Brussels Airport (BRU)

Brussels, Belgium

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Latitude: 50.9014
Longitude 4.48444
Elevation: 184 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from BRU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SN 8801Brussels Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:55 AM(IAD) Dulles
LH 9382Lufthansa(BRU) Brussels Airport11:55 AM(IAD) Dulles
AC 5947Air Canada(BRU) Brussels Airport11:55 AM(IAD) Dulles
UA 951United Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:55 AM(IAD) Dulles
SK 8459SAS(BRU) Brussels Airport11:50 AM(ATH) Athens
SN 6501Brussels Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:50 AM(ATH) Athens
A3 621Aegean Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:50 AM(ATH) Athens
JL 6832JAL(BRU) Brussels Airport11:40 AM(HEL) Helsinki
AY 1542Finnair(BRU) Brussels Airport11:40 AM(HEL) Helsinki
TK 1938Turkish Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:35 AM(IST) Istanbul
AA 6399American Airlines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:35 AM(LHR) London
BA 393British Airways(BRU) Brussels Airport11:35 AM(LHR) London
EY 2847Etihad Airways(BRU) Brussels Airport11:25 AM(FCO) Rome
DL 6593Delta Air Lines(BRU) Brussels Airport11:25 AM(FCO) Rome
AR 7223Aerolineas Argentinas(BRU) Brussels Airport11:25 AM(FCO) Rome

Last added routes from BRU

Route Origin Destination
BRU-TLN(BRU) Brussels Airport(TLN) Toulon-Hyères AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Toulon/Hyères/Le Palyvestre, FR (TLN)
BRU-TOS(BRU) Brussels Airport(TOS) Tromsø AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Tromsø, NO (TOS)
BRU-KTT(BRU) Brussels Airport(KTT) Kittilä AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Kittilä, FI (KTT)
BRU-DSS(BRU) Brussels Airport(DSS) Diass-Thies Blaise Diagne International AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Dakar, SN (DSS)
BRU-GOA(BRU) Brussels Airport(GOA) Genoa Cristoforo Colombo AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Genova, IT (GOA)
BRU-LCK(BRU) Brussels Airport(LCK) Rickenbacker International AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Columbus, US (LCK)
BRU-LXR(BRU) Brussels Airport(LXR) Luxor International AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Luxor, EG (LXR)
BRU-KGL(BRU) Brussels Airport(KGL) Kigali International AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Kigali, RW (KGL)
BRU-PVG(BRU) Brussels Airport(PVG) Shanghai Pudong International AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
BRU-MBX(BRU) Brussels Airport(MBX) Maribor AirportBrussels, BE (BRU) to MBX

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