Bremen Airport (BRE)

Bremen, Germany

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Latitude: 53.0475
Longitude 8.78667
Elevation: 14 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from BRE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LG 1446Luxair(BRE) Bremen Airport6:55 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
SQ 2061Singapore Airlines(BRE) Bremen Airport6:55 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
TP 7737TAP Portugal(BRE) Bremen Airport6:55 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LH 359Lufthansa(BRE) Bremen Airport6:55 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
MK 9693Air Mauritius(BRE) Bremen Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
G3 8541Gol(BRE) Bremen Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
AM 6051Aeromexico(BRE) Bremen Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
AF 1525Air France(BRE) Bremen Airport6:30 PM(CDG) Paris
AM 6631Aeromexico(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
CZ 7702China Southern Airlines(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
DL 9421Delta Air Lines(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
KQ 1754Kenya Airways(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
MK 7401Air Mauritius(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
KL 1754KLM(BRE) Bremen Airport11:00 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
FR 3658Ryanair(BRE) Bremen Airport10:50 AM(AGP) Malaga

Last added routes from BRE

Route Origin Destination
BRE-ERF(BRE) Bremen Airport(ERF) Erfurt AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Erfurt, DE (ERF)
BRE-ZAD(BRE) Bremen Airport(ZAD) Zadar AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Zemunik (Zadar), HR (ZAD)
BRE-ZRH(BRE) Bremen Airport(ZRH) Zürich AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
BRE-DUS(BRE) Bremen Airport(DUS) Düsseldorf AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Düsseldorf, DE (DUS)
BRE-BOJ(BRE) Bremen Airport(BOJ) Burgas AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Burgas, BG (BOJ)
BRE-RLG(BRE) Bremen Airport(RLG) Rostock-Laage AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Rostock, DE (RLG)
BRE-SZG(BRE) Bremen Airport(SZG) Salzburg AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Salzburg, AT (SZG)
BRE-FEZ(BRE) Bremen Airport(FEZ) Saïss AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Fes, MA (FEZ)
BRE-VDA(BRE) Bremen Airport(VDA) Ovda International AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Eilat, IL (VDA)
BRE-SSH(BRE) Bremen Airport(SSH) Sharm El Sheikh International AirportBremen, DE (BRE) to Sharm el-Sheikh, EG (SSH)

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