Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF)

Cleveland, United States

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Latitude: 41.5651
Longitude -81.4864
Elevation: 879 ft
Local Code: CGF

Last updated flights departing from CGF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 551NetJets Aviation(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport4:39 PM(KPEO) Penn Yan
LXJ 456Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport4:00 PM(CLE) Cleveland
OPT 369Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport11:30 AM(GCK) Garden City
ERY 51Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport9:15 AM(LYH) Lynchburg
LXJ 541Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport9:30 AM(BCT) Boca Raton
ERY 488Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport8:30 AM(CHS) Charleston
ERY 546Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport8:00 AM(DAB) Daytona Beach
LXJ 540Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport7:30 AM(VPZ) Valparaiso
ERY 799Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport6:00 AM(MLB) Melbourne
LXJ 94Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport1:30 PM(TEB) Teterboro
LXJ 545Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport1:29 PM(MMU) Morristown
ERY 159Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport8:00 AM(MDT) Middletown
1I 608NetJets Aviation(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport8:48 AM(HPN) Westchester County
LXJ 575Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport9:28 AM(CLE) Cleveland
ERY 799Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport10:00 AM(CLE) Cleveland

Last added routes from CGF

Route Origin Destination
CGF-KPEO(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(KPEO) Cleveland, US (CGF) to KPEO
CGF-LYH(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(LYH) Lynchburg Regional Preston Glenn FieldCleveland, US (CGF) to Lynchburg, US (LYH)
CGF-MLB(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(MLB) Melbourne International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Melbourne, US (MLB)
CGF-HIB(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(HIB) Range Regional AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Hibbing, US (HIB)
CGF-PIE(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(PIE) St Petersburg Clearwater International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to St Petersburg-Clearwater, US (PIE)
CGF-MSY(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(MSY) Louis Armstrong New Orleans International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to New Orleans, US (MSY)
CGF-LVK(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(LVK) Livermore Municipal AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Livermore, US (LVK)
CGF-NZC(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(NZC) Maria Reiche Neuman AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Nazca, PE (NZC)
CGF-RNO(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(RNO) Reno Tahoe International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Reno, US (RNO)
CGF-KJYO(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(KJYO) Cleveland, US (CGF) to KJYO

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