Beverly Municipal Airport (BVY)

Beverly, United States

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Latitude: 42.5842
Longitude -70.9165
Elevation: 107 ft
Local Code: BVY

Last updated flights departing from BVY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CNS 1978PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport4:45 PM(PSM) Portsmouth
1I 109NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport5:46 PM(TTN) Trenton
GAJ 881Gama Aviation Signature(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport1:45 PM(MVL) Stowe
1I 779NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport11:00 AM(APA) Denver
CNS 108PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport4:43 PM(MVY) Martha's Vineyard
CNS 23PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport1:30 PM(BTV) Burlington
CNS 802PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:44 AM(NPT) Newport
1I 402NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport1:30 PM(BDL) Hartford
CNS 111PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport9:45 AM(OWD) Norwood
LXJ 579Flexjet(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport3:10 PM(BOS) Boston
CNS 15PlaneSense(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport4:30 PM(ACK) Nantucket
GAJ 864Gama Aviation Signature(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport12:15 PM(ACK) Nantucket
GAJ 838Gama Aviation Signature(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport7:45 AM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 726NetJets Aviation(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport8:28 PM(BOS) Boston
OPT 360Flight Options(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport6:47 PM(OXC) Oxford

Last added routes from BVY

Route Origin Destination
BVY-HTS(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(HTS) Tri-State/Milton J. Ferguson FieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Huntington, US (HTS)
BVY-KGVQ(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(KGVQ) Beverly, US (BVY) to KGVQ
BVY-HSV(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(HSV) Huntsville International Carl T Jones FieldBeverly, US (BVY) to Huntsville, US (HSV)
BVY-UGN(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(UGN) Waukegan National AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Chicago/Waukegan, US (UGN)
BVY-LFT(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(LFT) Lafayette Regional AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Lafayette, US (LFT)
BVY-PHX(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Phoenix, US (PHX)
BVY-TYS(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(TYS) McGhee Tyson AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Knoxville, US (TYS)
BVY-KOFP(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(KOFP) Beverly, US (BVY) to KOFP
BVY-KANE(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(KANE) Beverly, US (BVY) to KANE
BVY-LWM(BVY) Beverly Municipal Airport(LWM) Lawrence Municipal AirportBeverly, US (BVY) to Lawrence, US (LWM)

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