Beverly Municipal Airport (BVY)

Beverly, United States

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Latitude: 42.5842
Longitude -70.9165
Elevation: 107 ft
Local Code: BVY

Last updated flights departing from BVY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 470Flexjet(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:30 AM(AIK) Aiken
LXJ 580Flexjet(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport12:10 PM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 780NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport12:00 PM(OCF) Ocala
1I 540NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport11:00 AM(BED) Bedford/Hanscom
1I 540NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport6:57 PM(HPN) Westchester County
XOJ 406XOJET(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport2:44 PM(BDL) Hartford
1I 572NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport8:45 AM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 516NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport6:00 AM(NEW) New Orleans
1I 308NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport1:24 PM(BLM) Belmar
1I 572NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport10:00 AM(ASE) Aspen
1I 308NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport8:24 PM(TEB) Teterboro
LXJ 552Flexjet(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport5:15 PM(VRB) Vero Beach
1I 626NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport6:00 AM(DTW) Detroit
1I 516NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:00 AM(APF) Naples
1I 532NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport2:58 PM(BLM) Belmar

Last added routes from BVY

Route Origin Destination
BVY-OCF(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(OCF) Ocala International Airport - Jim Taylor FieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Ocala, US (OCF)
BVY-NEW(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(NEW) Lakefront AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to New Orleans, US (NEW)
BVY-DTW(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(DTW) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Detroit, US (DTW)
BVY-IAH(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(IAH) George Bush Intercontinental Houston AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Houston, US (IAH)
BVY-ROA(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(ROA) Roanokeā€“Blacksburg Regional AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Roanoke, US (ROA)
BVY-MHH(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(MHH) Leonard M Thompson International AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Marsh Harbour, BS (MHH)
BVY-CIW(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(CIW) Canouan AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Canouan, VC (CIW)
BVY-AIK(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(AIK) Aiken Regional AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Aiken, US (AIK)
BVY-SUN(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(SUN) Friedman Memorial AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Hailey, US (SUN)
BVY-ICT(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(ICT) Wichita Eisenhower National AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Wichita, US (ICT)

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