Napa County Airport (APC)

Napa, United States

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Latitude: 38.2132
Longitude -122.281
Elevation: 35 ft
Local Code: APC

Last updated flights departing from APC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 312NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport1:27 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 523NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:54 AM(VNY) Los Angeles
LXJ 416Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport10:30 AM(VNY) Los Angeles
1I 523NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport6:54 PM(SJC) San Jose
LXJ 455Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport9:00 AM(SNA) Santa Ana
GAJ 804Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(APC) Napa County Airport3:45 PM(PSP) Palm Springs
OPT 373Flight Options(APC) Napa County Airport3:30 PM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 155NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport12:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 348NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport12:30 PM(SMO) Santa Monica
LXJ 411Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport1:00 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
1I 784NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport4:00 PM(UGN) Waukegan
1I 564NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport3:00 PM(UDD) Palm Springs
1I 422NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport1:54 PM(SAF) Santa Fe
OPT 357Flight Options(APC) Napa County Airport12:07 PM(SFO) San Francisco
XOJ 547XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport3:52 PM(OAK) Oakland

Last added routes from APC

Route Origin Destination
APC-EGV(APC) Napa County Airport(EGV) Eagle River Union AirportNapa, US (APC) to Eagle River, US (EGV)
APC-LGU(APC) Napa County Airport(LGU) Logan-Cache AirportNapa, US (APC) to Logan, US (LGU)
APC-TCM(APC) Napa County Airport(TCM) McChord Air Force BaseNapa, US (APC) to Tacoma, US (TCM)
APC-YUM(APC) Napa County Airport(YUM) Yuma MCAS/Yuma International AirportNapa, US (APC) to Yuma, US (YUM)
APC-SUA(APC) Napa County Airport(SUA) Witham FieldNapa, US (APC) to Stuart, US (SUA)
APC-BIS(APC) Napa County Airport(BIS) Bismarck Municipal AirportNapa, US (APC) to Bismarck, US (BIS)
APC-BLV(APC) Napa County Airport(BLV) Scott AFB/Midamerica AirportNapa, US (APC) to Belleville, US (BLV)
APC-EVV(APC) Napa County Airport(EVV) Evansville Regional AirportNapa, US (APC) to Evansville, US (EVV)
APC-TOL(APC) Napa County Airport(TOL) Toledo Express AirportNapa, US (APC) to Toledo, US (TOL)
APC-KJZI(APC) Napa County Airport(KJZI) Napa, US (APC) to KJZI

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