Cootamundra Airport (CMD)


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Latitude: -34.6239
Longitude 148.028
Elevation: 1110 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from CMD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 312NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport3:00 AM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 770NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport11:30 PM(PWK) Chicago
1I 324NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport9:30 AM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 318NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport9:21 AM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 351NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport9:05 AM(ATL) Atlanta
1I 315NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport6:12 AM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 303NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport6:00 AM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 390NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport7:00 AM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 602NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport9:51 AM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 333NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport6:00 AM(MSY) New Orleans
1I 210NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport7:00 AM(SDF) Louisville
1I 210NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport4:00 AM(ATL) Atlanta
1I 210NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport4:00 AM(HSV) Huntsville
1I 651NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport8:12 AM(ATL) Atlanta
1I 343NetJets Aviation(CMD) Cootamundra Airport8:05 AM(CLT) Charlotte

Last added routes from CMD

Route Origin Destination
CMD-PWK(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(PWK) Chicago Executive AirportCMD to Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK)
CMD-PDK(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree AirportCMD to Atlanta, US (PDK)
CMD-SDF(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldCMD to Louisville, US (SDF)
CMD-HSV(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(HSV) Huntsville International Carl T Jones FieldCMD to Huntsville, US (HSV)
CMD-CLT(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(CLT) Charlotte Douglas International AirportCMD to Charlotte, US (CLT)
CMD-ATL(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(ATL) Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportCMD to Atlanta, US (ATL)
CMD-SJC(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(SJC) Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International AirportCMD to San Jose, US (SJC)
CMD-KJWN(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(KJWN) CMD to KJWN
CMD-ADS(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(ADS) Addison AirportCMD to Dallas, US (ADS)
CMD-KJQF(CMD) Cootamundra Airport(KJQF) CMD to KJQF

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