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Last updated flights

Flight No. Airline Origin Destination
NZ 6999Air New Zealand(CRW) Yeager Airport(IAH) Houston
UA 3981United Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport(IAH) Houston
SKQ 78LabCorp(CRW) Yeager Airport(OSU) Columbus
NH 7635ANA(CRW) Yeager Airport(IAD) Dulles
UA 3942United Airlines(CRW) Yeager Airport(IAD) Dulles
KE 3598Korean Air(CRW) Yeager Airport(ATL) Atlanta
AM 5523Aeromexico(CRW) Yeager Airport(ATL) Atlanta
DL 2158Delta Air Lines(CRW) Yeager Airport(ATL) Atlanta
LA 3599LATAM Airlines(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(BSB) Brasilia
LA 3279LATAM Airlines(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(CGH) Sao Paulo
AMS 24ASTA(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(JIA) Juina
AMS 22ASTA(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(TGQ) Tangara da Serra
AMS 18ASTA(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(CFO) Confreza
TP 5529TAP Portugal(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(BSB) Brasilia
O6 6186Avianca Brazil(CGB) Marechal Rondon Airport(BSB) Brasilia

Last added flights

Flight No. Airline Origin Destination
AA 9805American Airlines(DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International Airport(MHK) Manhattan
1I 605NetJets Aviation(JAC) Jackson Hole Airport(SLC) Salt Lake City
UA 3262United Airlines(PQI) Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle(IAD) Dulles
UA 3260United Airlines(PQI) Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle(IAD) Dulles
TSU 216Gulf and Caribbean Cargo(PSM) Portsmouth International at Pease Airport(PTK) Pontiac
1I 921NetJets Aviation(SBY) Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport(SLN) Salina
1I 756NetJets Aviation(SFM) Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport(HPN) Westchester County
1I 378NetJets Aviation(OCF) Ocala International Airport - Jim Taylor Field(NEW) New Orleans
AA 101American Airlines(DUB) Dublin Airport(JFK) New York
1I 780NetJets Aviation(BNA) Nashville International Airport(SUS) Saint Louis

Last added routes

Route Origin Destination
YZF-YZS(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YZS) Coral Harbour AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Coral Harbour, CA (YZS)
YHD-GRB(YHD) Dryden Regional Airport(GRB) Austin Straubel International AirportDryden, CA (YHD) to Green Bay, US (GRB)
YEG-STL(YEG) Edmonton International Airport(STL) St Louis Lambert International AirportEdmonton, CA (YEG) to St Louis, US (STL)
WVI-EUG(WVI) Watsonville Municipal Airport(EUG) Mahlon Sweet FieldWatsonville, US (WVI) to Eugene, US (EUG)
WMH-IAD(WMH) Ozark Regional Airport(IAD) Washington Dulles International AirportMountain Home, US (WMH) to Washington, US (IAD)
VGT-BOI(VGT) North Las Vegas Airport(BOI) Boise Air Terminal/Gowen fieldLas Vegas, US (VGT) to Boise, US (BOI)
UTM-GSO(UTM) Tunica Municipal Airport(GSO) Piedmont Triad International AirportTunica, US (UTM) to Greensboro, US (GSO)
USA-LBT(USA) Concord Regional Airport(LBT) Lumberton Regional AirportConcord, US (USA) to Lumberton, US (LBT)
TYR-KIKG(TYR) Tyler Pounds Regional Airport(KIKG) Tyler, US (TYR) to KIKG
TVC-SYR(TVC) Cherry Capital Airport(SYR) Syracuse Hancock International AirportTraverse City, US (TVC) to Syracuse, US (SYR)