Houari Boumediene Airport (ALG)

Algiers, Algeria

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Latitude: 36.691
Longitude 3.21541
Elevation: 82 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ALG

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AH 6106Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport8:30 PM(ORN) Oran
AH 6196Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:50 PM(CZL) Constantine
AH 6176Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:40 PM(AAE) Annaba
ZI 258Aigle Azur(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:40 PM(ORY) Paris
IB 5327Iberia(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:30 PM(BCN) Barcelona
VY 7477Vueling(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:30 PM(BCN) Barcelona
AH 5322Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:20 PM(OUA) Ouagadougou
AH 6150Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:15 PM(TIN) Tindouf
TK 658Turkish Airlines(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:15 PM(IST) Istanbul
AH 6186Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:00 PM(ORN) Oran
AH 6226Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport7:00 PM(HME) Hassi Messaoud
AH 1008Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport6:35 PM(ORY) Paris
AH 6026Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport6:30 PM(CZL) Constantine
AH 6200Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport6:30 PM(GHA) Ghardaia
AH 1020Air Algerie(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport2:20 PM(MRS) Marseille

Last added routes from ALG

Route Origin Destination
ALG-SVQ(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(SVQ) Sevilla AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Sevilla, ES (SVQ)
ALG-CAN(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
ALG-FBM(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(FBM) Lubumbashi International AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Lubumbashi, CD (FBM)
ALG-ELG(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(ELG) El Golea AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to ELG
ALG-QSF(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(QSF) Ain Arnat AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Sétif, DZ (QSF)
ALG-MED(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(MED) Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Medina, SA (MED)
ALG-ZRH(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(ZRH) Zürich AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
ALG-ZAZ(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(ZAZ) Zaragoza Air BaseAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Zaragoza, ES (ZAZ)
ALG-YUL(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(YUL) Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AiAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Montréal, CA (YUL)
ALG-VVZ(ALG) Houari Boumediene Airport(VVZ) Illizi Takhamalt AirportAlgiers, DZ (ALG) to Illizi, DZ (VVZ)

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