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List of 35350 Air France flights.

Flight No. Origin Destination Route Route Last seen
AF 1(JFK) New York (ISP) RonkonkomaJFK-ISPfrom New York, United States to Ronkonkoma, United States2017-09-09
AF 10(CDG) Paris (JFK) New YorkCDG-JFKfrom Paris, France to New York, United States2019-04-23
AF 10(BOS) Boston (JFK) New YorkBOS-JFKfrom Boston, United States to New York, United States2017-07-14
AF 1000(CDG) Paris (MAD) MadridCDG-MADfrom Paris, France to Madrid, Spain2019-04-24
AF 1001(MAD) Madrid (CDG) ParisMAD-CDGfrom Madrid, Spain to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1004(CDG) Paris (FCO) RomeCDG-FCOfrom Paris, France to Rome, Italy2019-04-23
AF 1005(FCO) Rome (CDG) ParisFCO-CDGfrom Rome, Italy to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1006(CDG) Paris (DUS) DusseldorfCDG-DUSfrom Paris, France to Dusseldorf, Germany2019-04-23
AF 1007(DUS) Düsseldorf (CDG) ParisDUS-CDGfrom Düsseldorf, Germany to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1010(CDG) Paris (NUE) NurembergCDG-NUEfrom Paris, France to Nuremberg, Germany2019-04-23
AF 1011(NUE) Nuremberg (CDG) ParisNUE-CDGfrom Nuremberg, Germany to Paris, France2019-04-22
AF 1012(CDG) Paris (LIN) MilanCDG-LINfrom Paris, France to Milan, Italy2019-03-30
AF 1013(LIN) Milan (CDG) ParisLIN-CDGfrom Milan, Italy to Paris, France2019-03-30
AF 1016(CDG) Paris (DUB) DublinCDG-DUBfrom Paris, France to Dublin, Ireland2019-03-30
AF 1017(DUB) Dublin (CDG) ParisDUB-CDGfrom Dublin, Ireland to Paris, France2019-03-29
AF 1018(CDG) Paris (FRA) FrankfurtCDG-FRAfrom Paris, France to Frankfurt, Germany2019-04-23
AF 1019(FRA) Frankfurt am Main (CDG) ParisFRA-CDGfrom Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 102(CDG) Paris (CAN) GuangzhouCDG-CANfrom Paris, France to Guangzhou, China2019-03-29
AF 1022(CDG) Paris (MUC) MunichCDG-MUCfrom Paris, France to Munich, Germany2019-04-23
AF 1023(MUC) Munich (CDG) ParisMUC-CDGfrom Munich, Germany to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1024(CDG) Paris (LIS) LisbonCDG-LISfrom Paris, France to Lisbon, Portugal2019-04-24
AF 1025(LIS) Lisbon (CDG) ParisLIS-CDGfrom Lisbon, Portugal to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1028(CDG) Paris (BLQ) BolognaCDG-BLQfrom Paris, France to Bologna, Italy2019-04-23
AF 1029(BLQ) Bologna (CDG) ParisBLQ-CDGfrom Bologna, Italy to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1030(RNS) Rennes/Saint-Jacques (AMS) AmsterdamRNS-AMSfrom Rennes/Saint-Jacques, France to Amsterdam, Netherlands2019-04-24
AF 1031(AMS) Amsterdam (RNS) RennesAMS-RNSfrom Amsterdam, Netherlands to Rennes, France2019-04-23
AF 1032(CDG) Paris (ATH) AthensCDG-ATHfrom Paris, France to Athens, Greece2019-04-23
AF 1033(ATH) Athens (CDG) ParisATH-CDGfrom Athens, Greece to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1034(CDG) Paris (TXL) BerlinCDG-TXLfrom Paris, France to Berlin, Germany2018-03-24
AF 1035(TXL) Berlin (CDG) ParisTXL-CDGfrom Berlin, Germany to Paris, France2018-03-24
AF 104(CDG) Paris (LOS) LagosCDG-LOSfrom Paris, France to Lagos, Nigeria2019-04-24
AF 104(GVA) Geneva (CDG) ParisGVA-CDGfrom Geneva, Switzerland to Paris, France2018-06-18
AF 1042(CDG) Paris (GVA) GenevaCDG-GVAfrom Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland2019-04-23
AF 1043(GVA) Geneva (CDG) ParisGVA-CDGfrom Geneva, Switzerland to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1044(CDG) Paris (SVO) MoscowCDG-SVOfrom Paris, France to Moscow, Russia2019-04-24
AF 1045(SVO) Moscow (CDG) ParisSVO-CDGfrom Moscow, Russia to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1046(CDG) Paris (WAW) WarsawCDG-WAWfrom Paris, France to Warsaw, Poland2019-04-18
AF 1047(WAW) Warsaw (CDG) ParisWAW-CDGfrom Warsaw, Poland to Paris, France2019-04-18
AF 1048(CDG) Paris (BCN) BarcelonaCDG-BCNfrom Paris, France to Barcelona, Spain2019-03-30
AF 1049(BCN) Barcelona (CDG) ParisBCN-CDGfrom Barcelona, Spain to Paris, France2019-03-30
