Tianjin Airlines (GS) Destinations

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List of all Tianjin Airlines destinations. Have a look at all Tianjin Airlines destination countries and airports.

Tianjin Airlines IATA code: GS

IATA Airport Name Country
AATAltay Air BaseChinaFlights from Altay, ChinaFlights to Altay, China
AKLAuckland International AirportNew ZealandFlights from Auckland, New ZealandFlights to Auckland, New Zealand
AKUAksu AirportChinaFlights from Aksu, ChinaFlights to Aksu, China
AQGAnqing Tianzhushan AirportChinaFlights from Anqing, ChinaFlights to Anqing, China
AVAAnshun Huangguoshu AirportChinaFlights from Anshun, ChinaFlights to Anshun, China
AXFAlxa Left Banner Bayanhot AirportChinaFlights from Bayanhot, ChinaFlights to Bayanhot, China
BAVBaotou AirportChinaFlights from Baotou, ChinaFlights to Baotou, China
BHYBeihai AirportChinaFlights from Beihai, ChinaFlights to Beihai, China
BPEQinhuangdao Beidaihe AirportChinaFlights from Qinhuangdao, ChinaFlights to Qinhuangdao, China
BPLAlashankou Bole (Bortala) airportChinaFlights from Bole, ChinaFlights to Bole, China
CANGuangzhou Baiyun International AirportChinaFlights from Guangzhou, ChinaFlights to Guangzhou, China
CDEChengde Puning AirportChinaFlights from Chengde, ChinaFlights to Chengde, China
CGDChangde AirportChinaFlights from Changde, ChinaFlights to Changde, China
CGOZhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportChinaFlights from Zhengzhou, ChinaFlights to Zhengzhou, China
CGQLongjia AirportChinaFlights from Changchun, ChinaFlights to Changchun, China
CHGChaoyang AirportChinaFlights from Chaoyang, ChinaFlights to Chaoyang, China
CIFChifeng AirportChinaFlights from Chifeng, ChinaFlights to Chifeng, China
CIHChangzhi AirportChinaFlights from Changzhi, ChinaFlights to Changzhi, China
CJUJeju International AirportSouth KoreaFlights from Jeju City, South KoreaFlights to Jeju City, South Korea
CKGChongqing Jiangbei International AirportChinaFlights from Chongqing, ChinaFlights to Chongqing, China
CSXChangsha Huanghua International AirportChinaFlights from Changsha, ChinaFlights to Changsha, China
CTSNew Chitose AirportJapanFlights from Chitose / Tomakomai, JapanFlights to Chitose / Tomakomai, Japan
CTUChengdu Shuangliu International AirportChinaFlights from Chengdu, ChinaFlights to Chengdu, China
DATDatong AirportChinaFlights from Datong, ChinaFlights to Datong, China
DLCZhoushuizi AirportChinaFlights from Dalian, ChinaFlights to Dalian, China
DNHDunhuang AirportChinaFlights from Dunhuang, ChinaFlights to Dunhuang, China
DOYDongying Shengli AirportChinaFlights from Dongying, ChinaFlights to Dongying, China
DQASaertu AirportChinaFlights from Daqing Shi, ChinaFlights to Daqing Shi, China
DSNOrdos Ejin Horo AirportChinaFlights from Ordos, ChinaFlights to Ordos, China
ERLErenhot Saiwusu International AirportChinaFlights from Erenhot, ChinaFlights to Erenhot, China
FOCFuzhou Changle International AirportChinaFlights from Fuzhou, ChinaFlights to Fuzhou, China
FUGFuyang Xiguan AirportChinaFlights from Fuyang, ChinaFlights to Fuyang, China
HAKHaikou Meilan International AirportChinaFlights from Haikou, ChinaFlights to Haikou, China
