Sichuan Airlines (3U) Destinations

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List of all Sichuan Airlines destinations. Have a look at all Sichuan Airlines destination countries and airports.

Sichuan Airlines IATA code: 3U

IATA Airport Name Country
Total Rf HeliportUnited StatesFlights from Bensalem, United StatesFlights to Bensalem, United States
AATAltay Air BaseChinaFlights from Altay, ChinaFlights to Altay, China
AEBBaise Youjiang AirportChinaFlights from Baise, ChinaFlights to Baise, China
AHJHongyuan AirportChinaFlights from Aba, ChinaFlights to Aba, China
AKLAuckland International AirportNew ZealandFlights from Auckland, New ZealandFlights to Auckland, New Zealand
AOGAnshan Air BaseChinaFlights from Anshan, ChinaFlights to Anshan, China
BHYBeihai AirportChinaFlights from Beihai, ChinaFlights to Beihai, China
BKKSuvarnabhumi AirportThailandFlights from Bangkok, ThailandFlights to Bangkok, Thailand
BZXBazhong Enyang AirportChinaFlights from Bazhong, ChinaFlights to Bazhong, China
CAICairo International AirportEgyptFlights from Cairo, EgyptFlights to Cairo, Egypt
CANGuangzhou Baiyun International AirportChinaFlights from Guangzhou, ChinaFlights to Guangzhou, China
CEBCebuPhilippinesFlights from CEB, PhilippinesFlights to CEB, Philippines
CEIChiang Rai International AirportThailandFlights from Chiang Rai, ThailandFlights to Chiang Rai, Thailand
CGOZhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportChinaFlights from Zhengzhou, ChinaFlights to Zhengzhou, China
CGQLongjia AirportChinaFlights from Changchun, ChinaFlights to Changchun, China
CJJCheongju International Airport/Cheongju Air Base (K-59/G-513)South KoreaFlights from Cheongju, South KoreaFlights to Cheongju, South Korea
CJUJeju International AirportSouth KoreaFlights from Jeju City, South KoreaFlights to Jeju City, South Korea
CKGChongqing Jiangbei International AirportChinaFlights from Chongqing, ChinaFlights to Chongqing, China
CNXChiang Mai International AirportThailandFlights from Chiang Mai, ThailandFlights to Chiang Mai, Thailand
CPHCopenhagen Kastrup AirportDenmarkFlights from Copenhagen, DenmarkFlights to Copenhagen, Denmark
CSXChangsha Huanghua International AirportChinaFlights from Changsha, ChinaFlights to Changsha, China
CTUChengdu Shuangliu International AirportChinaFlights from Chengdu, ChinaFlights to Chengdu, China
CXRCam Ranh AirportVietnamFlights from Nha Trang, VietnamFlights to Nha Trang, Vietnam
CZXChangzhou Benniu AirportChinaFlights from Changzhou, ChinaFlights to Changzhou, China
DADDa Nang International AirportVietnamFlights from Da Nang, VietnamFlights to Da Nang, Vietnam
DATDatong AirportChinaFlights from Datong, ChinaFlights to Datong, China
DAXDachuan AirportChinaFlights from Dazhou, ChinaFlights to Dazhou, China
DCYDaocheng Yading AirportChinaFlights from Daocheng County, ChinaFlights to Daocheng County, China
DIGDiqing AirportChinaFlights from Shangri-La, ChinaFlights to Shangri-La, China
DLCZhoushuizi AirportChinaFlights from Dalian, ChinaFlights to Dalian, China
DNHDunhuang AirportChinaFlights from Dunhuang, ChinaFlights to Dunhuang, China
DOYDongying Shengli AirportChinaFlights from Dongying, ChinaFlights to Dongying, China
DSNOrdos Ejin Horo AirportChinaFlights from Ordos, ChinaFlights to Ordos, China
DXBDubai International AirportUnited Arab EmiratesFlights from Dubai, United Arab EmiratesFlights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates
DYGDayong AirportChinaFlights from Dayong, ChinaFlights to Dayong, China
FCOLeonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino AirportItalyFlights from Rome, ItalyFlights to Rome, Italy
FOCFuzhou Changle International AirportChinaFlights from Fuzhou, ChinaFlights to Fuzhou, China
