Jorge Newbery Airpark (AEP)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Latitude: -34.5592
Longitude -58.4156
Elevation: 18 ft
Local Code: AER

Last updated flights departing from AEP

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AR 2822Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark11:55 PM(CRD) Comodoro Rivadavia
AR 1844Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark11:45 PM(RGA) Rio Grande
LA 7728LATAM Airlines(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark11:15 PM(CRD) Comodoro Rivadavia
AR 1882Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark10:35 PM(RGL) Rio Gallegos
AR 2610Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark10:00 PM(MDQ) Mar Del Plata
LA 7622LATAM Airlines(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark9:30 PM(COR) Cordoba
LA 7652LATAM Airlines(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark9:05 PM(MDZ) Mendoza
AR 1692Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:50 PM(BRC) San Carlos de Bariloche
AR 1458Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:40 PM(SLA) Salta
LA 7554LATAM Airlines(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:40 PM(SLA) Salta
LA 7866LATAM Airlines(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:30 PM(GRU) Sao Paulo
DN* 6030Norwegian Air Argentina(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:20 PM(COR) Cordoba
AR 1410Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:10 PM(MDZ) Mendoza
AR 2608Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:05 PM(MDQ) Mar Del Plata
AR 1262Aerolineas Argentinas(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark5:05 PM(ASU) Asuncion

Last added routes from AEP

Route Origin Destination
AEP-CBB(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(CBB) Jorge Wilsterman International AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cochabamba, BO (CBB)
AEP-LGS(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(LGS) Comodoro D.R. Salomón AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Malargue, AR (LGS)
AEP-IGU(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(IGU) Cataratas International AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Foz Do Iguaçu, BR (IGU)
AEP-EZE(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(EZE) Ministro Pistarini International AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Buenos Aires, AR (EZE)
AEP-CCS(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(CCS) Simón Bolívar International AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Caracas, VE (CCS)
AEP-RCQ(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(RCQ) Reconquista AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Reconquista, AR (RCQ)
AEP-COC(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(COC) Comodoro Pierrestegui AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Concordia, AR (COC)
AEP-SSA(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(SSA) Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International AirpBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Salvador, BR (SSA)
AEP-BPS(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(BPS) Porto Seguro AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Porto Seguro, BR (BPS)
AEP-CWB(AEP) Jorge Newbery Airpark(CWB) Afonso Pena AirportBuenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Curitiba, BR (CWB)

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