Málaga Airport (AGP)

Málaga, Spain

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Latitude: 36.6749
Longitude -4.49911
Elevation: 53 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from AGP

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 6862easyJet(AGP) Málaga Airport11:55 AM(GLA) Glasgow
EY 7873Etihad Airways(AGP) Málaga Airport11:55 AM(DUB) Dublin
BA 8957British Airways(AGP) Málaga Airport11:55 AM(DUB) Dublin
EI 583Aer Lingus(AGP) Málaga Airport11:55 AM(DUB) Dublin
TOM 6715Thomson(AGP) Málaga Airport11:50 AM(CWL) Cardiff
FR 2567Ryanair(AGP) Málaga Airport11:50 AM(NYO) Stockholm
FR 8163Ryanair(AGP) Málaga Airport11:50 AM(STN) London
DY 4222Norwegian Air Shuttle(AGP) Málaga Airport11:45 AM(ARN) Stockholm
SK 4684SAS(AGP) Málaga Airport11:40 AM(OSL) Oslo
U2 6756easyJet(AGP) Málaga Airport11:40 AM(BFS) Belfast
IB 5908Iberia(AGP) Málaga Airport11:35 AM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
VY 3148Vueling(AGP) Málaga Airport11:35 AM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
OS 8876Austrian(AGP) Málaga Airport11:35 AM(VIE) Vienna
EW 5909Eurowings(AGP) Málaga Airport11:35 AM(VIE) Vienna
U2 7958easyJet(AGP) Málaga Airport11:30 AM(AMS) Amsterdam

Last added routes from AGP

Route Origin Destination
AGP-LEN(AGP) Málaga Airport(LEN) Leon AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to León, ES (LEN)
AGP-ATH(AGP) Málaga Airport(ATH) Eleftherios Venizelos International AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Athens, GR (ATH)
AGP-CFE(AGP) Málaga Airport(CFE) Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergne, FR (CFE)
AGP-VRN(AGP) Málaga Airport(VRN) Verona Villafranca AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Verona, IT (VRN)
AGP-SFT(AGP) Málaga Airport(SFT) Skellefteå AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Skellefteå, SE (SFT)
AGP-KWI(AGP) Málaga Airport(KWI) Kuwait International AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Kuwait City, KW (KWI)
AGP-DOH(AGP) Málaga Airport(DOH) Hamad International AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Doha, QA (DOH)
AGP-MMX(AGP) Málaga Airport(MMX) Malmö Sturup AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Malmö, SE (MMX)
AGP-RIX(AGP) Málaga Airport(RIX) Riga International AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Riga, LV (RIX)
AGP-MLA(AGP) Málaga Airport(MLA) Malta International AirportMálaga, ES (AGP) to Valletta, MT (MLA)

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