FSZMt. Fuji Shizuoka AirportJapanFlights from Makinohara / Shimada, JapanFlights to Makinohara / Shimada, Japan
FUGFuyang Xiguan AirportChinaFlights from Fuyang, ChinaFlights to Fuyang, China
GXHGannan Xiahe AirportChinaFlights from Xiahe, ChinaFlights to Xiahe, China
GYSGuangyuan AirportChinaFlights from Guangyuan, ChinaFlights to Guangyuan, China
HAKHaikou Meilan International AirportChinaFlights from Haikou, ChinaFlights to Haikou, China
HDGHandan AirportChinaFlights from Handan, ChinaFlights to Handan, China
HETBaita International AirportChinaFlights from Hohhot, ChinaFlights to Hohhot, China
HFEHefei Luogang International AirportChinaFlights from Hefei, ChinaFlights to Hefei, China
HGHHangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportChinaFlights from Hangzhou, ChinaFlights to Hangzhou, China
HIALianshui AirportChinaFlights from Huai'an, ChinaFlights to Huai'an, China
HKGHong Kong International AirportHong KongFlights from Hong Kong, Hong KongFlights to Hong Kong, Hong Kong
HKTPhuket International AirportThailandFlights from Phuket, ThailandFlights to Phuket, Thailand
HLDDongshan AirportChinaFlights from Hailar, ChinaFlights to Hailar, China
HPGShennongjia Hongping AirportChinaFlights from Shennongjia, ChinaFlights to Shennongjia, China
HPHCat Bi International AirportVietnamFlights from Haiphong, VietnamFlights to Haiphong, Vietnam
HRBTaiping AirportChinaFlights from Harbin, ChinaFlights to Harbin, China
HSNZhoushan AirportChinaFlights from Zhoushan, ChinaFlights to Zhoushan, China
ICNIncheon International AirportSouth KoreaFlights from Seoul, South KoreaFlights to Seoul, South Korea
INCYinchuan Hedong International AirportChinaFlights from Yinchuan, ChinaFlights to Yinchuan, China
ISLAtatürk International AirportTurkeyFlights from Istanbul, TurkeyFlights to Istanbul, Turkey
JGNJiayuguan AirportChinaFlights from Jiayuguan, ChinaFlights to Jiayuguan, China
JHBSenai International AirportMalaysiaFlights from Johor Bahru, MalaysiaFlights to Johor Bahru, Malaysia
JHGXishuangbanna Gasa AirportChinaFlights from Jinghong, ChinaFlights to Jinghong, China
JIQQianjiang Wulingshan AirportChinaFlights from Qianjiang, ChinaFlights to Qianjiang, China
JJNQuanzhou Jinjiang International AirportChinaFlights from Quanzhou, ChinaFlights to Quanzhou, China
JZHJiuzhai Huanglong AirportChinaFlights from Jiuzhaigou, ChinaFlights to Jiuzhaigou, China
KBVKrabi AirportThailandFlights from Krabi, ThailandFlights to Krabi, Thailand
KGTKangding AirportChinaFlights from Kangding, ChinaFlights to Kangding, China
KHGKashgar AirportChinaFlights from Kashgar, ChinaFlights to Kashgar, China
KHHKaohsiung International AirportTaiwanFlights from Kaohsiung City, TaiwanFlights to Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
KHNNanchang Changbei International AirportChinaFlights from Nanchang, ChinaFlights to Nanchang, China
KIXKansai International AirportJapanFlights from Osaka, JapanFlights to Osaka, Japan
KJIKanas AirportChinaFlights from Burqin, ChinaFlights to Burqin, China
KLOKalibo International AirportPhilippinesFlights from Kalibo, PhilippinesFlights to Kalibo, Philippines
KMGKunming Changshui International AirportChinaFlights from Kunming, ChinaFlights to Kunming, China
KOSSihanoukville International AirportCambodiaFlights from Sihanukville, CambodiaFlights to Sihanukville, Cambodia
KOWGanzhou AirportChinaFlights from Ganzhou, ChinaFlights to Ganzhou, China
KTMTribhuvan International AirportNepalFlights from Kathmandu, NepalFlights to Kathmandu, Nepal
KWELongdongbao AirportChinaFlights from Guiyang, ChinaFlights to Guiyang, China
KWLGuilin Liangjiang International AirportChinaFlights from Guilin City, ChinaFlights to Guilin City, China
