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Last updated flights

Flight No. Airline Origin Destination
QR 6826Qatar Airways(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(HND) Tokyo
HA 5074Hawaiian Airlines(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(HND) Tokyo
JL 190JAL(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(HND) Tokyo
NH 756ANA(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(HND) Tokyo
NH 3187ANA(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(FUK) Fukuoka
FW 87IBEX Airlines(KMQ) Komatsu Airport(FUK) Fukuoka
7H 3313Ravn Alaska(KVL) Kivalina Airport(OTZ) Kotzebue
8E 662Bering Air(KVL) Kivalina Airport(PHO) Point Hope
8E 681Bering Air(KVL) Kivalina Airport(OTZ) Kotzebue
7S 1230Ryan Air(KVL) Kivalina Airport(WTK) Noatak
7H 3303Ravn Alaska(KVL) Kivalina Airport(OTZ) Kotzebue
1I 320NetJets Aviation(OXR) Oxnard Airport(VNY) Los Angeles
SKQ 25LabCorp(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field(CMH) Columbus
SKQ 45LabCorp(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field(KBUY) Burlington
SKQ 22LabCorp(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field(CMH) Columbus

Last added flights

Flight No. Airline Origin Destination
1I 320NetJets Aviation(OXR) Oxnard Airport(VNY) Los Angeles
1I 592NetJets Aviation(JXN) Jackson County Reynolds Field(GRI) Grand Island
1I 533NetJets Aviation(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge Field(SRQ) Sarasota
1I 739NetJets Aviation(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(APF) Naples
RAX 730Royal Air Charter(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(BOS) Boston
1I 774NetJets Aviation(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(HPN) Westchester County
UJT 297Journey Aviation(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(LEX) Lexington
1I 978NetJets Aviation(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(MDW) Chicago
1I 561NetJets Aviation(PTK) Oakland County International Airport(ERI) Erie
DE 5650Condor(MAN) Manchester Airport(MCO) Orlando

Last added routes

Route Origin Destination
ZIA-TNA(ZIA) Zhukovsky International Airport(TNA) Yaoqiang AirportZhukovsky, RU (ZIA) to Jinan, CN (TNA)
ZIA-GYD(ZIA) Zhukovsky International Airport(GYD) Heydar Aliyev International AirportZhukovsky, RU (ZIA) to Baku, AZ (GYD)
YXZ-YHN(YXZ) Wawa Airport(YHN) Hornepayne Municipal AirportWawa, CA (YXZ) to Hornepayne, CA (YHN)
YXU-YGQ(YXU) London Airport(YGQ) Geraldton Greenstone Regional AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Geraldton, CA (YGQ)
YXU-CLT(YXU) London Airport(CLT) Charlotte Douglas International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Charlotte, US (CLT)
YPL-YAC(YPL) Pickle Lake Airport(YAC) Cat Lake AirportPickle Lake, CA (YPL) to Cat Lake, CA (YAC)
YLW-YET(YLW) Kelowna International Airport(YET) Edson AirportKelowna, CA (YLW) to Edson, CA (YET)
YKM-MVW(YKM) Yakima Air Terminal McAllister Field(MVW) Skagit Regional AirportYakima, US (YKM) to Burlington/Mount Vernon, US (MVW)
YHD-YQD(YHD) Dryden Regional Airport(YQD) The Pas AirportDryden, CA (YHD) to The Pas, CA (YQD)
YAC-YRL(YAC) Cat Lake Airport(YRL) Red Lake AirportCat Lake, CA (YAC) to Red Lake, CA (YRL)