Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF)

Cleveland, United States

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Latitude: 41.5651
Longitude -81.4864
Elevation: 879 ft
Local Code: CGF

Last updated flights departing from CGF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 544NetJets Aviation(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport5:45 PM(PHF) Newport News
GAJ 823Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport1:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
OPT 347Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport6:46 PM(TEB) Teterboro
OPT 358Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport4:30 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
OPT 355Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport4:15 PM(KJZI) Charleston
LXJ 410Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport2:30 PM(APF) Naples
LXJ 535Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport11:31 AM(PGD) Punta Gorda
OPT 341Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport7:07 AM(KMGY) Dayton
ERY 799Sky Quest(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport6:30 AM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 408NetJets Aviation(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport6:00 AM(YUL) Montreal
LXJ 470Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(TEB) Teterboro
OPT 365Flight Options(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport2:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
LXJ 400Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport10:30 AM(HPN) Westchester County
LXJ 592Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport1:30 PM(VRB) Vero Beach
LXJ 441Flexjet(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport9:30 AM(PGD) Punta Gorda

Last added routes from CGF

Route Origin Destination
CGF-MYR(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(MYR) Myrtle Beach International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Myrtle Beach, US (MYR)
CGF-CGS(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(CGS) College Park AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to College Park, US (CGS)
CGF-PKB(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(PKB) Mid Ohio Valley Regional AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Parkersburg, US (PKB)
CGF-SIV(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(SIV) Sullivan County AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Monticello, US (SIV)
CGF-TCL(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(TCL) Tuscaloosa Regional AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Tuscaloosa, US (TCL)
CGF-ANU(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(ANU) V.C. Bird International AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to St. John's, AG (ANU)
CGF-ATO(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(ATO) Ohio University Snyder FieldCleveland, US (CGF) to Athens/Albany, US (ATO)
CGF-ELM(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(ELM) Elmira Corning Regional AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Elmira/Corning, US (ELM)
CGF-SPI(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(SPI) Abraham Lincoln Capital AirportCleveland, US (CGF) to Springfield, US (SPI)
CGF-KFFC(CGF) Cuyahoga County Airport(KFFC) Cleveland, US (CGF) to KFFC

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