LAXLos Angeles International AirportUnited StatesFlights from Los Angeles, United StatesFlights to Los Angeles, United States
LCXLongyan Guanzhishan AirportChinaFlights from Longyan, ChinaFlights to Longyan, China
LEDPulkovo AirportRussiaFlights from St. Petersburg, RussiaFlights to St. Petersburg, Russia
LHWLanzhou Zhongchuan AirportChinaFlights from Lanzhou, ChinaFlights to Lanzhou, China
LJGLijiang AirportChinaFlights from Lijiang, ChinaFlights to Lijiang, China
LLVLüliang AirportChinaFlights from Lüliang, ChinaFlights to Lüliang, China
LUMMangshi AirportChinaFlights from Luxi, ChinaFlights to Luxi, China
LXALhasa Gonggar AirportChinaFlights from Lhasa, ChinaFlights to Lhasa, China
LYIShubuling AirportChinaFlights from Linyi, ChinaFlights to Linyi, China
LZOLuzhou AirportChinaFlights from Luzhou, ChinaFlights to Luzhou, China
LZYNyingchi AirportChinaFlights from Nyingchi, ChinaFlights to Nyingchi, China
MDLMandalay International AirportBurmaFlights from Mandalay, BurmaFlights to Mandalay, Burma
MELMelbourne International AirportAustraliaFlights from Melbourne, AustraliaFlights to Melbourne, Australia
MIGMianyang AirportChinaFlights from Mianyang, ChinaFlights to Mianyang, China
NAONanchong AirportChinaFlights from Nanchong, ChinaFlights to Nanchong, China
NGBNingbo Lishe International AirportChinaFlights from Ningbo, ChinaFlights to Ningbo, China
NKGNanjing Lukou AirportChinaFlights from Nanjing, ChinaFlights to Nanjing, China
NNGNanning Wuxu AirportChinaFlights from Nanning, ChinaFlights to Nanning, China
NRTNarita International AirportJapanFlights from Tokyo, JapanFlights to Tokyo, Japan
NTGNantong AirportChinaFlights from Nantong, ChinaFlights to Nantong, China
NZHManzhouli Xijiao AirportChinaFlights from NZH, ChinaFlights to NZH, China
PEKBeijing Capital International AirportChinaFlights from Beijing, ChinaFlights to Beijing, China
PRGVáclav Havel Airport PragueCzechiaFlights from Prague, CzechiaFlights to Prague, Czechia
PVGShanghai Pudong International AirportChinaFlights from Shanghai, ChinaFlights to Shanghai, China
PZIBao'anying AirportChinaFlights from Panzhihua, ChinaFlights to Panzhihua, China
RGNYangon International AirportBurmaFlights from Yangon, BurmaFlights to Yangon, Burma
RIZRizhao Shanzihe AirportChinaFlights from Rizhao, ChinaFlights to Rizhao, China
RMQTaichung Ching Chuang Kang AirportTaiwanFlights from Taichung City, TaiwanFlights to Taichung City, Taiwan
SGNTan Son Nhat International AirportVietnamFlights from Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamFlights to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
SHETaoxian AirportChinaFlights from Shenyang, ChinaFlights to Shenyang, China
SINSingapore Changi AirportSingaporeFlights from Singapore, SingaporeFlights to Singapore, Singapore
SJWShijiazhuang Daguocun International AirportChinaFlights from Shijiazhuang, ChinaFlights to Shijiazhuang, China
SPNSaipan International AirportNorthern Mariana IslandsFlights from Saipan Island, Northern Mariana IslandsFlights to Saipan Island, Northern Mariana Islands
SQDShangrao Sanqingshan AirportChinaFlights from Shangrao, ChinaFlights to Shangrao, China
SVOSheremetyevo International AirportRussiaFlights from Moscow, RussiaFlights to Moscow, Russia
SWAJieyang Chaoshan International AirportChinaFlights from Shantou, ChinaFlights to Shantou, China
SYDSydney Kingsford Smith International AirportAustraliaFlights from Sydney, AustraliaFlights to Sydney, Australia
SYMPu'er Simao AirportChinaFlights from Pu'er, ChinaFlights to Pu'er, China
SYXSanya Phoenix International AirportChinaFlights from Sanya, ChinaFlights to Sanya, China
SZXShenzhen Bao'an International AirportChinaFlights from Shenzhen, ChinaFlights to Shenzhen, China
