Yeager Airport (CRW)

Charleston, United States

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Latitude: 38.3731
Longitude -81.5932
Elevation: 981 ft
Local Code: CRW

Last updated flights departing from CRW

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
ZW 9418Air Wisconsin(CRW) Yeager Airport12:10 PM(PIA) Peoria
AA 5651American Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport11:50 AM(CLT) Charlotte
DL 4999Delta Air Lines(CRW) Yeager Airport11:44 AM(ATL) Atlanta
VS 2802Virgin Atlantic(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AM 3379Aeromexico(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
WS 7849WestJet(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AF 8538Air France(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 6339KLM(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 4918Delta Air Lines(CRW) Yeager Airport11:28 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AA 5153American Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport9:35 AM(DCA) Washington
AA 4800American Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport9:16 AM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 393NetJets Aviation(CRW) Yeager Airport9:15 AM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
AA 5176American Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport5:28 PM(CLT) Charlotte
NZ 6999Air New Zealand(CRW) Yeager Airport4:30 PM(IAH) Houston
UA 3987United Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport4:30 PM(IAH) Houston

Last added routes from CRW

Route Origin Destination
CRW-ICT(CRW) Yeager Airport(ICT) Wichita Eisenhower National AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Wichita, US (ICT)
CRW-CKB(CRW) Yeager Airport(CKB) North Central West Virginia AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Clarksburg, US (CKB)
CRW-HAR(CRW) Yeager Airport(HAR) Capital City AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Harrisburg, US (HAR)
CRW-SOP(CRW) Yeager Airport(SOP) Moore County AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Pinehurst/Southern Pines, US (SOP)
CRW-FWA(CRW) Yeager Airport(FWA) Fort Wayne International AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Fort Wayne, US (FWA)
CRW-GRB(CRW) Yeager Airport(GRB) Austin Straubel International AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Green Bay, US (GRB)
CRW-BVY(CRW) Yeager Airport(BVY) Beverly Municipal AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Beverly, US (BVY)
CRW-MKE(CRW) Yeager Airport(MKE) General Mitchell International AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Milwaukee, US (MKE)
CRW-FDK(CRW) Yeager Airport(FDK) Frederick Municipal AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Frederick, US (FDK)
CRW-HHH(CRW) Yeager Airport(HHH) Hilton Head AirportCharleston, US (CRW) to Hilton Head Island, US (HHH)

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