Napa County Airport (APC)

Napa, United States

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Latitude: 38.2132
Longitude -122.281
Elevation: 35 ft
Local Code: APC

Last updated flights departing from APC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 729NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport6:00 PM(CLD) Carlsbad
LXJ 473Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport8:30 AM(MSO) Missoula
XOJ 750XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport8:07 AM(HIO) Hillsboro
1I 554NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport4:06 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 520NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:00 AM(AUS) Austin
1I 372NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport4:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
XOJ 757XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport11:47 AM(BUR) Burbank
1I 317NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:00 AM(KJQF) Concord
1I 786NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:00 AM(CLD) Carlsbad
1I 344NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:00 AM(FCM) Minneapolis
LXJ 404Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport2:00 PM(VNY) Los Angeles
XOJ 406XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport8:30 AM(BKL) Cleveland
XOJ 780XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport7:30 AM(SAT) San Antonio
XOJ 764XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport2:35 PM(PDX) Portland
1I 383NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport7:18 PM(SJC) San Jose

Last added routes from APC

Route Origin Destination
APC-KJQF(APC) Napa County Airport(KJQF) Napa, US (APC) to KJQF
APC-YYC(APC) Napa County Airport(YYC) Calgary International AirportNapa, US (APC) to Calgary, CA (YYC)
APC-XNA(APC) Napa County Airport(XNA) Northwest Arkansas Regional AirportNapa, US (APC) to Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers, US (XNA)
APC-BED(APC) Napa County Airport(BED) Laurence G Hanscom FieldNapa, US (APC) to Bedford, US (BED)
APC-PVR(APC) Napa County Airport(PVR) Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International AirporNapa, US (APC) to Puerto Vallarta, MX (PVR)
APC-YKM(APC) Napa County Airport(YKM) Yakima Air Terminal McAllister FieldNapa, US (APC) to Yakima, US (YKM)
APC-LAN(APC) Napa County Airport(LAN) Capital City AirportNapa, US (APC) to Lansing, US (LAN)
APC-DWH(APC) Napa County Airport(DWH) David Wayne Hooks Memorial AirportNapa, US (APC) to Houston, US (DWH)
APC-SGF(APC) Napa County Airport(SGF) Springfield Branson National AirportNapa, US (APC) to Springfield, US (SGF)
APC-OXR(APC) Napa County Airport(OXR) Oxnard AirportNapa, US (APC) to Oxnard, US (OXR)

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