Cadjehoun Airport (COO)

Cotonou, Benin

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Latitude: 6.35723
Longitude 2.38435
Elevation: 19 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from COO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
HU 8592Hainan Airlines(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:45 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
UA 9890United Airlines(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:45 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
AC 6385Air Canada(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:45 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
SN 300Brussels Airlines(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:45 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
DL 8310Delta Air Lines(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:05 PM(NIM) Niamey
AF 647Air France(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:05 PM(NIM) Niamey
VRE 527Air Cote D'Ivoire(COO) Cadjehoun Airport5:15 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
Q8* 706Trans Air Congo(COO) Cadjehoun Airport4:00 PM(LBV) Libreville
WB 246RwandAir(COO) Cadjehoun Airport2:30 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
WB 213RwandAir(COO) Cadjehoun Airport2:00 PM(DLA) Douala
MAU 100Mauritania Airlines International(COO) Cadjehoun Airport1:00 PM(BZV) Brazzaville
8Z* 41Congo Airways(COO) Cadjehoun Airport12:25 PM(DLA) Douala
CAC 413Camair-Co(COO) Cadjehoun Airport11:15 AM(DLA) Douala
VRE 825Air Cote D'Ivoire(COO) Cadjehoun Airport9:50 AM(ABJ) Abidjan
DL 8641Delta Air Lines(COO) Cadjehoun Airport11:50 PM(CDG) Paris

Last added routes from COO

Route Origin Destination
COO-BGF(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(BGF) Bangui M'Poko International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Bangui, CF (BGF)
COO-PKO(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(PKO) Parakou AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Parakou, BJ (PKO)
COO-ABV(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(ABV) Nnamdi Azikiwe International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Abuja, NG (ABV)
COO-TUN(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(TUN) Tunis Carthage International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Tunis, TN (TUN)
COO-KAD(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(KAD) Kaduna AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Kaduna, NG (KAD)
COO-BKO(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(BKO) Modibo Keita International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Bamako, ML (BKO)
COO-BRU(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(BRU) Brussels AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
COO-JED(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(JED) King Abdulaziz International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Jeddah, SA (JED)
COO-NSI(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(NSI) Yaoundé Nsimalen International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to Yaoundé, CM (NSI)
COO-NDJ(COO) Cadjehoun Airport(NDJ) N'Djamena International AirportCotonou, BJ (COO) to N'Djamena, TD (NDJ)

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