Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Naples, United States

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Latitude: 26.1526
Longitude -81.7753
Elevation: 8 ft
Local Code: APF

Last updated flights departing from APF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 533Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:30 AM(CHS) Charleston
LXJ 550Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport7:00 AM(SFB) Orlando
PWA 420Priester Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport5:30 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 341NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport5:00 PM(DAY) Dayton
VTE 8522Contour Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport3:00 PM(PIT) Pittsburgh
1I 525NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:45 AM(CMH) Columbus
1I 210NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport6:45 AM(UST) Saint Augustine
LXJ 572Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport10:30 AM(BUF) Buffalo
1I 210NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:06 PM(UST) Saint Augustine
1I 503NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport2:30 PM(KRZT) Chillicothe
1I 404NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport9:00 AM(MIA) Miami
1I 556NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:30 AM(TPA) Tampa
LXJ 405Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:29 AM(SRQ) Sarasota
PVO 726Privaira(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:13 AM(MIA) Miami
1I 379NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport3:45 PM(PWK) Chicago

Last added routes from APF

Route Origin Destination
APF-KOZW(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KOZW) Naples, US (APF) to KOZW
APF-AMA(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(AMA) Rick Husband Amarillo International AirportNaples, US (APF) to Amarillo, US (AMA)
APF-JEF(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(JEF) Jefferson City Memorial AirportNaples, US (APF) to Jefferson City, US (JEF)
APF-KPCW(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KPCW) Naples, US (APF) to KPCW
APF-MID(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(MID) Licenciado Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int AirportNaples, US (APF) to Mérida, MX (MID)
APF-SGU(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(SGU) St George Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to St George, US (SGU)
APF-TLC(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(TLC) Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International AirpoNaples, US (APF) to Toluca, MX (TLC)
APF-DVT(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(DVT) Phoenix Deer Valley AirportNaples, US (APF) to Phoenix, US (DVT)
APF-LIO(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(LIO) Limon International AirportNaples, US (APF) to Puerto Limon, CR (LIO)
APF-MQY(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(MQY) Smyrna AirportNaples, US (APF) to Smyrna, US (MQY)

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