Bergen Airport Flesland (BGO)

Bergen, Norway

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Latitude: 60.2934
Longitude 5.21814
Elevation: 170 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from BGO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SK 290SAS(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:55 PM(OSL) Oslo
WF 518Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:35 PM(MOL) Molde
WF 166Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:30 PM(HOV) Orsta-Volda
DY 653Norwegian Air Shuttle(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:30 PM(OSL) Oslo
WF 576Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:25 PM(KSU) Kristiansund
WF 163Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:20 PM(SOG) Sogndal
DY 968Norwegian Air Shuttle(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland8:05 PM(CPH) Copenhagen
WF 196Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:55 PM(FDE) Forde
D8* 5335Norwegian Air International(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:50 PM(ALC) Alicante
WF 382Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:35 PM(LPL) Liverpool
WF 427Wideroe(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:35 PM(TRF) Sandefjord
DY 643Norwegian Air Shuttle(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:30 PM(OSL) Oslo
DY 1318Norwegian Air Shuttle(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:10 PM(LGW) London
SK 286SAS(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:00 PM(OSL) Oslo
SK 4605SAS(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland7:00 PM(MAN) Manchester

Last added routes from BGO

Route Origin Destination
BGO-ACE(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(ACE) Lanzarote AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Lanzarote Island, ES (ACE)
BGO-RHO(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(RHO) Diagoras AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Rodes Island, GR (RHO)
BGO-GRQ(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(GRQ) Eelde AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Groningen, NL (GRQ)
BGO-MUC(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(MUC) Munich AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Munich, DE (MUC)
BGO-JTR(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(JTR) Santorini AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Santorini Island, GR (JTR)
BGO-LPL(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(LPL) Liverpool John Lennon AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Liverpool, GB (LPL)
BGO-PUY(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(PUY) Pula AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Pula, HR (PUY)
BGO-PIS(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(PIS) Poitiers-Biard AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Poitiers/Biard, FR (PIS)
BGO-HAM(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(HAM) Hamburg AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Hamburg, DE (HAM)
BGO-TLV(BGO) Bergen Airport Flesland(TLV) Ben Gurion International AirportBergen, NO (BGO) to Tel Aviv, IL (TLV)

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