St Louis Downtown Airport (CPS)

Cahokia/St Louis, United States

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Latitude: 38.5707
Longitude -90.1562
Elevation: 413 ft
Local Code: CPS

Last updated flights departing from CPS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
VTE 919Contour Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport7:30 PM(MQY) Smyrna
1I 590NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport1:49 PM(KTYQ) Indianapolis
NGF 4189Angel Flight America(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport12:15 PM(OMA) Omaha
1I 346NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport4:30 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 372NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport6:48 AM(OMA) Omaha
AC 7040Air Canada(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport11:00 PM(YEG) Edmonton
OPT 374Flight Options(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport8:30 PM(CHA) Chattanooga
LXJ 547Flexjet(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport8:30 PM(SHR) Sheridan
LXJ 470Flexjet(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport4:51 PM(SUS) Saint Louis
OPT 366Flight Options(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport4:30 PM(SPI) Springfield
AC 7088Air Canada(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport5:00 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 630NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport11:15 AM(MKC) Kansas City
1I 606NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport10:24 AM(ASE) Aspen
1I 603NetJets Aviation(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport8:06 PM(DAL) Dallas
EJM 93Executive Jet Management(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport4:30 PM(STP) Saint Paul

Last added routes from CPS

Route Origin Destination
CPS-SPI(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(SPI) Abraham Lincoln Capital AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Springfield, US (SPI)
CPS-SHR(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(SHR) Sheridan County AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Sheridan, US (SHR)
CPS-SCF(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(SCF) Scottsdale AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Scottsdale, US (SCF)
CPS-KSZY(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(KSZY) Cahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to KSZY
CPS-PGD(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(PGD) Charlotte County AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Punta Gorda, US (PGD)
CPS-HLG(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(HLG) Wheeling Ohio County AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Wheeling, US (HLG)
CPS-KHYI(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(KHYI) Cahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to KHYI
CPS-PVD(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(PVD) Theodore Francis Green State AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Providence, US (PVD)
CPS-KLZU(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(KLZU) Cahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to KLZU
CPS-MFD(CPS) St Louis Downtown Airport(MFD) Mansfield Lahm Regional AirportCahokia/St Louis, US (CPS) to Mansfield, US (MFD)

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