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Vietnam Airlines IATA code: VN

List of Vietnam Airlines Flights

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List of 2846 Vietnam Airlines flights.

Flight No. Origin Destination Route Route Last seen
VN 1(SIN) Singapore (HAN) HanoiSIN-HANfrom Singapore, Singapore to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-11-15
VN 1(VTE) Vientiane (HAN) HanoiVTE-HANfrom Vientiane, Laos to Hanoi, Vietnam2016-09-08
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (NNG) NanningHAN-NNGfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Nanning, China2016-09-10
VN 1(NNG) Nanning (PEK) BeijingNNG-PEKfrom Nanning, China to Beijing, China2016-09-12
VN 1(PEK) Beijing (HKG) Hong KongPEK-HKGfrom Beijing, China to Hong Kong, Hong Kong2016-09-14
VN 1(HKG) Hong Kong (HAN) HanoiHKG-HANfrom Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam2016-09-15
VN 1(PEK) Beijing (HGH) HangzhouPEK-HGHfrom Beijing, China to Hangzhou, China2017-01-14
VN 1(HGH) Hangzhou (HAN) HanoiHGH-HANfrom Hangzhou, China to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-01-15
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (SFO) San FranciscoHAN-SFOfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to San Francisco, United States2016-11-17
VN 1(SFO) San Francisco (LIM) LimaSFO-LIMfrom San Francisco, United States to Lima, Perú2016-11-18
VN 1(CIA) Rome (MXP) MilanCIA-MXPfrom Rome, Italy to Milan, Italy2016-11-23
VN 1(MXP) Milan (TNR) AntananarivoMXP-TNRfrom Milan, Italy to Antananarivo, Madagascar2016-11-24
VN 1(TNR) Antananarivo (HAN) HanoiTNR-HANfrom Antananarivo, Madagascar to Hanoi, Vietnam2016-11-27
VN 1(CDG) Paris (SGN) Ho Chi Minh CityCDG-SGNfrom Paris, France to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam2017-06-24
VN 1(PEK) Beijing (HAN) HanoiPEK-HANfrom Beijing, China to Hanoi, Vietnam2019-07-12
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (PEK) BeijingHAN-PEKfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Beijing, China2017-01-12
VN 1(ZRH) Zurich (FRA) FrankfurtZRH-FRAfrom Zurich, Switzerland to Frankfurt, Germany2017-01-17
VN 1(ZRH) Zurich (HAN) HanoiZRH-HANfrom Zurich, Switzerland to Hanoi, Vietnam2019-01-25
VN 1(BUD) Budapest (PRG) PragueBUD-PRGfrom Budapest, Hungary to Prague, Czechia2017-04-11
VN 1(PRG) Prague (HAN) HanoiPRG-HANfrom Prague, Czechia to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-04-14
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (CGK) JakartaHAN-CGKfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Jakarta, Indonesia2017-08-22
VN 1(NRT) Tokyo (JFK) New YorkNRT-JFKfrom Tokyo, Japan to New York, United States2018-09-24
VN 1(JFK) New York (ADW) Camp SpringsJFK-ADWfrom New York, United States to Camp Springs, United States2017-05-30
VN 1(ADW) Camp Springs (FRA) FrankfurtADW-FRAfrom Camp Springs, United States to Frankfurt, Germany2017-06-01
VN 1(FRA) Frankfurt am Main (HAN) HanoiFRA-HANfrom Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-06-01
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (HND) TokyoHAN-HNDfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Tokyo, Japan2017-06-04
VN 1(HND) Tokyo (KIX) OsakaHND-KIXfrom Tokyo, Japan to Osaka, Japan2017-06-07
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (MSQ) MinskHAN-MSQfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Minsk, Belarus2017-06-26
VN 1(MSQ) Minsk (VKO) MoscowMSQ-VKOfrom Minsk, Belarus to Moscow, Russia2017-06-28
VN 1(VKO) Moscow (LED) Saint PetersburgVKO-LEDfrom Moscow, Russia to Saint Petersburg, Russia2017-06-30
VN 1(LED) St. Petersburg (HAN) HanoiLED-HANfrom St. Petersburg, Russia to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-07-01
VN 1(KOP) (HAN) HanoiKOP-HANfrom KOP, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-08-19
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (PNH) Phnom PenhHAN-PNHfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia2017-07-20
VN 1(PNH) Phnom Penh (KOS) SihanoukvillePNH-KOSfrom Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Sihanoukville, Cambodia2017-07-21
VN 1(KOS) Sihanukville (HAN) HanoiKOS-HANfrom Sihanukville, Cambodia to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-07-22
VN 1(DMK) Bangkok (KOP) Nakhon PhanomDMK-KOPfrom Bangkok, Thailand to Nakhon Phanom, Thailand2017-08-18
VN 1(CGK) Jakarta (NYT) NaypyidawCGK-NYTfrom Jakarta, Indonesia to Naypyidaw, Burma2017-08-24
VN 1(NYT) Pyinmana (RGN) YangonNYT-RGNfrom Pyinmana, Burma to Yangon, Burma2017-08-25
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (LED) Saint PetersburgHAN-LEDfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Saint Petersburg, Russia2019-05-20
