M. R. Štefánik Airport (BTS)

Bratislava, Slovakia

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Latitude: 48.1702
Longitude 17.2127
Elevation: 436 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from BTS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FR 2319Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport10:10 PM(STN) London
FR 35Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport9:55 PM(MAN) Manchester
W9A 4482Wizz Air UK(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport9:35 PM(LTN) London
FR 1529Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport7:50 PM(MLA) Malta
FR 3076Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport6:30 PM(KBP) Kiev/Kyiv
DP* 802Pobeda(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport5:15 PM(VKO) Moscow
FR 4643Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport4:40 PM(BGY) Milan
W6 7762Wizz Air(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport3:35 PM(SKP) Skopje
W6 4342Wizz Air(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport2:50 PM(SOF) Sofia
FR 4283Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport12:20 PM(DUB) Dublin
FR 2315Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport10:50 AM(STN) London
FR 6643Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport10:35 AM(EDI) Edinburgh
FR 3328Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport9:30 AM(PFO) Paphos
FR 8303Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport7:45 AM(VDA) Ovda
FR 1247Ryanair(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport7:50 PM(ATH) Athens

Last added routes from BTS

Route Origin Destination
BTS-ZRH(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(ZRH) Zürich AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
BTS-LED(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(LED) Pulkovo AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to St. Petersburg, RU (LED)
BTS-RIX(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(RIX) Riga International AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Riga, LV (RIX)
BTS-KZN(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(KZN) Kazan International AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Kazan, RU (KZN)
BTS-RAK(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(RAK) Menara AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Marrakech, MA (RAK)
BTS-LWO(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(LWO) Lviv International AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Lviv, UA (LWO)
BTS-ARN(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(ARN) Stockholm-Arlanda AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Stockholm, SE (ARN)
BTS-DME(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(DME) Domodedovo International AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Moscow, RU (DME)
BTS-MSQ(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(MSQ) Minsk National AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Minsk, BY (MSQ)
BTS-IST(BTS) M. R. Štefánik Airport(IST) Atatürk International AirportBratislava, SK (BTS) to Istanbul, TR (IST)

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