HETBaita International AirportChinaFlights from Hohhot, ChinaFlights to Hohhot, China
HFEHefei Luogang International AirportChinaFlights from Hefei, ChinaFlights to Hefei, China
HGHHangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportChinaFlights from Hangzhou, ChinaFlights to Hangzhou, China
HIALianshui AirportChinaFlights from Huai'an, ChinaFlights to Huai'an, China
HJJZhijiang AirportChinaFlights from Huaihua, ChinaFlights to Huaihua, China
HKDHakodate AirportJapanFlights from Hakodate, JapanFlights to Hakodate, Japan
HKTPhuket International AirportThailandFlights from Phuket, ThailandFlights to Phuket, Thailand
HLDDongshan AirportChinaFlights from Hailar, ChinaFlights to Hailar, China
HLHUlanhot AirportChinaFlights from Ulanhot, ChinaFlights to Ulanhot, China
HMIHami AirportChinaFlights from Hami, ChinaFlights to Hami, China
HNDTokyo Haneda International AirportJapanFlights from Tokyo, JapanFlights to Tokyo, Japan
HNYHengyang Nanyue AirportChinaFlights from Hengyang, ChinaFlights to Hengyang, China
HRBTaiping AirportChinaFlights from Harbin, ChinaFlights to Harbin, China
HTNHotan AirportChinaFlights from Hotan, ChinaFlights to Hotan, China
HUOHolingol Huolinhe AirportChinaFlights from Holingol, ChinaFlights to Holingol, China
HUZHuizhou AirportChinaFlights from Huizhou, ChinaFlights to Huizhou, China
HZGHanzhong Chenggu AirportChinaFlights from Hanzhong, ChinaFlights to Hanzhong, China
ICNIncheon International AirportSouth KoreaFlights from Seoul, South KoreaFlights to Seoul, South Korea
IKTIrkutsk AirportRussiaFlights from Irkutsk, RussiaFlights to Irkutsk, Russia
INCYinchuan Hedong International AirportChinaFlights from Yinchuan, ChinaFlights to Yinchuan, China
IQNQingyang AirportChinaFlights from Qingyang, ChinaFlights to Qingyang, China
JDZJingdezhen AirportChinaFlights from Jingdezhen, ChinaFlights to Jingdezhen, China
JICJinchuan AirportChinaFlights from Jinchang, ChinaFlights to Jinchang, China
JJNQuanzhou Jinjiang International AirportChinaFlights from Quanzhou, ChinaFlights to Quanzhou, China
JMUJiamusi AirportChinaFlights from Jiamusi, ChinaFlights to Jiamusi, China
JUHJiuhuashan AirportChinaFlights from Chizhou, ChinaFlights to Chizhou, China
KCAKuqa AirportChinaFlights from Kuqa, ChinaFlights to Kuqa, China
KHGKashgar AirportChinaFlights from Kashgar, ChinaFlights to Kashgar, China
KHNNanchang Changbei International AirportChinaFlights from Nanchang, ChinaFlights to Nanchang, China
KIXKansai International AirportJapanFlights from Osaka, JapanFlights to Osaka, Japan
KJHKaili AirportChinaFlights from Huangping, ChinaFlights to Huangping, China
KJIKanas AirportChinaFlights from Burqin, ChinaFlights to Burqin, China
KKJKitakyūshū AirportJapanFlights from Kitakyūshū, JapanFlights to Kitakyūshū, Japan
KMGKunming Changshui International AirportChinaFlights from Kunming, ChinaFlights to Kunming, China
KOSSihanoukville International AirportCambodiaFlights from Sihanukville, CambodiaFlights to Sihanukville, Cambodia
KOWGanzhou AirportChinaFlights from Ganzhou, ChinaFlights to Ganzhou, China
KRLKorla AirportChinaFlights from Korla, ChinaFlights to Korla, China
KRYKaramay AirportChinaFlights from Karamay, ChinaFlights to Karamay, China
