Air Inuit (3H) Destinations

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List of all Air Inuit destinations. Have a look at all Air Inuit destination countries and airports.

Air Inuit IATA code: 3H

IATA Airport Name Country
AKVAkulivik AirportCanadaFlights from Akulivik, CanadaFlights to Akulivik, Canada
CPF2Flights from CPF2Flights to CPF2
CSE4Flights from CSE4Flights to CSE4
CSF3Flights from CSF3Flights to CSF3
CTA4Flights from CTA4Flights to CTA4
CTG3Flights from CTG3Flights to CTG3
CTP9Flights from CTP9Flights to CTP9
CYRCFlights from CYRCFlights to CYRC
CYSZFlights from CYSZFlights to CYSZ
SURSummer Beaver AirportCanadaFlights from Summer Beaver, CanadaFlights to Summer Beaver, Canada
TEBTeterboro AirportUnited StatesFlights from Teterboro, United StatesFlights to Teterboro, United States
XGRKangiqsualujjuaq (Georges River) AirportCanadaFlights from Kangiqsualujjuaq, CanadaFlights to Kangiqsualujjuaq, Canada
YAHLa Grande-4 AirportCanadaFlights from La Grande-4, CanadaFlights to La Grande-4, Canada
YAMSault Ste Marie AirportCanadaFlights from Sault Ste Marie, CanadaFlights to Sault Ste Marie, Canada
YARLa Grande-3 AirportCanadaFlights from La Grande-3, CanadaFlights to La Grande-3, Canada
YAYSt. Anthony AirportCanadaFlights from St. Anthony, CanadaFlights to St. Anthony, Canada
YBCBaie Comeau AirportCanadaFlights from Baie-Comeau, CanadaFlights to Baie-Comeau, Canada
YBGCFB BagotvilleCanadaFlights from Bagotville, CanadaFlights to Bagotville, Canada
YBXLourdes de Blanc Sablon AirportCanadaFlights from Lourdes-De-Blanc-Sablon, CanadaFlights to Lourdes-De-Blanc-Sablon, Canada
YCHMiramichi AirportCanadaFlights from Miramichi, CanadaFlights to Miramichi, Canada
YCNCochrane AirportCanadaFlights from Cochrane, CanadaFlights to Cochrane, Canada
YDFDeer Lake AirportCanadaFlights from Deer Lake, CanadaFlights to Deer Lake, Canada
YDPNain AirportCanadaFlights from Nain, CanadaFlights to Nain, Canada
YEGEdmonton International AirportCanadaFlights from Edmonton, CanadaFlights to Edmonton, Canada
YEYAmos Magny AirportCanadaFlights from Amos, CanadaFlights to Amos, Canada
YFAFort Albany AirportCanadaFlights from Fort Albany, CanadaFlights to Fort Albany, Canada
YFBIqaluit AirportCanadaFlights from Iqaluit, CanadaFlights to Iqaluit, Canada
YFCFredericton AirportCanadaFlights from Fredericton, CanadaFlights to Fredericton, Canada
YGKKingston Norman Rogers AirportCanadaFlights from Kingston, CanadaFlights to Kingston, Canada
YGLLa Grande Rivière AirportCanadaFlights from La Grande Rivière, CanadaFlights to La Grande Rivière, Canada
YGPGaspé (Michel-Pouliot) AirportCanadaFlights from Gaspé, CanadaFlights to Gaspé, Canada
YGRÎles-de-la-Madeleine AirportCanadaFlights from Îles-de-la-Madeleine, CanadaFlights to Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Canada
YGVHavre St Pierre AirportCanadaFlights from Havre St-Pierre, CanadaFlights to Havre St-Pierre, Canada
YGWKuujjuarapik AirportCanadaFlights from Kuujjuarapik, CanadaFlights to Kuujjuarapik, Canada
YHAPort Hope Simpson AirportCanadaFlights from Port Hope Simpson, CanadaFlights to Port Hope Simpson, Canada
YHFHearst René Fontaine Municipal AirportCanadaFlights from Hearst, CanadaFlights to Hearst, Canada
