Lovell Field (CHA)

Chattanooga, United States

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Latitude: 35.0353
Longitude -85.2038
Elevation: 683 ft
Local Code: CHA

Last updated flights departing from CHA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AA 5499American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field2:35 PM(CLT) Charlotte
VS 2544Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field12:10 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5231KLM(CHA) Lovell Field12:10 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AM 4261Aeromexico(CHA) Lovell Field12:10 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AF 5952Air France(CHA) Lovell Field12:10 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 4828Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field12:10 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AA 2879American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field11:15 AM(CLT) Charlotte
AM 4258Aeromexico(CHA) Lovell Field10:35 AM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 4741Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field10:35 AM(ATL) Atlanta
KE 7168Korean Air(CHA) Lovell Field9:15 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AM 4255Aeromexico(CHA) Lovell Field9:15 AM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 4670Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field9:15 AM(ATL) Atlanta
FX 1376FedEx(CHA) Lovell Field10:25 PM(MEM) Memphis
LBQ 206Quest Diagnostics(CHA) Lovell Field9:30 PM(GSO) Greensboro/High Point
AA 5489American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field5:30 AM(CLT) Charlotte

Last added routes from CHA

Route Origin Destination
CHA-OSU(CHA) Lovell Field(OSU) Ohio State University AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Columbus, US (OSU)
CHA-SUA(CHA) Lovell Field(SUA) Witham FieldChattanooga, US (CHA) to Stuart, US (SUA)
CHA-EGE(CHA) Lovell Field(EGE) Eagle County Regional AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Eagle, US (EGE)
CHA-CLL(CHA) Lovell Field(CLL) Easterwood FieldChattanooga, US (CHA) to College Station, US (CLL)
CHA-MYR(CHA) Lovell Field(MYR) Myrtle Beach International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Myrtle Beach, US (MYR)
CHA-EEN(CHA) Lovell Field(EEN) Dillant Hopkins AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Keene, US (EEN)
CHA-ATW(CHA) Lovell Field(ATW) Appleton International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Appleton, US (ATW)
CHA-SGR(CHA) Lovell Field(SGR) Sugar Land Regional AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Houston, US (SGR)
CHA-SRQ(CHA) Lovell Field(SRQ) Sarasota Bradenton International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Sarasota/Bradenton, US (SRQ)
CHA-KTYQ(CHA) Lovell Field(KTYQ) Chattanooga, US (CHA) to KTYQ

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