AF 1050(CDG) Paris (CPH) CopenhagenCDG-CPHfrom Paris, France to Copenhagen, Denmark2019-04-23
AF 1051(CPH) Copenhagen (CDG) ParisCPH-CDGfrom Copenhagen, Denmark to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1054(CDG) Paris (ALG) AlgiersCDG-ALGfrom Paris, France to Algiers, Algeria2016-08-29
AF 1056(CDG) Paris (GLA) GlasgowCDG-GLAfrom Paris, France to Glasgow, United Kingdom2017-10-28
AF 1057(GLA) Glasgow (CDG) ParisGLA-CDGfrom Glasgow, United Kingdom to Paris, France2017-10-27
AF 1058(CDG) Paris (NCL) NewcastleCDG-NCLfrom Paris, France to Newcastle, United Kingdom2019-04-24
AF 1059(NCL) Newcastle (CDG) ParisNCL-CDGfrom Newcastle, United Kingdom to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1060(CDG) Paris (EVN) YerevanCDG-EVNfrom Paris, France to Yerevan, Armenia2019-04-23
AF 1060(SCO) Aktau (EVN) YerevanSCO-EVNfrom Aktau, Kazakhstan to Yerevan, Armenia2017-06-07
AF 1060(TBS) Tbilisi (EVN) YerevanTBS-EVNfrom Tbilisi, Georgia to Yerevan, Armenia2018-05-30
AF 1061(EVN) Yerevan (CDG) ParisEVN-CDGfrom Yerevan, Armenia to Paris, France2019-04-19
AF 1062(CDG) Paris (ARN) StockholmCDG-ARNfrom Paris, France to Stockholm, Sweden2019-04-23
AF 1063(ARN) Stockholm (CDG) ParisARN-CDGfrom Stockholm, Sweden to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1064(CDG) Paris (BHX) BirminghamCDG-BHXfrom Paris, France to Birmingham, United Kingdom2019-04-24
AF 1065(BHX) Birmingham (CDG) ParisBHX-CDGfrom Birmingham, United Kingdom to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1066(CDG) Paris (FLR) FlorenceCDG-FLRfrom Paris, France to Florence, Italy2019-04-24
AF 1067(FLR) Firenze (CDG) ParisFLR-CDGfrom Firenze, Italy to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1068(CDG) Paris (MAN) ManchesterCDG-MANfrom Paris, France to Manchester, United Kingdom2019-04-24
AF 1069(MAN) Manchester (CDG) ParisMAN-CDGfrom Manchester, United Kingdom to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 107(CAN) Guangzhou (CDG) ParisCAN-CDGfrom Guangzhou, China to Paris, France2019-03-30
AF 1076(CDG) Paris (RAK) MarrakechCDG-RAKfrom Paris, France to Marrakech, Morocco2019-04-24
AF 1077(RAK) Marrakech (CDG) ParisRAK-CDGfrom Marrakech, Morocco to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1080(CDG) Paris (LHR) LondonCDG-LHRfrom Paris, France to London, United Kingdom2019-04-23
AF 1081(LHR) London (CDG) ParisLHR-CDGfrom London, United Kingdom to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1082(CDG) Paris (PRG) PragueCDG-PRGfrom Paris, France to Prague, Czechia2019-04-24
AF 1083(PRG) Prague (CDG) ParisPRG-CDGfrom Prague, Czechia to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1084(CDG) Paris (TUN) TunisCDG-TUNfrom Paris, France to Tunis, Tunisia2019-04-24
AF 1085(TUN) Tunis (CDG) ParisTUN-CDGfrom Tunis, Tunisia to Paris, France2019-04-21
AF 1088(CDG) Paris (OTP) BucharestCDG-OTPfrom Paris, France to Bucharest, Romania2019-04-23
AF 1089(OTP) Bucharest (CDG) ParisOTP-CDGfrom Bucharest, Romania to Paris, France2019-04-18
AF 1092(CDG) Paris (BSL) Basel, Switzerland/MulhouseCDG-BSLfrom Paris, France to Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse, France2019-04-23
AF 1093(BSL) Bâle/Mulhouse (CDG) ParisBSL-CDGfrom Bâle/Mulhouse, France to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1094(CDG) Paris (ORK) CorkCDG-ORKfrom Paris, France to Cork, Ireland2019-04-24
AF 1095(ORK) Cork (CDG) ParisORK-CDGfrom Cork, Ireland to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 11(JFK) New York (CDG) ParisJFK-CDGfrom New York, United States to Paris, France2019-04-24
AF 1100(CDG) Paris (MAD) MadridCDG-MADfrom Paris, France to Madrid, Spain2019-04-23
AF 1101(MAD) Madrid (CDG) ParisMAD-CDGfrom Madrid, Spain to Paris, France2019-04-23
AF 1102(CDG) Paris (TRN) TurinCDG-TRNfrom Paris, France to Turin, Italy2019-04-24
AF 1103(TRN) Torino (CDG) ParisTRN-CDGfrom Torino, Italy to Paris, France2019-04-18
AF 1104(CDG) Paris (FCO) RomeCDG-FCOfrom Paris, France to Rome, Italy2019-04-24
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