YHMJohn C. Munro Hamilton International AirportCanadaFlights from Hamilton, CanadaFlights to Hamilton, Canada
YHRChevery AirportCanadaFlights from Chevery, CanadaFlights to Chevery, Canada
YHUMontréal / Saint-Hubert AirportCanadaFlights from Montréal, CanadaFlights to Montréal, Canada
YHZHalifax / Stanfield International AirportCanadaFlights from Halifax, CanadaFlights to Halifax, Canada
YIFSt Augustin AirportCanadaFlights from St-Augustin, CanadaFlights to St-Augustin, Canada
YIKIvujivik AirportCanadaFlights from Ivujivik, CanadaFlights to Ivujivik, Canada
YKFWaterloo AirportCanadaFlights from Kitchener, CanadaFlights to Kitchener, Canada
YKGKangirsuk AirportCanadaFlights from Kangirsuk, CanadaFlights to Kangirsuk, Canada
YKLSchefferville AirportCanadaFlights from Schefferville, CanadaFlights to Schefferville, Canada
YKQWaskaganish AirportCanadaFlights from Waskaganish, CanadaFlights to Waskaganish, Canada
YMEMatane AirportCanadaFlights from Matane, CanadaFlights to Matane, Canada
YMOMoosonee AirportCanadaFlights from Moosonee, CanadaFlights to Moosonee, Canada
YMTChapais AirportCanadaFlights from Chibougamau, CanadaFlights to Chibougamau, Canada
YMWManiwaki AirportCanadaFlights from Maniwaki, CanadaFlights to Maniwaki, Canada
YMXMontreal International (Mirabel) AirportCanadaFlights from Montréal, CanadaFlights to Montréal, Canada
YNANatashquan AirportCanadaFlights from Natashquan, CanadaFlights to Natashquan, Canada
YNCWemindji AirportCanadaFlights from Wemindji, CanadaFlights to Wemindji, Canada
YNDOttawa / Gatineau AirportCanadaFlights from Gatineau, CanadaFlights to Gatineau, Canada
YNSNemiscau AirportCanadaFlights from Nemiscau, CanadaFlights to Nemiscau, Canada
YOWOttawa Macdonald-Cartier International AirportCanadaFlights from Ottawa, CanadaFlights to Ottawa, Canada
YPHInukjuak AirportCanadaFlights from Inukjuak, CanadaFlights to Inukjuak, Canada
YPJAupaluk AirportCanadaFlights from Aupaluk, CanadaFlights to Aupaluk, Canada
YPNPort Menier AirportCanadaFlights from Port-Menier, CanadaFlights to Port-Menier, Canada
YPXPuvirnituq AirportCanadaFlights from Puvirnituq, CanadaFlights to Puvirnituq, Canada
YQBQuebec Jean Lesage International AirportCanadaFlights from Quebec, CanadaFlights to Quebec, Canada
YQCQuaqtaq AirportCanadaFlights from Quaqtaq, CanadaFlights to Quaqtaq, Canada
YQMGreater Moncton International AirportCanadaFlights from Moncton, CanadaFlights to Moncton, Canada
YQTThunder Bay AirportCanadaFlights from Thunder Bay, CanadaFlights to Thunder Bay, Canada
YQXGander International AirportCanadaFlights from Gander, CanadaFlights to Gander, Canada
YQYSydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy AirportCanadaFlights from Sydney, CanadaFlights to Sydney, Canada
YRBResolute Bay AirportCanadaFlights from Resolute Bay, CanadaFlights to Resolute Bay, Canada
YRJRoberval AirportCanadaFlights from Roberval, CanadaFlights to Roberval, Canada
YRQTrois-Rivières AirportCanadaFlights from Trois-Rivières, CanadaFlights to Trois-Rivières, Canada
YRTRankin Inlet AirportCanadaFlights from Rankin Inlet, CanadaFlights to Rankin Inlet, Canada
YSBSudbury AirportCanadaFlights from Sudbury, CanadaFlights to Sudbury, Canada
