Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport (AZA)

Phoenix, United States

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Latitude: 33.3078
Longitude -111.655
Elevation: 1382 ft
Local Code: IWA

Last updated flights departing from AZA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
G4 4100Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:50 PM(TUS) Tucson
G4 1001Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport4:30 PM(OAK) Oakland
G4 172Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport4:20 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
G4 108Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:44 PM(STC) Saint Cloud
G4 170Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:28 PM(BLI) Bellingham
G4 162Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:07 PM(GFK) Grand Forks
1I 678NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport3:00 PM(LNK) Lincoln
1I 878NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport2:30 PM(APA) Denver
1I 326NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport11:00 AM(HND) Tokyo
G4 132Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport10:41 AM(PVU) Provo
1I 678NetJets Aviation(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport8:30 AM(SBA) Santa Barbara
G4 136Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:45 AM(FAR) Fargo
G4 168Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:15 AM(MLI) Moline
G4 166Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport7:00 AM(ATW) Appleton
G4 128Allegiant Air(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport6:45 AM(FWA) Fort Wayne

Last added routes from AZA

Route Origin Destination
AZA-LNK(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(LNK) Lincoln AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Lincoln, US (LNK)
AZA-HND(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(HND) Tokyo Haneda International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Tokyo, JP (HND)
AZA-TME(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(TME) Gustavo Vargas AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Tame, CO (TME)
AZA-MKC(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(MKC) Charles B. Wheeler Downtown AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Kansas City, US (MKC)
AZA-RIL(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(RIL) Phoenix, US (AZA) to RIL
AZA-ALE(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(ALE) Alpine Casparis Municipal AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Alpine, US (ALE)
AZA-YIP(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(YIP) Willow Run AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Detroit, US (YIP)
AZA-MEM(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(MEM) Memphis International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Memphis, US (MEM)
AZA-SFO(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(SFO) San Francisco International AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to San Francisco, US (SFO)
AZA-EGE(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport(EGE) Eagle County Regional AirportPhoenix, US (AZA) to Eagle, US (EGE)

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