Longjia Airport (CGQ)

Changchun, China

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Latitude: 43.9962
Longitude 125.685
Elevation: 706 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from CGQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CZ 6357China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:50 AM(TAO) Qingdao
AE 5980Mandarin Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:35 AM(TPE) Taipei
CZ 3051China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:35 AM(TPE) Taipei
MU 9507China Eastern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(JNG) Jining
FM 9507Shanghai Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(JNG) Jining
CZ 6545China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
DL 7784Delta Air Lines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
BA 2001British Airways(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
AA 7123American Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 6145China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 6181China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:20 AM(HET) Hohhot
CA 3650Air China(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:20 AM(KHN) Nanchang
ZH 9646Shenzhen Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:20 AM(KHN) Nanchang
CZ 6768China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:20 AM(CSX) Changsha
CZ 8529China Southern Airlines(CGQ) Longjia Airport8:15 AM(YNZ) Yancheng

Last added routes from CGQ

Route Origin Destination
CGQ-XFN(CGQ) Longjia Airport(XFN) Xiangyang Liuji AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Xiangfan, CN (XFN)
CGQ-RIZ(CGQ) Longjia Airport(RIZ) Rizhao Shanzihe AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Rizhao, CN (RIZ)
CGQ-CIF(CGQ) Longjia Airport(CIF) Chifeng AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Chifeng, CN (CIF)
CGQ-CXR(CGQ) Longjia Airport(CXR) Cam Ranh AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Nha Trang, VN (CXR)
CGQ-YIW(CGQ) Longjia Airport(YIW) Yiwu AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Yiwu, CN (YIW)
CGQ-NNG(CGQ) Longjia Airport(NNG) Nanning Wuxu AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Nanning, CN (NNG)
CGQ-TXN(CGQ) Longjia Airport(TXN) Tunxi International AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Huangshan, CN (TXN)
CGQ-UYN(CGQ) Longjia Airport(UYN) Yulin Yuyang AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Yulin, CN (UYN)
CGQ-FOC(CGQ) Longjia Airport(FOC) Fuzhou Changle International AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Fuzhou, CN (FOC)
CGQ-HKT(CGQ) Longjia Airport(HKT) Phuket International AirportChangchun, CN (CGQ) to Phuket, TH (HKT)

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