Libyan Airlines (LN) Destinations

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List of all Libyan Airlines destinations. Have a look at all Libyan Airlines destination countries and airports.

Libyan Airlines IATA code: LN

IATA Airport Name Country
AMMQueen Alia International AirportJordanFlights from Amman, JordanFlights to Amman, Jordan
BENBenina International AirportLibyaFlights from Benghazi, LibyaFlights to Benghazi, Libya
DJEDjerba Zarzis International AirportTunisiaFlights from Djerba, TunisiaFlights to Djerba, Tunisia
GHTGhat AirportLibyaFlights from Ghat, LibyaFlights to Ghat, Libya
HBEBorg El Arab International AirportEgyptFlights from Alexandria, EgyptFlights to Alexandria, Egypt
ISTAtatürk International AirportTurkeyFlights from Istanbul, TurkeyFlights to Istanbul, Turkey
JEDKing Abdulaziz International AirportSaudi ArabiaFlights from Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaFlights to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
KRTKhartoum International AirportSudanFlights from Khartoum, SudanFlights to Khartoum, Sudan
LAQLa Abraq AirportLibyaFlights from Al Bayda', LibyaFlights to Al Bayda', Libya
MIRMonastir Habib Bourguiba International AirportTunisiaFlights from Monastir, TunisiaFlights to Monastir, Tunisia
MJIMitiga AirportLibyaFlights from Tripoli, LibyaFlights to Tripoli, Libya
MRAMisratah AirportLibyaFlights from Misratah, LibyaFlights to Misratah, Libya
NIMDiori Hamani International AirportNigerFlights from Niamey, NigerFlights to Niamey, Niger
SEBSabha AirportLibyaFlights from Sabha, LibyaFlights to Sabha, Libya
SFASfax Thyna International AirportTunisiaFlights from Sfax, TunisiaFlights to Sfax, Tunisia
TIPTripoli International AirportLibyaFlights from Tripoli, LibyaFlights to Tripoli, Libya
TOBGamal Abdel Nasser AirportLibyaFlights from Tobruk, LibyaFlights to Tobruk, Libya
TUNTunis Carthage International AirportTunisiaFlights from Tunis, TunisiaFlights to Tunis, Tunisia