Lovell Field (CHA)

Chattanooga, United States

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Latitude: 35.0353
Longitude -85.2038
Elevation: 683 ft
Local Code: CHA

Last updated flights departing from CHA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AA 4219American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field8:15 PM(CLT) Charlotte
VS 2543Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field7:59 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5797KLM(CHA) Lovell Field7:59 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 3761Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field7:59 PM(ATL) Atlanta
G4 703Allegiant Air(CHA) Lovell Field7:23 PM(SFB) Orlando
VS 2869Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field7:05 PM(DTW) Detroit
KL 6869KLM(CHA) Lovell Field7:05 PM(DTW) Detroit
DL 3993Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field7:05 PM(DTW) Detroit
AA 4259American Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field2:22 PM(CLT) Charlotte
UA 4115United Airlines(CHA) Lovell Field2:20 PM(EWR) Newark
1I 383NetJets Aviation(CHA) Lovell Field1:30 PM(CRG) Jacksonville
VS 4370Virgin Atlantic(CHA) Lovell Field1:26 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5179KLM(CHA) Lovell Field1:26 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AF 2175Air France(CHA) Lovell Field1:26 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 3402Delta Air Lines(CHA) Lovell Field1:26 PM(ATL) Atlanta

Last added routes from CHA

Route Origin Destination
CHA-RMG(CHA) Lovell Field(RMG) Richard B Russell AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Rome, US (RMG)
CHA-LAL(CHA) Lovell Field(LAL) Lakeland Linder Regional AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Lakeland, US (LAL)
CHA-DWH(CHA) Lovell Field(DWH) David Wayne Hooks Memorial AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Houston, US (DWH)
CHA-HKS(CHA) Lovell Field(HKS) Hawkins FieldChattanooga, US (CHA) to Jackson, US (HKS)
CHA-ROC(CHA) Lovell Field(ROC) Greater Rochester International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Rochester, US (ROC)
CHA-KSRB(CHA) Lovell Field(KSRB) Chattanooga, US (CHA) to KSRB
CHA-MVY(CHA) Lovell Field(MVY) Martha's Vineyard AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Martha's Vineyard, US (MVY)
CHA-MFE(CHA) Lovell Field(MFE) Mc Allen Miller International AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Mc Allen, US (MFE)
CHA-ICT(CHA) Lovell Field(ICT) Wichita Mid Continent AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Wichita, US (ICT)
CHA-MGR(CHA) Lovell Field(MGR) Moultrie Municipal AirportChattanooga, US (CHA) to Moultrie, US (MGR)

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