Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)

Cologne, Germany

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Latitude: 50.8659
Longitude 7.14274
Elevation: 302 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from CGN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FR 2508Ryanair(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:50 PM(BCN) Barcelona
U2 5910easyJet(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:45 PM(TXL) Berlin
FR 180Ryanair(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:40 PM(SXF) Berlin
LH 1995Lufthansa(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:40 PM(MUC) Munich
EW 8055Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:30 PM(TXL) Berlin
LH 1993Lufthansa(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:10 PM(MUC) Munich
EW 588Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:10 PM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
EW 6Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:05 PM(TXL) Berlin
OS 196Austrian(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:00 PM(VIE) Vienna
TK 1676Turkish Airlines(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport8:00 PM(IST) Istanbul
EW 356Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport7:40 PM(STN) London
D8* 6509Norwegian Air International(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport7:15 PM(TFS) Tenerife
EW 772Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport7:15 PM(PRG) Prague
EW 814Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport7:10 PM(VCE) Venice
EW 30Eurowings(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport7:05 PM(HAM) Hamburg

Last added routes from CGN

Route Origin Destination
CGN-OSI(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(OSI) Osijek AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Osijek, HR (OSI)
CGN-KSF(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Kassel, DE (KSF)
CGN-BHX(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(BHX) Birmingham International AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Birmingham, GB (BHX)
CGN-LYS(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(LYS) Lyon Saint-Exupéry AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Lyon, FR (LYS)
CGN-ANR(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(ANR) Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)Cologne, DE (CGN) to Antwerp, BE (ANR)
CGN-GZP(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(GZP) Gazipaşa AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Gazipaşa, TR (GZP)
CGN-DJE(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(DJE) Djerba Zarzis International AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Djerba, TN (DJE)
CGN-TRS(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(TRS) Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Trieste, IT (TRS)
CGN-RSW(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(RSW) Southwest Florida International AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Fort Myers, US (RSW)
CGN-EVN(CGN) Cologne Bonn Airport(EVN) Zvartnots International AirportCologne, DE (CGN) to Yerevan, AM (EVN)

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