Monroe County Airport (BMG)

Bloomington, United States

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Latitude: 39.146
Longitude -86.6167
Elevation: 846 ft
Local Code: BMG

Last updated flights departing from BMG

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 574NetJets Aviation(BMG) Monroe County Airport2:00 PM(MTJ) Montrose
UA 2615United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport10:00 PM(ORD) Chicago
UA 2637United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport9:30 PM(ORD) Chicago
SWQ 164Swift Air(BMG) Monroe County Airport10:15 PM(LNK) Lincoln
1I 689NetJets Aviation(BMG) Monroe County Airport9:15 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 634NetJets Aviation(BMG) Monroe County Airport2:30 PM(SBN) South Bend
UA 2639United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport12:20 AM(ORD) Chicago
UA 2629United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport6:30 PM(BWI) Baltimore
UA 2639United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport9:05 PM(ORD) Chicago
UA 2629United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport5:00 PM(YIP) Detroit
1I 795NetJets Aviation(BMG) Monroe County Airport2:35 PM(AMW) Ames
UA 2623United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport10:00 PM(SCE) State College
UA 2631United Airlines(BMG) Monroe County Airport5:10 PM(ORD) Chicago
LXJ 588Flexjet(BMG) Monroe County Airport9:30 AM(HPN) Westchester County
LXJ 586Flexjet(BMG) Monroe County Airport12:30 PM(SUA) Stuart

Last added routes from BMG

Route Origin Destination
BMG-MTJ(BMG) Monroe County Airport(MTJ) Montrose Regional AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Montrose, US (MTJ)
BMG-KDMW(BMG) Monroe County Airport(KDMW) Bloomington, US (BMG) to KDMW
BMG-SGF(BMG) Monroe County Airport(SGF) Springfield Branson National AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Springfield, US (SGF)
BMG-LEB(BMG) Monroe County Airport(LEB) Lebanon Municipal AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Lebanon, US (LEB)
BMG-RST(BMG) Monroe County Airport(RST) Rochester International AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Rochester, US (RST)
BMG-PNE(BMG) Monroe County Airport(PNE) Northeast Philadelphia AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Philadelphia, US (PNE)
BMG-KVBT(BMG) Monroe County Airport(KVBT) Bloomington, US (BMG) to KVBT
BMG-ACV(BMG) Monroe County Airport(ACV) California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Arcata/Eureka, US (ACV)
BMG-RFD(BMG) Monroe County Airport(RFD) Chicago Rockford International AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Chicago/Rockford, US (RFD)
BMG-AVL(BMG) Monroe County Airport(AVL) Asheville Regional AirportBloomington, US (BMG) to Asheville, US (AVL)

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