Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Naples, United States

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Latitude: 26.1526
Longitude -81.7753
Elevation: 8 ft
Local Code: APF

Last updated flights departing from APF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 538Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport3:30 PM(YQG) Windsor
1I 669NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport2:39 PM(CRG) Jacksonville
OPT 371Flight Options(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:00 PM(MMU) Morristown
RAX 200Royal Air Charter(APF) Naples Municipal Airport3:00 PM(ABE) Allentown
PWA 138Priester Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:45 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 571NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:15 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 726NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:00 PM(KBAZ) New Braunfels
1I 398NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 539NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:15 PM(EYW) Key West
1I 784NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport9:00 AM(IND) Indianapolis
1I 395NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:20 AM(SGR) Houston
1I 349NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport6:03 PM(ISM) Kissimmee
XOJ 552XOJET(APF) Naples Municipal Airport2:00 PM(GRR) Grand Rapids
OPT 358Flight Options(APF) Naples Municipal Airport2:00 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
1I 216NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:30 PM(SAN) San Diego

Last added routes from APF

Route Origin Destination
APF-DNN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(DNN) Dalton Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Dalton, US (DNN)
APF-HOT(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(HOT) Memorial FieldNaples, US (APF) to Hot Springs, US (HOT)
APF-HNB(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(HNB) Huntingburg AirportNaples, US (APF) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)
APF-SUN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(SUN) Friedman Memorial AirportNaples, US (APF) to Hailey, US (SUN)
APF-ASN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(ASN) Talladega Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Talladega, US (ASN)
APF-MNZ(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(MNZ) Manassas Regional Airport/Harry P. Davis FieldNaples, US (APF) to Manassas, US (MNZ)
APF-BWG(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(BWG) Bowling Green Warren County Regional AirportNaples, US (APF) to Bowling Green, US (BWG)
APF-KCJR(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(KCJR) Naples, US (APF) to KCJR
APF-8A1(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(8A1) Naples, US (APF) to 8A1
APF-DHN(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(DHN) Dothan Regional AirportNaples, US (APF) to Dothan, US (DHN)

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