Beverly Municipal Airport (BVY)

Beverly, United States

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Latitude: 42.5842
Longitude -70.9165
Elevation: 107 ft
Local Code: BVY

Last updated flights departing from BVY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CNS 1017PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport8:30 AM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 996NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport5:42 PM(OPF) Miami
1I 320NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport3:00 PM(MHT) Manchester
CNS 434PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport10:30 AM(ACK) Nantucket
LAK 620Red Wing Aeroplane Company(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport10:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
LXJ 590Flexjet(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport2:00 PM(FOK) Westhampton Beach
CNS 257PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport1:15 PM(PSF) Pittsfield
CNS 313PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport12:30 PM(HPN) Westchester County
GAJ 881Gama Aviation Signature(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport11:00 AM(ACK) Nantucket
1I 310NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:30 AM(HYA) Hyannis
1I 368NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport12:30 PM(APA) Denver
1I 428NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:00 AM(RKD) Rockland
1I 323NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport11:00 AM(WDG) Enid
GAJ 834Gama Aviation Signature(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport7:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 390NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport5:43 AM(ACK) Nantucket

Last added routes from BVY

Route Origin Destination
BVY-SNA(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(SNA) John Wayne Airport-Orange County AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Santa Ana, US (SNA)
BVY-OSU(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott FielBeverly, US (BVY) to Columbus, US (OSU)
BVY-DAL(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(DAL) Dallas Love FieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Dallas, US (DAL)
BVY-AVL(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(AVL) Asheville Regional AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Asheville, US (AVL)
BVY-ARV(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(ARV) Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial fieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Minocqua-Woodruff, US (ARV)
BVY-FID(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(FID) Elizabeth FieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Fishers Island, US (FID)
BVY-LKP(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(LKP) Lake Placid AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Lake Placid, US (LKP)
BVY-SGR(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(SGR) Sugar Land Regional AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Houston, US (SGR)
BVY-SCE(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(SCE) University Park AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to State College, US (SCE)
BVY-DSM(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(DSM) Des Moines International AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Des Moines, US (DSM)

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