Wideroe (WF) Destinations

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List of all Wideroe destinations. Have a look at all Wideroe destination countries and airports.

Wideroe IATA code: WF

IATA Airport Name Country
ABZAberdeen Dyce AirportUnited KingdomFlights from Aberdeen, United KingdomFlights to Aberdeen, United Kingdom
AESÅlesund AirportNorwayFlights from Ålesund, NorwayFlights to Ålesund, Norway
ALFAlta AirportNorwayFlights from Alta, NorwayFlights to Alta, Norway
ANXAndøya AirportNorwayFlights from Andenes, NorwayFlights to Andenes, Norway
BDUBardufoss AirportNorwayFlights from Målselv, NorwayFlights to Målselv, Norway
BGOBergen Airport FleslandNorwayFlights from Bergen, NorwayFlights to Bergen, Norway
BJFBåtsfjord AirportNorwayFlights from Båtsfjord, NorwayFlights to Båtsfjord, Norway
BLLBillund AirportDenmarkFlights from Billund, DenmarkFlights to Billund, Denmark
BMAStockholm-Bromma AirportSwedenFlights from Stockholm, SwedenFlights to Stockholm, Sweden
BNNBrønnøysund AirportNorwayFlights from Brønnøy, NorwayFlights to Brønnøy, Norway
BOOBodø AirportNorwayFlights from Bodø, NorwayFlights to Bodø, Norway
BVGBerlevåg AirportNorwayFlights from Berlevåg, NorwayFlights to Berlevåg, Norway
CPHCopenhagen Kastrup AirportDenmarkFlights from Copenhagen, DenmarkFlights to Copenhagen, Denmark
EVEHarstad/Narvik Airport, EvenesNorwayFlights from Evenes, NorwayFlights to Evenes, Norway
FDEFørde AirportNorwayFlights from Førde, NorwayFlights to Førde, Norway
FROFlorø AirportNorwayFlights from Florø, NorwayFlights to Florø, Norway
GOTGothenburg-Landvetter AirportSwedenFlights from Gothenburg, SwedenFlights to Gothenburg, Sweden
HAAHasvik AirportNorwayFlights from Hasvik, NorwayFlights to Hasvik, Norway
HAMHamburg AirportGermanyFlights from Hamburg, GermanyFlights to Hamburg, Germany
HAUHaugesund AirportNorwayFlights from Karmøy, NorwayFlights to Karmøy, Norway
HELHelsinki Vantaa AirportFinlandFlights from Helsinki, FinlandFlights to Helsinki, Finland
HFTHammerfest AirportNorwayFlights from Hammerfest, NorwayFlights to Hammerfest, Norway
HOVØrsta-Volda Airport, HovdenNorwayFlights from Ørsta, NorwayFlights to Ørsta, Norway
HVGValan AirportNorwayFlights from Honningsvåg, NorwayFlights to Honningsvåg, Norway
KKNKirkenes Airport (Høybuktmoen)NorwayFlights from Kirkenes, NorwayFlights to Kirkenes, Norway
KRSKristiansand AirportNorwayFlights from Kjevik, NorwayFlights to Kjevik, Norway
KSUKristiansund Airport (Kvernberget)NorwayFlights from Kvernberget, NorwayFlights to Kvernberget, Norway
LKLBanak AirportNorwayFlights from Lakselv, NorwayFlights to Lakselv, Norway
LKNLeknes AirportNorwayFlights from Leknes, NorwayFlights to Leknes, Norway
LPLLiverpool John Lennon AirportUnited KingdomFlights from Liverpool, United KingdomFlights to Liverpool, United Kingdom
LYRSvalbard Airport, LongyearNorwayFlights from Longyearbyen, NorwayFlights to Longyearbyen, Norway
MEHMehamn AirportNorwayFlights from Mehamn, NorwayFlights to Mehamn, Norway
MJFMosjøen Airport (Kjærstad)NorwayFlights from MJF, NorwayFlights to MJF, Norway
MOLMolde AirportNorwayFlights from Årø, NorwayFlights to Årø, Norway
MQNMo i Rana Airport, RøssvollNorwayFlights from Mo i Rana, NorwayFlights to Mo i Rana, Norway
MUCMunich AirportGermanyFlights from Munich, GermanyFlights to Munich, Germany
NVKNarvik Framnes AirportNorwayFlights from Narvik, NorwayFlights to Narvik, Norway
OSLOslo Gardermoen AirportNorwayFlights from Oslo, NorwayFlights to Oslo, Norway
OSYNamsos Høknesøra AirportNorwayFlights from Namsos, NorwayFlights to Namsos, Norway
RETRøst AirportNorwayFlights from RET, NorwayFlights to RET, Norway
RRSRøros AirportNorwayFlights from Røros, NorwayFlights to Røros, Norway
RVKRørvik Airport, RyumNorwayFlights from Rørvik, NorwayFlights to Rørvik, Norway
SDNSandane Airport (Anda)NorwayFlights from Sandane, NorwayFlights to Sandane, Norway
SKNStokmarknes Skagen AirportNorwayFlights from Hadsel, NorwayFlights to Hadsel, Norway
SOGSogndal AirportNorwayFlights from Sogndal, NorwayFlights to Sogndal, Norway
SOJSørkjosen AirportNorwayFlights from Sørkjosen, NorwayFlights to Sørkjosen, Norway
SRPStord AirportNorwayFlights from Leirvik, NorwayFlights to Leirvik, Norway
SSJSandnessjøen Airport (Stokka)NorwayFlights from Alstahaug, NorwayFlights to Alstahaug, Norway
STNLondon Stansted AirportUnited KingdomFlights from London, United KingdomFlights to London, United Kingdom
SVGStavanger Airport SolaNorwayFlights from Stavanger, NorwayFlights to Stavanger, Norway
SVJSvolvær Helle AirportNorwayFlights from Svolvær, NorwayFlights to Svolvær, Norway
TOSTromsø AirportNorwayFlights from Tromsø, NorwayFlights to Tromsø, Norway
TRDTrondheim Airport VærnesNorwayFlights from Trondheim, NorwayFlights to Trondheim, Norway
TRFSandefjord Airport, TorpNorwayFlights from Torp, NorwayFlights to Torp, Norway
VAWVardø Airport, SvartnesNorwayFlights from Vardø, NorwayFlights to Vardø, Norway
VDSVadsø AirportNorwayFlights from Vadsø, NorwayFlights to Vadsø, Norway