Napa County Airport (APC)

Napa, United States

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Latitude: 38.2132
Longitude -122.281
Elevation: 35 ft
Local Code: APC

Last updated flights departing from APC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 316NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport5:00 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 585NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport5:12 PM(AST) Astoria
1I 790NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport2:00 PM(JAC) Jackson
1I 698NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport11:45 AM(RDD) Redding
1I 215NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport10:30 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 526NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport4:30 PM(SMF) Sacramento
1I 635NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport1:27 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 725NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport1:03 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 679NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport11:51 AM(VNY) Los Angeles
XOJ 793XOJET(APC) Napa County Airport11:30 AM(ENW) Kenosha
LXJ 538Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport9:45 AM(SCF) Phoenix
1I 269NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport8:30 AM(SJC) San Jose
1I 269NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport7:00 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 219NetJets Aviation(APC) Napa County Airport11:00 PM(MRY) Monterey
LXJ 411Flexjet(APC) Napa County Airport1:30 PM(ASE) Aspen

Last added routes from APC

Route Origin Destination
APC-AST(APC) Napa County Airport(AST) Astoria Regional AirportNapa, US (APC) to Astoria, US (AST)
APC-ENW(APC) Napa County Airport(ENW) Kenosha Regional AirportNapa, US (APC) to Kenosha, US (ENW)
APC-YUL(APC) Napa County Airport(YUL) Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AiNapa, US (APC) to Montréal, CA (YUL)
APC-GYY(APC) Napa County Airport(GYY) Gary Chicago International AirportNapa, US (APC) to Gary, US (GYY)
APC-YIP(APC) Napa County Airport(YIP) Willow Run AirportNapa, US (APC) to Detroit, US (YIP)
APC-ISW(APC) Napa County Airport(ISW) Alexander Field South Wood County AirportNapa, US (APC) to Wisconsin Rapids, US (ISW)
APC-SDF(APC) Napa County Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldNapa, US (APC) to Louisville, US (SDF)
APC-PWA(APC) Napa County Airport(PWA) Wiley Post AirportNapa, US (APC) to Oklahoma City, US (PWA)
APC-CLE(APC) Napa County Airport(CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International AirportNapa, US (APC) to Cleveland, US (CLE)
APC-KCHD(APC) Napa County Airport(KCHD) Napa, US (APC) to KCHD

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