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List of 1694 Germania flights.

Flight No. Origin Destination Route Route Last seen
ST 1000(MUC) Munich (DBV) DubrovnikMUC-DBVfrom Munich, Germany to Dubrovnik, Croatia2018-04-20
ST 1000(TXL) Berlin (DBV) DubrovnikTXL-DBVfrom Berlin, Germany to Dubrovnik, Croatia2018-04-22
ST 1000(DUS) Düsseldorf (DBV) DubrovnikDUS-DBVfrom Düsseldorf, Germany to Dubrovnik, Croatia2018-04-24
ST 1001(DBV) Dubrovnik (FRA) FrankfurtDBV-FRAfrom Dubrovnik, Croatia to Frankfurt, Germany2018-04-18
ST 1001(DBV) Dubrovnik (NUE) NurembergDBV-NUEfrom Dubrovnik, Croatia to Nuremberg, Germany2018-04-20
ST 1001(DBV) Dubrovnik (MUC) MunichDBV-MUCfrom Dubrovnik, Croatia to Munich, Germany2018-04-22
ST 1001(DBV) Dubrovnik (TXL) BerlinDBV-TXLfrom Dubrovnik, Croatia to Berlin, Germany2018-04-24
ST 1002(DUS) Düsseldorf (ACE) LanzaroteDUS-ACEfrom Düsseldorf, Germany to Lanzarote, Spain2016-10-30
ST 1003(ACE) Lanzarote Island (DUS) DusseldorfACE-DUSfrom Lanzarote Island, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany2016-10-30
ST 1004(LGW) London (LIS) LisbonLGW-LISfrom London, United Kingdom to Lisbon, Portugal2018-04-23
ST 1010(TXL) Berlin (OPO) PortoTXL-OPOfrom Berlin, Germany to Porto, Portugal2018-04-16
ST 1010(DUS) Düsseldorf (VIE) ViennaDUS-VIEfrom Düsseldorf, Germany to Vienna, Austria2018-04-28
ST 1016(LDE) Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées (BHX) BirminghamLDE-BHXfrom Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées, France to Birmingham, United Kingdom2018-04-07
ST 1017(LDE) Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées (CWL) CardiffLDE-CWLfrom Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrénées, France to Cardiff, United Kingdom2018-04-07
ST 1020(HUY) Grimsby (PMI) Palma MallorcaHUY-PMIfrom Grimsby, United Kingdom to Palma Mallorca, Spain2016-10-25
ST 1020(MAD) Madrid (TFS) TenerifeMAD-TFSfrom Madrid, Spain to Tenerife, Spain2018-06-03
ST 1021(PMI) Palma De Mallorca (HUY) HumbersidePMI-HUYfrom Palma De Mallorca, Spain to Humberside, United Kingdom2016-10-25
ST 1021(TRS) Trieste (RTM) RotterdamTRS-RTMfrom Trieste, Italy to Rotterdam, Netherlands2018-06-10
ST 1026(RLG) Rostock (HRG) HurghadaRLG-HRGfrom Rostock, Germany to Hurghada, Egypt2018-04-30
ST 1027(HRG) Hurghada (RLG) Rostock-LaageHRG-RLGfrom Hurghada, Egypt to Rostock-Laage, Germany2018-04-30
ST 1030(MST) Maastricht (PMI) Palma MallorcaMST-PMIfrom Maastricht, Netherlands to Palma Mallorca, Spain2017-10-21
ST 1030(MRS) Marseille (GRZ) GrazMRS-GRZfrom Marseille, France to Graz, Austria2018-06-25
ST 1031(PMI) Palma De Mallorca (MST) MaastrichtPMI-MSTfrom Palma De Mallorca, Spain to Maastricht, Netherlands2017-10-28
ST 1036(BRE) Bremen (FNC) FunchalBRE-FNCfrom Bremen, Germany to Funchal, Portugal2018-04-10
