Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM)

Belmar/Farmingdale, United States

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Latitude: 40.1869
Longitude -74.1249
Elevation: 153 ft
Local Code: BLM

Last updated flights departing from BLM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination

Last added routes from BLM

Route Origin Destination
BLM-MEM(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(MEM) Memphis International AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Memphis, US (MEM)
BLM-SGR(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(SGR) Sugar Land Regional AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Houston, US (SGR)
BLM-HSP(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(HSP) Ingalls FieldBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Hot Springs, US (HSP)
BLM-NPT(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(NPT) Newport State AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Newport, US (NPT)
BLM-KMRH(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(KMRH) Belmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to KMRH
BLM-OAJ(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(OAJ) Albert J Ellis AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Jacksonville, US (OAJ)
BLM-AVL(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(AVL) Asheville Regional AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Asheville, US (AVL)
BLM-VEL(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(VEL) Vernal Regional AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Vernal, US (VEL)
BLM-MVL(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(MVL) Morrisville Stowe State AirportBelmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to Morrisville, US (MVL)
BLM-ONH(BLM) Monmouth Executive Airport(ONH) Belmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM) to ONH

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