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (CRK) AngelesHAN-CRKfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Angeles, Philippines2017-11-12
VN 1(MNL) Manila (HAN) HanoiMNL-HANfrom Manila, Philippines to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-11-14
VN 1(PER) Perth (HAN) HanoiPER-HANfrom Perth, Australia to Hanoi, Vietnam2017-12-02
VN 1(GAY) (DEL) DelhiGAY-DELfrom GAY, India to Delhi, India2018-03-02
VN 1(DEL) New Delhi (HAN) HanoiDEL-HANfrom New Delhi, India to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-01-26
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (VTE) VientianeHAN-VTEfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Vientiane, Laos2019-02-24
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (GAY) GayaHAN-GAYfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Gaya, India2018-03-02
VN 1(DEL) New Delhi (DAC) DhakaDEL-DACfrom New Delhi, India to Dhaka, Bangladesh2018-03-04
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (AKL) AucklandHAN-AKLfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Auckland, New Zealand2018-03-11
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (SIN) SingaporeHAN-SINfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore, Singapore2018-04-25
VN 1(AKL) Auckland (CBR) CanberraAKL-CBRfrom Auckland, New Zealand to Canberra, Australia2018-03-14
VN 1(CBR) Canberra (SYD) SydneyCBR-SYDfrom Canberra, Australia to Sydney, Australia2018-03-15
VN 1(SYD) Sydney (HAN) HanoiSYD-HANfrom Sydney, Australia to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-03-18
VN 1(ORY) Paris (HAV) HavanaORY-HAVfrom Paris, France to Havana, Cuba2018-03-28
VN 1(SCU) Santiago (ORY) ParisSCU-ORYfrom Santiago, Cuba to Paris, France2018-03-30
VN 1(HAV) Havana (SCU) SantiagoHAV-SCUfrom Havana, Cuba to Santiago, Cuba2018-03-30
VN 1(ORY) Paris (HAN) HanoiORY-HANfrom Paris, France to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-03-31
VN 1(ESB) Ankara (HAN) HanoiESB-HANfrom Ankara, Turkey to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-10-12
VN 1(HND) Tokyo (HAN) HanoiHND-HANfrom Tokyo, Japan to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-06-02
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (KIX) OsakaHAN-KIXfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Osaka, Japan2018-06-07
VN 1(KIX) Osaka (YQB) QuebecKIX-YQBfrom Osaka, Japan to Quebec, Canada2018-06-08
VN 1(ANC) Anchorage (HAN) HanoiANC-HANfrom Anchorage, United States to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-06-11
VN 1(DMK) Bangkok (HAN) HanoiDMK-HANfrom Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-06-16
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (ADD) Addis AbabaHAN-ADDfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia2018-08-23
VN 1(ADD) Addis Ababa (LXR) LuxorADD-LXRfrom Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Luxor, Egypt2018-08-25
VN 1(LXR) Luxor (CAI) CairoLXR-CAIfrom Luxor, Egypt to Cairo, Egypt2018-08-26
VN 1(CAI) Cairo (HAN) HanoiCAI-HANfrom Cairo, Egypt to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-08-28
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (VKO) MoscowHAN-VKOfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Moscow, Russia2018-09-05
VN 1(AER) Sochi (VKO) MoscowAER-VKOfrom Sochi, Russia to Moscow, Russia2018-09-06
VN 1(BUD) Budapest (HAN) HanoiBUD-HANfrom Budapest, Hungary to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-09-11
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (NRT) TokyoHAN-NRTfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Tokyo, Japan2018-09-23
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (IST) IstanbulHAN-ISTfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Istanbul, Turkey2018-10-07
VN 1(IST) Istanbul (AYT) AntalyaIST-AYTfrom Istanbul, Turkey to Antalya, Turkey2018-10-08
VN 1(AYT) Antalya (ESB) AnkaraAYT-ESBfrom Antalya, Turkey to Ankara, Turkey2018-10-10
VN 1(CPH) Copenhagen (HAN) HanoiCPH-HANfrom Copenhagen, Denmark to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-10-20
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (POM) Port MoresbyHAN-POMfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea2018-11-16
VN 1(SSN) Simgok-dong (HAN) HanoiSSN-HANfrom Simgok-dong, South Korea to Hanoi, Vietnam2018-12-07
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (ZRH) ZurichHAN-ZRHfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Zurich, Switzerland2019-01-22
VN 1(VTE) Vientiane (PNH) Phnom PenhVTE-PNHfrom Vientiane, Laos to Phnom Penh, Cambodia2019-02-25
VN 1(PNH) Phnom Penh (HAN) HanoiPNH-HANfrom Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Hanoi, Vietnam2019-02-26
VN 1(HAN) Hanoi (RBA) RabatHAN-RBAfrom Hanoi, Vietnam to Rabat, Morocco2019-03-27
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