TAEDaegu AirportSouth KoreaFlights from Daegu, South KoreaFlights to Daegu, South Korea
TAOLiuting AirportChinaFlights from Qingdao, ChinaFlights to Qingdao, China
TENTongren Fenghuang AirportChinaFlights from TEN, ChinaFlights to TEN, China
TLQTurpan Jiaohe AirportChinaFlights from Turpan, ChinaFlights to Turpan, China
TLVBen Gurion International AirportIsraelFlights from Tel Aviv, IsraelFlights to Tel Aviv, Israel
TNAYaoqiang AirportChinaFlights from Jinan, ChinaFlights to Jinan, China
TPETaiwan Taoyuan International AirportTaiwanFlights from Taipei, TaiwanFlights to Taipei, Taiwan
TSATaipei Songshan AirportTaiwanFlights from Taipei City, TaiwanFlights to Taipei City, Taiwan
TSNTianjin Binhai International AirportChinaFlights from Tianjin, ChinaFlights to Tianjin, China
TVSTangshan Sannühe AirportChinaFlights from Tangshan, ChinaFlights to Tangshan, China
TXNTunxi International AirportChinaFlights from Huangshan, ChinaFlights to Huangshan, China
TYNTaiyuan Wusu AirportChinaFlights from Taiyuan, ChinaFlights to Taiyuan, China
URCÜrümqi Diwopu International AirportChinaFlights from Ürümqi, ChinaFlights to Ürümqi, China
URTSurat Thani AirportThailandFlights from Surat Thani, ThailandFlights to Surat Thani, Thailand
UYNYulin Yuyang AirportChinaFlights from Yulin, ChinaFlights to Yulin, China
VTEWattay International AirportLaosFlights from Vientiane, LaosFlights to Vientiane, Laos
VVOVladivostok International AirportRussiaFlights from Vladivostok, RussiaFlights to Vladivostok, Russia
WMTZunyi Maotai AirportChinaFlights from Zunyi, ChinaFlights to Zunyi, China
WNHWenshan Puzhehei AirportChinaFlights from Wenshan, ChinaFlights to Wenshan, China
WNZWenzhou Longwan International AirportChinaFlights from Wenzhou, ChinaFlights to Wenzhou, China
WUAWuhai AirportChinaFlights from Wuhai, ChinaFlights to Wuhai, China
WUHWuhan Tianhe International AirportChinaFlights from Wuhan, ChinaFlights to Wuhan, China
WUSNanping Wuyishan AirportChinaFlights from Wuyishan, ChinaFlights to Wuyishan, China
WUXSunan Shuofang International AirportChinaFlights from Wuxi, ChinaFlights to Wuxi, China
WXNWanxian AirportChinaFlights from Wanxian, ChinaFlights to Wanxian, China
XICXichang Qingshan AirportChinaFlights from Xichang, ChinaFlights to Xichang, China
XIYXi'an Xianyang International AirportChinaFlights from Xi'an, ChinaFlights to Xi'an, China
XMNXiamen Gaoqi International AirportChinaFlights from Xiamen, ChinaFlights to Xiamen, China
XNNXining Caojiabu AirportChinaFlights from Xining, ChinaFlights to Xining, China
XUZXuzhou Guanyin AirportChinaFlights from Xuzhou, ChinaFlights to Xuzhou, China
YBPYibin Caiba AirportChinaFlights from Yibin, ChinaFlights to Yibin, China
YICYichun Mingyueshan AirportChinaFlights from Yichun, ChinaFlights to Yichun, China
YIHYichang Sanxia AirportChinaFlights from Yichang, ChinaFlights to Yichang, China
YKHYingkou Lanqi AirportChinaFlights from Yingkou, ChinaFlights to Yingkou, China
YNJYanji Chaoyangchuan AirportChinaFlights from Yanji, ChinaFlights to Yanji, China
YNTYantai Laishan AirportChinaFlights from Yantai, ChinaFlights to Yantai, China
YTYYangzhou Taizhou AirportChinaFlights from Yangzhou and Taizhou, ChinaFlights to Yangzhou and Taizhou, China
YVRVancouver International AirportCanadaFlights from Vancouver, CanadaFlights to Vancouver, Canada
ZATZhaotong AirportChinaFlights from Zhaotong, ChinaFlights to Zhaotong, China
ZHYZhongwei Shapotou AirportChinaFlights from Zhongwei, ChinaFlights to Zhongwei, China
ZRHZürich AirportSwitzerlandFlights from Zurich, SwitzerlandFlights to Zurich, Switzerland
ZUHZhuhai Jinwan AirportChinaFlights from Zhuhai, ChinaFlights to Zhuhai, China