KWELongdongbao AirportChinaFlights from Guiyang, ChinaFlights to Guiyang, China
KWLGuilin Liangjiang International AirportChinaFlights from Guilin City, ChinaFlights to Guilin City, China
KZNKazan International AirportRussiaFlights from Kazan, RussiaFlights to Kazan, Russia
LFQLinfen Qiaoli AirportChinaFlights from Linfen, ChinaFlights to Linfen, China
LGWLondon Gatwick AirportUnited KingdomFlights from London, United KingdomFlights to London, United Kingdom
LHRLondon Heathrow AirportUnited KingdomFlights from London, United KingdomFlights to London, United Kingdom
LHWLanzhou Zhongchuan AirportChinaFlights from Lanzhou, ChinaFlights to Lanzhou, China
LJGLijiang AirportChinaFlights from Lijiang, ChinaFlights to Lijiang, China
LLBLibo AirportChinaFlights from Libo County, ChinaFlights to Libo County, China
LLFLingling AirportChinaFlights from Yongzhou, ChinaFlights to Yongzhou, China
LPFLiupanshui Yuezhao AirportChinaFlights from Liupanshui, ChinaFlights to Liupanshui, China
LYALuoyang AirportChinaFlights from Luoyang, ChinaFlights to Luoyang, China
LYIShubuling AirportChinaFlights from Linyi, ChinaFlights to Linyi, China
LZHLiuzhou Bailian AirportChinaFlights from Liuzhou, ChinaFlights to Liuzhou, China
LZOLuzhou AirportChinaFlights from Luzhou, ChinaFlights to Luzhou, China
MDGMudanjiang Hailang International AirportChinaFlights from Mudanjiang, ChinaFlights to Mudanjiang, China
MELMelbourne International AirportAustraliaFlights from Melbourne, AustraliaFlights to Melbourne, Australia
MXZMeixian AirportChinaFlights from Meixian, ChinaFlights to Meixian, China
NAYBeijing Nanyuan AirportChinaFlights from Beijing, ChinaFlights to Beijing, China
NDGQiqihar Sanjiazi AirportChinaFlights from Qiqihar, ChinaFlights to Qiqihar, China
NGBNingbo Lishe International AirportChinaFlights from Ningbo, ChinaFlights to Ningbo, China
NGOChubu Centrair International AirportJapanFlights from Tokoname, JapanFlights to Tokoname, Japan
NKGNanjing Lukou AirportChinaFlights from Nanjing, ChinaFlights to Nanjing, China
NLTXinyuan Nalati AirportChinaFlights from Xinyuan County, ChinaFlights to Xinyuan County, China
NNGNanning Wuxu AirportChinaFlights from Nanning, ChinaFlights to Nanning, China
NNYNanyang Jiangying AirportChinaFlights from Nanyang, ChinaFlights to Nanyang, China
NZHManzhouli Xijiao AirportChinaFlights from NZH, ChinaFlights to NZH, China
PVGShanghai Pudong International AirportChinaFlights from Shanghai, ChinaFlights to Shanghai, China
QSZYeerqiang AirportChinaFlights from Shache, ChinaFlights to Shache, China
RIZRizhao Shanzihe AirportChinaFlights from Rizhao, ChinaFlights to Rizhao, China
RLKBayannur Tianjitai AirportChinaFlights from Bavannur, ChinaFlights to Bavannur, China
RMQTaichung Ching Chuang Kang AirportTaiwanFlights from Taichung City, TaiwanFlights to Taichung City, Taiwan
SHAShanghai Hongqiao International AirportChinaFlights from Shanghai, ChinaFlights to Shanghai, China
SHETaoxian AirportChinaFlights from Shenyang, ChinaFlights to Shenyang, China
SJWShijiazhuang Daguocun International AirportChinaFlights from Shijiazhuang, ChinaFlights to Shijiazhuang, China
SVOSheremetyevo International AirportRussiaFlights from Moscow, RussiaFlights to Moscow, Russia