ST 1036(NUE) Nuremberg (FNC) FunchalNUE-FNCfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Funchal, Portugal2017-04-11
ST 1037(FNC) Funchal (BRE) BremenFNC-BREfrom Funchal, Portugal to Bremen, Germany2018-04-25
ST 1037(FNC) Funchal (NUE) NurembergFNC-NUEfrom Funchal, Portugal to Nuremberg, Germany2017-07-05
ST 1037(NUE) Nuremberg (BRE) BremenNUE-BREfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Bremen, Germany2017-07-04
ST 1040(MUC) Munich (HAM) HamburgMUC-HAMfrom Munich, Germany to Hamburg, Germany2018-03-11
ST 1040(DTM) Dortmund (LUX) LuxembourgDTM-LUXfrom Dortmund, Germany to Luxembourg, Luxembourg2018-05-02
ST 1040(CDG) Paris (DUS) DusseldorfCDG-DUSfrom Paris, France to Dusseldorf, Germany2018-05-27
ST 1041(MRS) Marseille (LEJ) Leipzig/HalleMRS-LEJfrom Marseille, France to Leipzig/Halle, Germany2018-04-13
ST 1042(NUE) Nuremberg (IBZ) IbizaNUE-IBZfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Ibiza, Spain2017-10-20
ST 1043(IBZ) Ibiza (NUE) NurembergIBZ-NUEfrom Ibiza, Spain to Nuremberg, Germany2017-10-20
ST 1044(FMO) Münster (HER) HeraklionFMO-HERfrom Münster, Germany to Heraklion, Greece2017-10-30
ST 1045(HER) Heraklion (FMO) MuensterHER-FMOfrom Heraklion, Greece to Muenster, Germany2017-10-30
ST 1050(DUS) Düsseldorf (GWT) WesterlandDUS-GWTfrom Düsseldorf, Germany to Westerland, Germany2018-03-14
ST 1050(NKC) Nouakchott (DSS) DakarNKC-DSSfrom Nouakchott, Mauritania to Dakar, Senegal2018-05-08
ST 1050(DSS) Dakar (CKY) ConakryDSS-CKYfrom Dakar, Senegal to Conakry, Guinea2018-05-09
ST 1050(CGN) Cologne (IBZ) IbizaCGN-IBZfrom Cologne, Germany to Ibiza, Spain2018-04-15
ST 1050(GVA) Geneva (NKC) NouakchottGVA-NKCfrom Geneva, Switzerland to Nouakchott, Mauritania2018-05-08
ST 1050(BLQ) Bologna (FMO) MuensterBLQ-FMOfrom Bologna, Italy to Muenster, Germany2018-06-16
ST 1050(KLX) Kalamata (LIS) LisbonKLX-LISfrom Kalamata, Greece to Lisbon, Portugal2018-06-17
ST 1051(CKY) Conakry (GVA) GenevaCKY-GVAfrom Conakry, Guinea to Geneva, Switzerland2018-05-08
ST 1052(KLX) Kalamata (MAD) MadridKLX-MADfrom Kalamata, Greece to Madrid, Spain2018-06-17
ST 1054(TLS) Toulouse/Blagnac (HER) HeraklionTLS-HERfrom Toulouse/Blagnac, France to Heraklion, Greece2017-08-09
ST 1055(HER) Heraklion (TLS) ToulouseHER-TLSfrom Heraklion, Greece to Toulouse, France2017-08-23
ST 1061(PRN) Prishtina (MLH) Mulhouse, France/BaselPRN-MLHfrom Prishtina, Kosovo to Mulhouse, France/Basel2018-01-06
ST 1064(NUE) Nuremberg (PFO) PaphosNUE-PFOfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Paphos, Cyprus2018-03-21
ST 1065(PFO) Paphos (NUE) NurembergPFO-NUEfrom Paphos, Cyprus to Nuremberg, Germany2018-04-25
ST 1066(ERF) Erfurt (DRS) DresdenERF-DRSfrom Erfurt, Germany to Dresden, Germany2017-04-30
ST 1066(ERF) Erfurt (FAO) FaroERF-FAOfrom Erfurt, Germany to Faro, Portugal2017-10-29
