Brindisi – Salento Airport (BDS)

Brindisi, Italy

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Latitude: 40.6576
Longitude 17.947
Elevation: 47 ft
Local Code: BR03

Last updated flights departing from BDS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FR 7067Ryanair(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport9:55 PM(FCO) Rome
U2 1238easyJet(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport8:55 PM(BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
U2 2826easyJet(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport8:45 PM(MXP) Milan
FR 8096Ryanair(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:30 PM(BGY) Milan
KL 3403KLM(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
SU 4332Aeroflot(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
EY 2910Etihad Airways(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
JU 9385Air Serbia(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
AZ 1634Alitalia(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport7:15 PM(FCO) Rome
FR 4352Ryanair(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport6:05 PM(BLQ) Bologna
FR 9779Ryanair(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport5:30 PM(PSA) Pisa
AZ 1650Alitalia(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport4:15 PM(LIN) Milan
EW 2875Eurowings(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport4:05 PM(STR) Stuttgart
FR 8828Ryanair(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport3:40 PM(TSF) Venice
BT 5520Air Baltic(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport3:10 PM(FCO) Rome

Last added routes from BDS

Route Origin Destination
BDS-LJU(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
BDS-RTM(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(RTM) Rotterdam The Hague AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Rotterdam, NL (RTM)
BDS-FMM(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(FMM) Memmingen Allgau AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Memmingen, DE (FMM)
BDS-JMK(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(JMK) Mikonos AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Mykonos Island, GR (JMK)
BDS-TXL(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(TXL) Berlin-Tegel AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Berlin, DE (TXL)
BDS-VLC(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(VLC) Valencia AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Valencia, ES (VLC)
BDS-FKB(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(FKB) Karlsruhe Baden-Baden AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Baden-Baden, DE (FKB)
BDS-CAG(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(CAG) Cagliari Elmas AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Cagliari, IT (CAG)
BDS-SVQ(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(SVQ) Sevilla AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Sevilla, ES (SVQ)
BDS-NUE(BDS) Brindisi – Salento Airport(NUE) Nuremberg AirportBrindisi, IT (BDS) to Nuremberg, DE (NUE)

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