Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Naples, United States

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Latitude: 26.1526
Longitude -81.7753
Elevation: 8 ft
Local Code: APF

Last updated flights departing from APF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 130NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:15 PM(SRQ) Sarasota
VTE 513Contour Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport2:00 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
1I 340NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:30 PM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 333NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:30 PM(DAB) Daytona Beach
EJM 790Executive Jet Management(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:54 AM(IKB) Wilkesboro
1I 607NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:15 AM(SRQ) Sarasota
1I 776NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:00 AM(BKL) Cleveland
1I 978NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport10:30 AM(IAD) Dulles
1I 524NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport10:30 AM(VRB) Vero Beach
1I 411NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:45 AM(SRQ) Sarasota
1I 643NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:30 AM(KFCI) Richmond
1I 513NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:00 AM(MKC) Kansas City
1I 326NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport7:00 AM(TYS) Knoxville
1I 365NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport6:00 AM(BOS) Boston
LXJ 450Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:23 PM(NAS) Nassau

Last added routes from APF

Route Origin Destination
APF-KOWI(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KOWI) Naples, US (APF) to KOWI
APF-CZT(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(CZT) Dimmit County AirportNaples, US (APF) to Carrizo Springs, US (CZT)
APF-LAN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(LAN) Capital City AirportNaples, US (APF) to Lansing, US (LAN)
APF-CON(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(CON) Concord Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Concord, US (CON)
APF-HTV(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(HTV) Huntsville Regional AirportNaples, US (APF) to Huntsville, US (HTV)
APF-KFWS(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KFWS) Naples, US (APF) to KFWS
APF-BFT(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(BFT) Beaufort County AirportNaples, US (APF) to Beaufort, US (BFT)
APF-MSC(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(MSC) Falcon FieldNaples, US (APF) to Mesa, US (MSC)
APF-KAJR(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KAJR) Naples, US (APF) to KAJR
APF-TXK(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(TXK) Texarkana Regional Webb FieldNaples, US (APF) to Texarkana, US (TXK)

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