Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Naples, United States

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Latitude: 26.1526
Longitude -81.7753
Elevation: 8 ft
Local Code: APF

Last updated flights departing from APF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 369NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:39 PM(FTY) Atlanta
LXJ 90Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport7:30 PM(FLL) Fort Lauderdale
1I 547NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:30 PM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 590NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:21 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 695NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:06 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
LXJ 454Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport10:30 AM(STP) Saint Paul
LXJ 451Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport9:30 AM(UGN) Waukegan
OPT 347Flight Options(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:15 AM(AVL) Asheville
NGF 3792Angel Flight America(APF) Naples Municipal Airport7:45 AM(VDF) Tampa
1I 357NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport5:12 PM(BCT) Boca Raton
PWA 420Priester Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:45 PM(RIL) Rifle
1I 303NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:30 PM(MIA) Miami
1I 290NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 319NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:36 PM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 412NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:00 PM(BDR) Bridgeport

Last added routes from APF

Route Origin Destination
APF-LOZ(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(LOZ) London-Corbin Airport/Magee FieldNaples, US (APF) to London, US (LOZ)
APF-KSCD(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KSCD) Naples, US (APF) to KSCD
APF-RBD(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(RBD) Dallas Executive AirportNaples, US (APF) to Dallas, US (RBD)
APF-PGA(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(PGA) Page Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Page, US (PGA)
APF-WDR(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(WDR) Barrow County AirportNaples, US (APF) to Winder, US (WDR)
APF-MCB(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(MCB) Mc Comb/Pike County Airport/John E Lewis FieldNaples, US (APF) to Mc Comb, US (MCB)
APF-AEX(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(AEX) Alexandria International AirportNaples, US (APF) to Alexandria, US (AEX)
APF-GON(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(GON) Groton New London AirportNaples, US (APF) to Groton (New London), US (GON)
APF-WLD(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(WLD) Strother FieldNaples, US (APF) to Winfield/Arkansas City, US (WLD)
APF-DNN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(DNN) Dalton Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Dalton, US (DNN)

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