YSKSanikiluaq AirportCanadaFlights from Sanikiluaq, CanadaFlights to Sanikiluaq, Canada
YTECape Dorset AirportCanadaFlights from Cape Dorset, CanadaFlights to Cape Dorset, Canada
YTQTasiujaq AirportCanadaFlights from Tasiujaq, CanadaFlights to Tasiujaq, Canada
YTRCFB TrentonCanadaFlights from Trenton, CanadaFlights to Trenton, Canada
YTSTimmins/Victor M. PowerCanadaFlights from Timmins, CanadaFlights to Timmins, Canada
YTZBilly Bishop Toronto City Centre AirportCanadaFlights from Toronto, CanadaFlights to Toronto, Canada
YUDUmiujaq AirportCanadaFlights from Umiujaq, CanadaFlights to Umiujaq, Canada
YULMontreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International AirportCanadaFlights from Montréal, CanadaFlights to Montréal, Canada
YUYRouyn Noranda AirportCanadaFlights from Rouyn-Noranda, CanadaFlights to Rouyn-Noranda, Canada
YVBBonaventure AirportCanadaFlights from Bonaventure, CanadaFlights to Bonaventure, Canada
YVOVal-d'Or AirportCanadaFlights from Val-d'Or, CanadaFlights to Val-d'Or, Canada
YVPKuujjuaq AirportCanadaFlights from Kuujjuaq, CanadaFlights to Kuujjuaq, Canada
YVRVancouver International AirportCanadaFlights from Vancouver, CanadaFlights to Vancouver, Canada
YWBKangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay) AirportCanadaFlights from Kangiqsujuaq, CanadaFlights to Kangiqsujuaq, Canada
YWGWinnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International AirportCanadaFlights from Winnipeg, CanadaFlights to Winnipeg, Canada
YWKWabush AirportCanadaFlights from Wabush, CanadaFlights to Wabush, Canada
YXESaskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International AirportCanadaFlights from Saskatoon, CanadaFlights to Saskatoon, Canada
YXKRimouski AirportCanadaFlights from Rimouski, CanadaFlights to Rimouski, Canada
YXULondon AirportCanadaFlights from London, CanadaFlights to London, Canada
YXXAbbotsford AirportCanadaFlights from Abbotsford, CanadaFlights to Abbotsford, Canada
YXZWawa AirportCanadaFlights from Wawa, CanadaFlights to Wawa, Canada
YYBNorth Bay AirportCanadaFlights from North Bay, CanadaFlights to North Bay, Canada
YYQChurchill AirportCanadaFlights from Churchill, CanadaFlights to Churchill, Canada
YYRGoose Bay AirportCanadaFlights from Goose Bay, CanadaFlights to Goose Bay, Canada
YYTSt. John's International AirportCanadaFlights from St. John's, CanadaFlights to St. John's, Canada
YYUKapuskasing AirportCanadaFlights from Kapuskasing, CanadaFlights to Kapuskasing, Canada
YYYMont Joli AirportCanadaFlights from Mont-Joli, CanadaFlights to Mont-Joli, Canada
YYZLester B. Pearson International AirportCanadaFlights from Toronto, CanadaFlights to Toronto, Canada
YZGSalluit AirportCanadaFlights from Salluit, CanadaFlights to Salluit, Canada
YZSCoral Harbour AirportCanadaFlights from Coral Harbour, CanadaFlights to Coral Harbour, Canada
YZVSept-Îles AirportCanadaFlights from Sept-Îles, CanadaFlights to Sept-Îles, Canada
ZBFBathurst AirportCanadaFlights from Bathurst, CanadaFlights to Bathurst, Canada
ZEMEastmain River AirportCanadaFlights from Eastmain River, CanadaFlights to Eastmain River, Canada
ZKEKashechewan AirportCanadaFlights from Kashechewan, CanadaFlights to Kashechewan, Canada