Naples Municipal Airport (APF)

Naples, United States

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Latitude: 26.1526
Longitude -81.7753
Elevation: 8 ft
Local Code: APF

Last updated flights departing from APF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 363NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:39 PM(ORD) Chicago
LXJ 414Flexjet(APF) Naples Municipal Airport1:29 PM(DAL) Dallas
KFS 114Kalitta Charters(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:45 PM(HOU) Houston
GAJ 136Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:00 PM(MCO) Orlando
1I 667NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:00 AM(SOP) Southern Pines
OPT 344Flight Options(APF) Naples Municipal Airport7:02 AM(LGA) New York
1I 731NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport5:01 PM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 575NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport4:06 PM(MRK) Marco Island
GAJ 512Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:30 PM(LEX) Lexington
1I 527NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport12:30 PM(NEW) New Orleans
1I 306NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:43 AM(KJZI) Charleston
1I 330NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport11:06 AM(RDU) Raleigh/Durham
1I 514NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport10:30 AM(PSM) Portsmouth
GAJ 872Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:30 AM(SSI) Brunswick
1I 625NetJets Aviation(APF) Naples Municipal Airport8:18 AM(TPA) Tampa

Last added routes from APF

Route Origin Destination
APF-HRL(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(HRL) Valley International AirportNaples, US (APF) to Harlingen, US (HRL)
APF-YCM(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(YCM) Niagara District AirportNaples, US (APF) to St Catharines, CA (YCM)
APF-TRL(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(TRL) Terrell Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Terrell, US (TRL)
APF-CCZ(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(CCZ) Chub Cay AirportNaples, US (APF) to CCZ
APF-OWD(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(OWD) Norwood Memorial AirportNaples, US (APF) to Norwood, US (OWD)
APF-NUQ(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(NUQ) Moffett Federal AirfieldNaples, US (APF) to Mountain View, US (NUQ)
APF-WMH(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(WMH) Ozark Regional AirportNaples, US (APF) to Mountain Home, US (WMH)
APF-SWO(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(SWO) Stillwater Regional AirportNaples, US (APF) to Stillwater, US (SWO)
APF-LWC(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(LWC) Lawrence Municipal AirportNaples, US (APF) to Lawrence, US (LWC)
APF-DUB(APF) Naples Municipal Airport(DUB) Dublin AirportNaples, US (APF) to Dublin, IE (DUB)

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