Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport (AZA)

Phoenix, United States

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Latitude: 33.3078
Longitude -111.655
Elevation: 1382 ft
Local Code: IWA

Last updated flights departing from AZA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
G4 591Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport10:24 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
G4 196Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport5:40 PM(BOI) Boise
G4 142Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport4:53 PM(ICT) Wichita
G4 108Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:24 PM(STC) Saint Cloud
G4 160Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:14 PM(RAP) Rapid City
G4 2122Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:55 PM(FSD) Sioux Falls
G4 102Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:45 PM(OGD) Ogden
G4 202Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:15 PM(MKE) Milwaukee
G4 128Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:05 PM(FWA) Fort Wayne
G4 2132Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport12:43 PM(PVU) Provo
G4 1001Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport10:36 AM(OAK) Oakland
G4 140Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:50 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
G4 2136Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:30 AM(FAR) Fargo
G4 180Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:20 AM(MOT) Minot
G4 148Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:10 AM(RFD) Rockford

Last added routes from AZA

Route Origin Destination
AZA-SLN(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(SLN) Salina Municipal AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Salina, US (SLN)
AZA-MKE(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(MKE) General Mitchell International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Milwaukee, US (MKE)
AZA-IND(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(IND) Indianapolis International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Indianapolis, US (IND)
AZA-SHV(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(SHV) Shreveport Regional AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Shreveport, US (SHV)
AZA-OPF(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(OPF) Phoenix, US (AZA) to OPF
AZA-9D1(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(9D1) Phoenix, US (AZA) to 9D1
AZA-PDX(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(PDX) Portland International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Portland, US (PDX)
AZA-PJB(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(PJB) Payson AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Payson, US (PJB)
AZA-PRC(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(PRC) Ernest A. Love FieldPhoenix, US (AZA) to Prescott, US (PRC)
AZA-SDF(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldPhoenix, US (AZA) to Louisville, US (SDF)

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