ST 1066(AGP) Málaga (ERF) ErfurtAGP-ERFfrom Málaga, Spain to Erfurt, Germany2017-08-31
ST 1066(FAO) Faro (AGP) MalagaFAO-AGPfrom Faro, Portugal to Malaga, Spain2017-08-31
ST 1067(FAO) Faro (ERF) ErfurtFAO-ERFfrom Faro, Portugal to Erfurt, Germany2017-10-29
ST 1067(FAO) Faro (DRS) DresdenFAO-DRSfrom Faro, Portugal to Dresden, Germany2017-04-30
ST 1068(MPL) Montpellier/Méditerranée (PMI) Palma MallorcaMPL-PMIfrom Montpellier/Méditerranée, France to Palma Mallorca, Spain2017-10-13
ST 1069(PMI) Palma De Mallorca (MPL) MontpellierPMI-MPLfrom Palma De Mallorca, Spain to Montpellier, France2017-10-13
ST 1070(PMI) Palma De Mallorca (MUC) MunichPMI-MUCfrom Palma De Mallorca, Spain to Munich, Germany2018-05-06
ST 1070(BUD) Budapest (LEI) AlmeriaBUD-LEIfrom Budapest, Hungary to Almeria, Spain2018-04-22
ST 1071(VDA) Eilat (CDG) ParisVDA-CDGfrom Eilat, Israel to Paris, France2018-04-08
ST 1072(SXF) Berlin (BJV) BodrumSXF-BJVfrom Berlin, Germany to Bodrum, Turkey2017-10-12
ST 1073(BJV) Bodrum (SXF) BerlinBJV-SXFfrom Bodrum, Turkey to Berlin, Germany2017-11-02
ST 1076(ARN) Stockholm (ISU) SulaimaniyahARN-ISUfrom Stockholm, Sweden to Sulaimaniyah, Iraq2017-05-22
ST 1076(BCN) Barcelona (TLV) Tel Aviv-YafoBCN-TLVfrom Barcelona, Spain to Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel2018-04-08
ST 1077(ISU) Sulaymaniyah (ARN) StockholmISU-ARNfrom Sulaymaniyah, Iraq to Stockholm, Sweden2017-05-21
ST 1077(VDA) Eilat (CDG) ParisVDA-CDGfrom Eilat, Israel to Paris, France2018-04-08
ST 1080(FMO) Münster (FAO) FaroFMO-FAOfrom Münster, Germany to Faro, Portugal2018-04-26
ST 1080(VCE) Venice (TLV) Tel Aviv-YafoVCE-TLVfrom Venice, Italy to Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel2018-04-08
ST 1081(FAO) Faro (FMO) MuensterFAO-FMOfrom Faro, Portugal to Muenster, Germany2018-04-26
ST 1081(VDA) Eilat (CDG) ParisVDA-CDGfrom Eilat, Israel to Paris, France2018-04-08
ST 1082(NUE) Nuremberg (RMF) Marsa AlamNUE-RMFfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Marsa Alam, Egypt2018-04-26
ST 1083(RMF) Marsa Alam (NUE) NurembergRMF-NUEfrom Marsa Alam, Egypt to Nuremberg, Germany2018-04-26
ST 1086(RLG) Rostock (OLB) OlbiaRLG-OLBfrom Rostock, Germany to Olbia, Italy2017-09-29
ST 1086(RLG) Rostock (SKG) ThessalonikiRLG-SKGfrom Rostock, Germany to Thessaloniki, Greece2017-09-15
ST 1086(RLG) Rostock (BCN) BarcelonaRLG-BCNfrom Rostock, Germany to Barcelona, Spain2017-10-13
ST 1086(RLG) Rostock (BDS) BrindisiRLG-BDSfrom Rostock, Germany to Brindisi, Italy2017-09-22
ST 1086(ERF) Erfurt (BCN) BarcelonaERF-BCNfrom Erfurt, Germany to Barcelona, Spain2017-10-17
ST 1087(BCN) Barcelona (RLG) Rostock-LaageBCN-RLGfrom Barcelona, Spain to Rostock-Laage, Germany2017-10-17
ST 1087(BCN) Barcelona (ERF) ErfurtBCN-ERFfrom Barcelona, Spain to Erfurt, Germany2017-10-20
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