) Phoenix
WN 2121Southwest Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:15 PM(SAT) San Antonio
1I 353NetJets Aviation(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:15 PM(TRM) Thermal
AS 2039Alaska Airlines(DAL) Dallas Love Field2:10 PM(SEA) Seattle

Last added routes from DAL

Route Origin Destination
DAL-TDW(DAL) Dallas Love Field(TDW) Tradewind AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Amarillo, US (TDW)
DAL-HSH(DAL) Dallas Love Field(HSH) Henderson Executive AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Las Vegas, US (HSH)
DAL-CLU(DAL) Dallas Love Field(CLU) Columbus Municipal AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Columbus, US (CLU)
DAL-CHN(DAL) Dallas Love Field(CHN) Jeon Ju Airport (G-703)Dallas, US (DAL) to Jeon Ju, KR (CHN)
DAL-ALX(DAL) Dallas Love Field(ALX) Thomas C Russell FieldDallas, US (DAL) to Alexander City, US (ALX)
DAL-VDI(DAL) Dallas Love Field(VDI) Vidalia Regional AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Vidalia, US (VDI)
DAL-RKH(DAL) Dallas Love Field(RKH) Rock Hill - York County AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Rock Hill, US (RKH)
DAL-HTH(DAL) Dallas Love Field(HTH) Hawthorne Industrial AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Hawthorne, US (HTH)
DAL-CWC(DAL) Dallas Love Field(CWC) Chernivtsi International AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Chernivtsi, UA (CWC)
DAL-HNB(DAL) Dallas Love Field(HNB) Huntingburg AirportDallas, US (DAL) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)

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