SWAJieyang Chaoshan International AirportChinaFlights from Shantou, ChinaFlights to Shantou, China
SYDSydney Kingsford Smith International AirportAustraliaFlights from Sydney, AustraliaFlights to Sydney, Australia
SYXSanya Phoenix International AirportChinaFlights from Sanya, ChinaFlights to Sanya, China
SZXShenzhen Bao'an International AirportChinaFlights from Shenzhen, ChinaFlights to Shenzhen, China
TAOLiuting AirportChinaFlights from Qingdao, ChinaFlights to Qingdao, China
TCGTacheng AirportChinaFlights from Tacheng, ChinaFlights to Tacheng, China
TENTongren Fenghuang AirportChinaFlights from TEN, ChinaFlights to TEN, China
TGOTongliao AirportChinaFlights from Tongliao, ChinaFlights to Tongliao, China
TLQTurpan Jiaohe AirportChinaFlights from Turpan, ChinaFlights to Turpan, China
TNAYaoqiang AirportChinaFlights from Jinan, ChinaFlights to Jinan, China
TSNTianjin Binhai International AirportChinaFlights from Tianjin, ChinaFlights to Tianjin, China
TVSTangshan Sannühe AirportChinaFlights from Tangshan, ChinaFlights to Tangshan, China
TYNTaiyuan Wusu AirportChinaFlights from Taiyuan, ChinaFlights to Taiyuan, China
UCBUlanqab Jining AirportChinaFlights from Ulanqab, ChinaFlights to Ulanqab, China
URCÜrümqi Diwopu International AirportChinaFlights from Ürümqi, ChinaFlights to Ürümqi, China
UYNYulin Yuyang AirportChinaFlights from Yulin, ChinaFlights to Yulin, China
VVOVladivostok International AirportRussiaFlights from Vladivostok, RussiaFlights to Vladivostok, Russia
WDSShiyan Wudangshan AirportChinaFlights from Shiyan, ChinaFlights to Shiyan, China
WEFWeifang AirportChinaFlights from Weifang, ChinaFlights to Weifang, China
WEHWeihai AirportChinaFlights from Weihai, ChinaFlights to Weihai, China
WNZWenzhou Longwan International AirportChinaFlights from Wenzhou, ChinaFlights to Wenzhou, China
WUAWuhai AirportChinaFlights from Wuhai, ChinaFlights to Wuhai, China
WUHWuhan Tianhe International AirportChinaFlights from Wuhan, ChinaFlights to Wuhan, China
WUTXinzhou Wutaishan AirportChinaFlights from Xinzhou, ChinaFlights to Xinzhou, China
XILXilinhot AirportChinaFlights from Xilinhot, ChinaFlights to Xilinhot, China
XIYXi'an Xianyang International AirportChinaFlights from Xi'an, ChinaFlights to Xi'an, China
XMNXiamen Gaoqi International AirportChinaFlights from Xiamen, ChinaFlights to Xiamen, China
XNNXining Caojiabu AirportChinaFlights from Xining, ChinaFlights to Xining, China
YICYichun Mingyueshan AirportChinaFlights from Yichun, ChinaFlights to Yichun, China
YINYining AirportChinaFlights from Yining, ChinaFlights to Yining, China
YNTYantai Laishan AirportChinaFlights from Yantai, ChinaFlights to Yantai, China
YTYYangzhou Taizhou AirportChinaFlights from Yangzhou and Taizhou, ChinaFlights to Yangzhou and Taizhou, China
YYASanhe AirportChinaFlights from Yueyang, ChinaFlights to Yueyang, China
YZYZhangye Ganzhou AirportChinaFlights from Zhangye, ChinaFlights to Zhangye, China
ZHAZhanjiang AirportChinaFlights from Zhanjiang, ChinaFlights to Zhanjiang, China
ZUHZhuhai Jinwan AirportChinaFlights from Zhuhai, ChinaFlights to Zhuhai, China
ZYIZunyi Xinzhou AirportChinaFlights from Zunyi, ChinaFlights to Zunyi, China