Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

Asheville, United States

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Latitude: 35.4362
Longitude -82.5418
Elevation: 2165 ft
Local Code: AVL

Last updated flights departing from AVL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AA 5543American Airlines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport8:01 PM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 269NetJets Aviation(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport6:15 PM(TEB) Teterboro
KE 6828Korean Air(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport7:30 AM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 3520Delta Air Lines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport7:30 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AA 5316American Airlines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport7:10 AM(CLT) Charlotte
G4 1232Allegiant Air(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport7:00 AM(EWR) Newark
UA 5000United Airlines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport6:10 AM(ORD) Chicago
1I 111NetJets Aviation(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport2:36 PM(MLB) Melbourne
AA 5279American Airlines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport2:24 PM(CLT) Charlotte
VS 2514Virgin Atlantic(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport1:40 PM(ATL) Atlanta
KL 5955KLM(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport1:40 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AF 2435Air France(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport1:40 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 3410Delta Air Lines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport1:40 PM(ATL) Atlanta
AA 4788American Airlines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport12:34 PM(CLT) Charlotte
DL 1839Delta Air Lines(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport11:40 AM(ATL) Atlanta

Last added routes from AVL

Route Origin Destination
AVL-MLB(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(MLB) Melbourne International AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Melbourne, US (MLB)
AVL-BDR(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(BDR) Igor I Sikorsky Memorial AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Bridgeport, US (BDR)
AVL-CKB(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(CKB) North Central West Virginia AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Clarksburg, US (CKB)
AVL-SLN(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(SLN) Salina Municipal AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Salina, US (SLN)
AVL-SJC(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(SJC) Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to San Jose, US (SJC)
AVL-MIE(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(MIE) Delaware County Johnson FieldAsheville, US (AVL) to Muncie, US (MIE)
AVL-LAN(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(LAN) Capital City AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Lansing, US (LAN)
AVL-CPS(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(CPS) St Louis Downtown AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Cahokia/St Louis, US (CPS)
AVL-MOR(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(MOR) Asheville, US (AVL) to MOR
AVL-MPV(AVL) Asheville Regional Airport(MPV) Edward F Knapp State AirportAsheville, US (AVL) to Barre/Montpelier, US (MPV)

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