Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport (AZA)

Phoenix, United States

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Latitude: 33.3078
Longitude -111.655
Elevation: 1382 ft
Local Code: IWA

Last updated flights departing from AZA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
G4 1001Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport6:20 PM(OAK) Oakland
G4 1809Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport6:01 PM(BLI) Bellingham
G4 156Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport5:29 PM(COS) Colorado Springs
G4 142Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport5:02 PM(ICT) Wichita
G4 172Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport4:04 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
G4 152Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:38 PM(DSM) Des Moines
G4 114Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:05 PM(GRI) Grand Island
G4 102Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport1:39 PM(OGD) Ogden
G4 148Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport1:08 PM(RFD) Rockford
1I 841NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport1:00 PM(SAN) San Diego
G4 188Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport11:40 AM(BZN) Belgrade
1I 768NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport8:36 AM(SJC) San Jose
G4 140Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:45 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
G4 126Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:30 AM(SBN) South Bend
G4 132Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:15 AM(PVU) Provo

Last added routes from AZA

Route Origin Destination
AZA-LFT(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(LFT) Lafayette Regional AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Lafayette, US (LFT)
AZA-DRO(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(DRO) Durango La Plata County AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Durango, US (DRO)
AZA-DRI(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(DRI) Beauregard Regional AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to De Ridder, US (DRI)
AZA-TPA(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(TPA) Tampa International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Tampa, US (TPA)
AZA-HMO(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(HMO) General Ignacio P. Garcia International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Hermosillo, MX (HMO)
AZA-CRE(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(CRE) Grand Strand AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to North Myrtle Beach, US (CRE)
AZA-SJD(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(SJD) Los Cabos International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to San José del Cabo, MX (SJD)
AZA-BTM(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(BTM) Bert Mooney AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Butte, US (BTM)
AZA-7S0(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(7S0) Phoenix, US (AZA) to 7S0
AZA-DNA(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(DNA) Kadena Air BasePhoenix, US (AZA) to DNA

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