Woodbourne Airport (BHE)

Blenheim, New Zealand

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Latitude: -41.5183
Longitude 173.87
Elevation: 109 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from BHE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NZ 8736Air New Zealand(BHE) Woodbourne Airport6:15 PM(WLG) Wellington
SDA 258Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport6:10 PM(WLG) Wellington
SQ 4434Singapore Airlines(BHE) Woodbourne Airport5:25 PM(AKL) Auckland
CA 5906Air China(BHE) Woodbourne Airport5:25 PM(AKL) Auckland
NZ 8214Air New Zealand(BHE) Woodbourne Airport5:25 PM(AKL) Auckland
SDA 655Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport5:10 PM(CHC) Christchurch
SDA 262Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport4:30 PM(WLG) Wellington
NZ 8734Air New Zealand(BHE) Woodbourne Airport4:30 PM(WLG) Wellington
SDA 268Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport1:40 PM(WLG) Wellington
QF 8511Qantas(BHE) Woodbourne Airport1:35 PM(AKL) Auckland
CA 5904Air China(BHE) Woodbourne Airport1:35 PM(AKL) Auckland
NZ 8212Air New Zealand(BHE) Woodbourne Airport1:35 PM(AKL) Auckland
NZ 8728Air New Zealand(BHE) Woodbourne Airport1:25 PM(WLG) Wellington
SDA 673Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport11:45 AM(CHC) Christchurch
SDA 276Sounds Air(BHE) Woodbourne Airport11:25 AM(WLG) Wellington

Last added routes from BHE

Route Origin Destination
BHE-ZQN(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(ZQN) Queenstown International AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Queenstown, NZ (ZQN)
BHE-GIS(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(GIS) Gisborne AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Gisborne, NZ (GIS)
BHE-PMR(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(PMR) Palmerston North AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to PMR
BHE-ROT(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(ROT) Rotorua Regional AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Rotorua, NZ (ROT)
BHE-IVC(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(IVC) Invercargill AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Invercargill, NZ (IVC)
BHE-TRG(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(TRG) Tauranga AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Tauranga, NZ (TRG)
BHE-DUD(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(DUD) Dunedin AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Dunedin, NZ (DUD)
BHE-NPL(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(NPL) New Plymouth AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to New Plymouth, NZ (NPL)
BHE-HLZ(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(HLZ) Hamilton International AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to Hamilton, NZ (HLZ)
BHE-KBZ(BHE) Woodbourne Airport(KBZ) Kaikoura AirportBlenheim, NZ (BHE) to KBZ

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