Almaty Airport (ALA)

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Latitude: 43.3521
Longitude 77.0405
Elevation: 2234 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ALA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
BEK 2120Bek Air(ALA) Almaty Airport8:30 PM(TSE) Astana
DV 706SCAT Airlines(ALA) Almaty Airport8:05 PM(CIT) Shymkent
KC 855Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport7:50 PM(TSE) Astana
KC 401Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport7:15 PM(KBP) Kiev/Kyiv
DV 733SCAT Airlines(ALA) Almaty Airport7:10 PM(TSE) Astana
IQ* 377Qazaq Air(ALA) Almaty Airport7:05 PM(CIT) Shymkent
KC 875Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport6:55 PM(SVO) Moscow
KC 991Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport6:45 PM(TSE) Astana
KC 311Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport6:40 PM(KGF) Karaganda
KC 109Air Astana(ALA) Almaty Airport6:20 PM(FRU) Bishkek
DV 731SCAT Airlines(ALA) Almaty Airport6:10 PM(SCO) Aktau
LH 8453Lufthansa(ALA) Almaty Airport2:45 AM(FRA) Frankfurt
RH* 9486Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier(ALA) Almaty Airport1:15 AM(HKG) Hong Kong
TK 6784Turkish Airlines(ALA) Almaty Airport1:15 AM(HKG) Hong Kong
CX 6223Cathay Pacific(ALA) Almaty Airport1:10 AM(BKK) Bangkok

Last added routes from ALA

Route Origin Destination
ALA-ZIA(ALA) Almaty Airport(ZIA) Zhukovsky International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Moscow, RU (ZIA)
ALA-ISL(ALA) Almaty Airport(ISL) Almaty, KZ (ALA) to ISL
ALA-IKU(ALA) Almaty Airport(IKU) Issyk-Kul International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Tamchy, KG (IKU)
ALA-USJ(ALA) Almaty Airport(USJ) Almaty, KZ (ALA) to USJ
ALA-KJA(ALA) Almaty Airport(KJA) Yemelyanovo AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Krasnoyarsk, RU (KJA)
ALA-RIX(ALA) Almaty Airport(RIX) Riga International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Riga, LV (RIX)
ALA-TPE(ALA) Almaty Airport(TPE) Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Taipei, TW (TPE)
ALA-NRT(ALA) Almaty Airport(NRT) Narita International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Tokyo, JP (NRT)
ALA-DMB(ALA) Almaty Airport(DMB) Taraz AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Taraz, KZ (DMB)
ALA-CGO(ALA) Almaty Airport(CGO) Zhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportAlmaty, KZ (ALA) to Zhengzhou, CN (CGO)

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