Lovell Field (CHA)

Chattanooga, United States

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Latitude: 35.0353
Longitude -85.2038
Elevation: 683 ft
Local Code: CHA

Last updated flights departing from CHA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
UA 4309United Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field7:00 AM(ORD) Chicago
VS 2868Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field7:00 AM(DTW) Detroit
DL 4707Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field7:00 AM(DTW) Detroit
DL 2449Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field7:00 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AA 5998American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field6:19 AM(DFW) Dallas
G4 805Allegiant Air(CHA) Lovell Field8:22 PM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
VS 2797Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field7:41 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5231KLM(CHA) Lovell Field7:41 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 5194Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field7:41 PM(ATL) Atlanta
VS 2869Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field6:55 PM(DTW) Detroit
DL 4847Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field6:55 PM(DTW) Detroit
AA 5403American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field5:45 PM(CLT) Charlotte
VS 2543Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field5:22 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5797KLM(CHA) Lovell Field5:22 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AF 2891Air France(CHA) Lovell Field5:22 PM(ATL) Atlanta

Last added routes from CHA

Route Origin Destination
CHA-CRG(CHA) Lovell Field(CRG) Jacksonville Executive at Craig AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Jacksonville, US (CRG)
CHA-ABE(CHA) Lovell Field(ABE) Lehigh Valley International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Allentown, US (ABE)
CHA-TEB(CHA) Lovell Field(TEB) Teterboro AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Teterboro, US (TEB)
CHA-ELH(CHA) Lovell Field(ELH) North Eleuthera AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to North Eleuthera, BS (ELH)
CHA-APF(CHA) Lovell Field(APF) Naples Municipal AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Naples, US (APF)
CHA-RDU(CHA) Lovell Field(RDU) Raleigh Durham International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Raleigh/Durham, US (RDU)
CHA-PWK(CHA) Lovell Field(PWK) Chicago Executive AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK)
CHA-PBI(CHA) Lovell Field(PBI) Palm Beach International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to West Palm Beach, US (PBI)
CHA-HPN(CHA) Lovell Field(HPN) Westchester County AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to White Plains, US (HPN)
CHA-FXE(CHA) Lovell Field(FXE) Fort Lauderdale Executive AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FXE)

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