Columbia Regional Airport (COU)

Columbia, United States

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Latitude: 38.8181
Longitude -92.2196
Elevation: 889 ft
Local Code: COU

Last updated flights departing from COU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SWQ 9128Swift Air(COU) Columbia Regional Airport9:48 PM(STL) Saint Louis
AA 9809American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport2:45 PM(MQT) Marquette
AA 5766American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport3:01 PM(DFW) Dallas
AA 3415American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport12:24 PM(ORD) Chicago
UA 3190United Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport10:00 AM(DSM) Des Moines
UA 5269United Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport9:10 AM(DEN) Denver
UA 3981United Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport6:45 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3613American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport6:10 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 5817American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport5:33 AM(DFW) Dallas
UA 3188United Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport8:00 PM(RST) Rochester
SWQ 234Swift Air(COU) Columbia Regional Airport12:00 PM(CLL) College Station
1I 361NetJets Aviation(COU) Columbia Regional Airport5:51 PM(MDW) Chicago
AA 5766American Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport3:01 PM(DFW) Dallas
NZ 2220Air New Zealand(COU) Columbia Regional Airport3:00 PM(ORD) Chicago
UA 4368United Airlines(COU) Columbia Regional Airport3:00 PM(ORD) Chicago

Last added routes from COU

Route Origin Destination
COU-RIL(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(RIL) Garfield County Regional AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Rifle, US (RIL)
COU-ENW(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(ENW) Kenosha Regional AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Kenosha, US (ENW)
COU-BKX(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(BKX) Brookings Regional AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Brookings, US (BKX)
COU-AZO(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(AZO) Kalamazoo Battle Creek International AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Kalamazoo, US (AZO)
COU-HSB(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(HSB) Harrisburg-Raleigh AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Harrisburg, US (HSB)
COU-FRG(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(FRG) Republic AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Farmingdale, US (FRG)
COU-TTN(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(TTN) Trenton Mercer AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Trenton, US (TTN)
COU-PWA(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(PWA) Wiley Post AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Oklahoma City, US (PWA)
COU-RSW(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(RSW) Southwest Florida International AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Fort Myers, US (RSW)
COU-GFK(COU) Columbia Regional Airport(GFK) Grand Forks International AirportColumbia, US (COU) to Grand Forks, US (GFK)

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